Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Another Black Girl Thrown Under the Bus

The Pied Piper of R&B.
The self proclaimed King of R&B.

I don't know about the rest of you out there in Blog-land, but I am kind of upset right now.

The jury in this Negro's child-rape case had the nerve to acquit this motherfucker. He is on a tape of his own making having sex with a girl that is obviously under the age of 18, doing stuff to this girl that the good working class folks in West Virginia would not do to their own cousins, and at the end of this tape of his own making,he does the ultimate act of disrespect...He urinates on the girl.

The jury was privy to all this sick shit. They saw the tape. The only defense that this negro had was, "IT WAS NOT ME".

Give me a fucking break!!

Stevie Wonder saw the tape and he said 'yep that IS that nigga'. And this Jury could not see that?

Let me flip the script the only way that I can. Yes, I am going to turn this into a Black, White thing, that is what I do.

Let's say that 'ole Kells directed a tape of him having sex with 14 year old Becky White. Lets say that in this production of child porn, Mr. Pied Piper of R&B had the nerve to stick his head in between young Ms. Whites butt-checks, and commences to move his head around like he was at a state fair bobbing for apples. Let's say that in this sick amateur film The King of R&B had his penis lodged in young massa Becky's mouth. And then at the end of this masterpiece Mr. "You remind me of my Jeep", climaxes all over Becky's back, turns her over and then urinates in her face.

What would you think that America would say once this tape got out?

Why was Black America not enraged over this?

Millions of my "brothers and sisters" still support this sick, twisted motherfucker.
They were all at the court house offering support to this NIGGA.

Now don't get me twisted, this is not all on "Mr.Hair Braider".
The tape does not show any evidence of rape. It was consensual. This was not the first time that this little slut did this.

In the tape she looked like she was enjoying it... but anyways, that is not the point.

The point I am trying to make, is that a Black life (male or female)has less value than a white life here in the good ole US of A.

Even some of my own "brothers and sisters" feel this way. If they did not, this sick pedophile would be on his way to Juliet State Prison in Illinois right now.

Let me ask this question...

What are your feelings on this shit?

Do you think this fool got off because of who the victim was, or who he is?

If he was one poor blogger named Dirty Red, that was not world famous and worth millions of pesos (I say Pesos because that is what the current dollar is worth right now)would the jury have acquitted him?

Or if the young girl in the tape was white, would the jury have locked this fool up?

Or am I over dramatizing this whole thing?

I am sick of writing about shit like this. To me this is an injustice to ALL women not just Black women, but since I am a Black Man and this site is called A BlackMans View, I can only see this mess through my eyes.

Every woman in America should boycott this Negro.

Every man in America should boycott this fool,(if they consider themselves men), since he disrespected not only Black Queens, but White Queens, Hispanic Queens and Asian Queens.

Or maybe I am a member of the small society of men here in America that knows the value of women, self respect and self dignity.

Sometimes it damn sure seems that way.


ZACK said...

He is on a tape of his own making having sex with a girl that is obviously under the age of 18, doing stuff to this girl that the good working class folks in West Virginia would not do to their own cousins..

LMAO!!!! You are hilarious, Dirty Red, but you speak in truth.

Here's the Zack analysis on the whole matter:

1) This tape has been at the public's disposal for 6 years now. Therefore, the jury pool was tainted (with Kelly's piss) before anybody every got in. Usually in cases like this, the tapes are not made public because that could hurt the trial. This is why I was shocked that defense attorneys did not argue for a change of venue. The judge would not have granted it, but it was still worth a shot.

2) The jury has a slight point, (that's no bigger than a mosquito's butthole). I have a female friend who is 22, but built like a 14 year old. So, it is possible for the girl on the tape to be argued as a small woman, or a big girl. This is why you are carded for liquor purchases because people don't always look their age. By the same token, this is why a short, 4'11, 30 year old can be excluded from a theme park ride that her 5'6, 12 year old son is eligible to ride.
Appearance does not always guarantee age.

The prosecution could have argued that although one can't assume the age, it is important to realize that even the average woman has something indicative of being over 18. But I digress.....

3) The Black/White angle might not work, because of Woody Allen and Kobe Bryant. It's more about money than melanin. The only rich guy who didn't get off was Mike Tyson, and that's because his attorneys played off his mental vulnerability as a mush for brains retard. But the race argument is still valid, bruh.


truth said...

Great post,
You're not the only one that respects women, brother.

Since the sex tape came out, I have not supported him one percent. I don't buy his shit, watch his stupid videos or listen to any of his interviews. Sexual abuse of children is a deal breaker for me, that includes family or friends. I can't mess with anyone who is fool enough to do sex acts to children.

