Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Price of Fame

I saw a very interesting story on CNN this morning about how the city leaders of Malibu, Ca has asked Kenneth Starr to help them in drafting some kind of legislation to help them put the "stalkarotzi" in check. Why they asked Mr. Starr to help them I have no clue, (since they do not need to find any stains on any celebrity's clothing or undergarments.) I guess they think Mr. Starr has something to offer... Anyways I digress... Back on Topic.

The paparazzi is and has been in my opinion a very dangerous organization. They do some outlandish s%^&t to get the "money shot" of any Mrs.or Mr. "I'm hot right now". They block off intersections, they jump on cars, they hide in trees, anything to get a picture to sell to the tabloids. I don't understand it. And the s#@$%T is getting worse.

To me this should be considered invasion of privacy, which is a crime, but it is not.

I believe that celebrities have the same rights as the rest of us common folk here in America.

What gives these stalkers with cameras the right to make money off of someone Else's discomfort? Why does the city of Malibu have to go and hire a camera loving freak like Kenneth Starr to spend millions of dollars of tax-payers money to write a 30 minute report on how bad the paparazzi is?

Is this not common sense? I mean there has got to be a law somewhere in the State of California that prohibits the kind of stunts the paparazzi pull.

I have seen pictures of how these stalkers have totally surrounded a celebrity's car to the point that the guy could not drive off without fear of running someone over. I have seen pictures of how these fools have chased celebrities cars through busy intersections and how they gain access to some celebrity homes illegally.

Is any of this not against the law in California?

I'll bet you a tank of gas, that if a celebrity shoots and kills one of these idiots, they would hang the guy by his nuts off the top of MGM studios.

All in the name of the 1st amendment.

America, you gotta love it!!


ZACK said...

I'll bet you a tank of gas, that if a celebrity shoots and kills one of these idiots, they would hang the guy by his nuts off the top of MGM studios.

Funniest stuff I've read all week! :)
You have a gift, D. You have a gift.



In undergrad, I did a research paper on how the paparazzi indirectly contributed to Princess Diana's death. I got a B+.

Kieya said...

the paparazzi is out of control and I agree with Zack, they most def contributed to Princess Diana's accident.

What about when they surround celebrities carrying their children. I read the other day that they circled Salma Hayek and they pushed her nanny who was carrying the baby. The child almost fell. And the sad thing is, if the child had fallen, they probably would've just crowded around & taken pictures. They make me sick but then again its also us as a society that feed into this sorta idolization of famous folk. If we stopped caring about their every move, the paparazzi wouldn't have a job

Jazzylady said...

Lmfbao! Why did you clean up your language? Lol. That's one of the reasons I love your blog cause you don't pull no punches. I'm too danged polite to cuss like the the sailor I know I am! Sometimes I want to but what the hey. Besides, don't some of these so called stars court this kind of publicity? Ken Starr the weirdo freaky person? What is gonna do, shine their shoes?

truth said...

Dirty Red,
The media has lost most standards of decency. It is a complete "gotcha" game, which the paparazzi intend on uncovering information that will humiliate celebrities.

The price of fame isn't worth it in the long run! Great post!