Wednesday, May 7, 2008

This would be sad if it were not true

I "borrowed" this picture from Brightstarr's Blog, Reflection Eternal. This is a very good blog and she always has some interesting stuff there. Check my side-bar to hit her up. I still cannot link anything to my posts and the help desk people over at are not worth a ripped,wet food stamp, so if you want to check out my girl, again, check my side bar.

I am thinking I may have to find another home soon.

Anyway, This is a short one.

I have some bizzyness to take care of.


ZACK said...

One of my blog readers had a hyperlinking problem too. E-mail me for a possible solution.

As for this post, yes it is true- Hillary is reachin' (literally and figuratively).

It's time to sign up as a VP candidate or go home. The Rev. Wright tapes didn't work. Neither did the Rezko connection.

I mean dang! Couldn't they find a long-lost baby mama from his bachelor days? Oh well. She tried.

David Sullivan said...

She should've thrown in the towel back in March.

I'll be flying into New Orleans by way of the "Big D" today with the fam on the way to my mother in laws condo in Gulf Shores, AL. I've got an hour lay over, so I'll get a chance to soak in some Texas airport hospitality.