The bible speaks about not throwing stones at folk, when you've sinned in the past yourself. I believe in that passage whole heartedly, it's not my job to judge folk. Their salvation is between them and God.

But, there are exceptions to every rule and for me, abusing a child is one of them. The life long psychological damage it can have on people is reason enough alone too hate pedophiles.

R. Kelly is a grown man and no matter how experienced the young lady may have been, she was still fourteen at the time. He's supposed to be the one to know damn well what's right or wrong. He's supposed to be the individual with the intelligence and life experience to know that a thirty plus year old man should not be screwing a fourteen year old. No matter how seductive she was, Kelly should have been man and strong enough to say no. In this case, no matter if she was willing, he should not have been.

Brother Red, you already know the answer to your question, if this had been a white girl, the "pied piper" would be some dudes girlfriend in prison right about now.

The annoying thing about this case is how some Black men and women still support this clown. I don't get it, but it does speak to a larger problem in our community. Trust me, if this young lady was close or related to one of these negroes, their opinion would be different.

Until we start to value our own existence as a people, nobody else will.

Kimmy said...

I am equally digusted with people who actually viewed the tape(child pornography) I wouldn't have my children around the maker of the tape or the viewers.

Dirty Red said...

Thanks for the insight man.
I have not been to your site lately, so don't ban me man. I have been dealing with a lot of ignorant shit the past couple of weeks, if you have not noticed the lenght of time between my posts. I have not been to anyones sight lately, but I could not let my feelngs for this sick motherfucker pass. Anyways, I will visit you soon man.

As always you are spot on. You are a helluva writer man. I have been trying to pen a book, I might send you a little insert to your email so I can get your opinion. I don't have much. trying to write a book is nothing like writing a 3 paragraph blog post, but I think it is pretty good. Anyways with your permit, I will send you a little something something.

I agree with you whole heartedly. Child porn is disgusting and immoral. But I must admit there was a time when I had a stash of "normal" adult porn "hidden" on my computer. That is until Mrs. Red found it. I still catch hell from that. Is there a such thing as "normal" porn?

Kieya said...

You are not alone. I hate, hate, HATE the fact that he got off. (Aaron McGruder called it didn't he?) The lives of Black women mean nothing in White America. If it had been Becky, Jessie, or Susie - they would've called it rape, even if Susie had looked straight into the tape & said, "I want this fool to pee on me." Because she was black, its consensual -- cuz as black women we just have that sexual Jezebel drive *rolls eyes*

The sick thing is, he'll probably make a song, it'll be a hit & he'll keep pissin on 13 year old girls.

And i'm sorry, you know when a girl isn't of age. I work with teens & some do look older but as soon as they open their mouths you know they're not more than 13. People just use this "she told me she was 18" shit to cover their asses when in their mind they know she lyin.

truth said...

Dirty Red,
No problem, brother! Just let me know how I can help.

Jazzylady said...

The tape does not show any evidence of rape. It was consensual. This was not the first time that this little slut did this.

In the tape she looked like she was enjoying it... but anyways, that is not the point.

Well dirty, since when does a 13 yo have consensual sex with a 31 yo?

Why is the child a slut? Is that what the other whites thought of her? Is that why the verdict went the way it did, because little black girls are sluttish?

When did she have the first sex act performed on her? 9, 8, 7 6? Who did it, her father, her brother, a cousin? Where was the child's mother?

You called the child a slut, and yet this was a trial for rape, which meant that the child involved could not consent to have sex with the man who raped her. Why was she a slut?

Since you characterized the child as a slut you can bet everyone else did too, just the way they characterize most black women sexually, always on the ready, will do anything, we are over sexed jungle bunnies. Black men are over endowed studs with huge voracious penises, ready to rape anything, anywhere anytime. Which is why Kelly would have hung if it had been Becky on that tape. And which is why he walked with Shamiqua on that tape.

So, what outcome did you expect and how could you expect it?

I was not surprised but sadly disappointed. I actually think Kelly is very talented but will never buy his music. I just can't support a child rapist. You do know that this is same scum bag who married Aaliyah at age 15? Her parents did manage to have it anuled.

ruffian96 said...

Never was a big fan of Kelly. I saw the tape when it first came out if it wasn't him it was the world's best doppleganger (never bought into the rumors that it was actually his brother either). Will be continuing to not buy his music. But maybe we should be praying for this brother after we take him off the pedastal. All you have to do is consider this case and listen to his recent music to realize this guy has an unhealthy preoccupation with sexuality, a sickness.