Monday, July 21, 2008

30 and up. Dress code Strictly enforced

This past Saturday I went out clubbing. This club I went to was supposed to be one of those 30 and up "Dress to Impress" clubs, but as I am about to tell yall it was not.

First, this club is in what some folks in Dallas would call the "hood". It is in a part of Dallas called Oak Cliff. Now granted Oak Cliff is not as bad as the media here makes out. I like Oak Cliff. Whenever I hang out, that is where I usually am. Besides I grew up in a place that was 10 times worse than Oak Cliff, so I feel right at home there.


Like I said this place was supposed to be a "dress to impress, dress code strictly enforced place". So I do what I do. I put on some ironed slacks, a matching button up,a nice brim and shoes that matched the brim. If I say so myself, I looked rather dashing. And the looks I was getting from the ladies confirmed it for me.

So why is it I felt overdressed when I arrived at the scene?
There were cats in there with Air force Ones, white tee's and jeans. There were females in there that looked like they had just woke up and were going out to check their mail-box.

At first I thought I was at the wrong place. I was told this was a "classy joint".

Well, you know I did not let that stop me from "socializing".
I went to the bar, got my mandatory Corona and started to walk around so I could check out my "competition".

I told yall this was supposed to be a "30 and up" place right?
I felt like I was the oldest cat in there.

Granted I am used to going to the "adult" spots and seeing younger(fine)females, but the dudes usually are checked at the gate if they do not fit the bill.

There were cats in there with corn rolls, wearing gang colors.

Well as you might have guessed, I bounced after I drained that Corona.

That was not my type of spot. I am a little too old for that. Maybe 10 years ago I might have given it a chance. But now I am at the point in my life that if I feel the need to have my heater in the small of my back, I don't need to be where I am at. Besides, if I feel threatened, I am going to add to the black men in prison for killing another black man category, and I have too much going on in my life right now to f%%k up like that.

So, I went to my usual spot down the street from where I was at.

All things considered it was a pretty decent night.


truth said...

Dirty Red,
It sounds like you made the right decision.

A similar situation happened to me a few years ago. My cousin and I went to a spot that was supposed to have a dress code. I wore slacks, a collared shirt and dress shoes. When we got to the front of the club and saw what the people that were waiting in line had on, we nearly turned around. The dudes had on white tees, jeans and tennis shoes. I asked one cat in line, "Doesn't this place have a dress code." He looked at me and snickered. Then he said,"all you need is a belt." A belt? What the hell kind of dress code is that?

False advertisement should be felony!


ZACK said...

Don't take this too seriously, but um....why do married men still try to club?

I have NEVER been to club for reasons related to today's post on my blog. (Check it out later this afternoon)
But I'll spoil it for you. I'm not COOL. I am a square. So, clubbin' is out of the question for me. It doesn't matter if it's 30 and Up, 25 and Down, or the Learning Disabled & Sexy.

But you will be surprised as to how many 25-37 year olds still think that they are in high school. I think that you are learning that you can't always take peoples' opinions for granted. You have to find out the awful truth on your own.

Jazzylady said...

Ummm, I hate to be the one to ask, but where was the wifey? Was she checking out another spot or am I on the wrong blog, lol.

freemanpress said...

I feel you homie, I say the same thing when I roll out. Either I'm hanging out with the Defeated Cats or the WildCats. There is no middle ground once you cross a certain age. It gets no better out here in LA homie it's the same thing.

I don't know what you are supposed to do at this age. Yes, I do I guess I am supposed to be married and think going out to eat on the weekends is actually having fun.

Time to make your own club homie and set it off the right way. Screen the Kids, and give them a sucker!

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