Thursday, July 10, 2008

Am I my Brothers Keeper?

I was not going to write about this because I know every Black Blogger is going to be talking about this. I also had an idea for a post all ready in my mind, but... This is is on my mind now, so prepare yourself...

Jesse, Jesse, Jesse...

What the f%&*k were you thinking? Are you going senile in your old age? You go on Faux News of all places and forget that your mic was on? Come on Brah, you gots to do better. Why are you hating on Big O for having the nuts to tell the truth? For saying things that your ass should have been saying for years?

I am not an "obamaholic". John Edwards was my first pick. There is something about Big O that don't sit right with me. But it is what it is. He is what we got. So support the brother.

But don't apologize for saying how you really feel.

Your apology was fake.

You got caught with your ass hanging out and you feel embarrassed. But don't think we are stupid. My name is not Willy FooFoo.

You are mad because this young man got farther than you did. But don't hate, REVEREND.

Congratulate and Participate.

You should be using your vast resources to help the man. But instead, from your own words,You want to "cut his nuts off".


You are still ordained right?

"Cut his nuts off"

Is that some new, holy, sanctified language?

You should be ashamed "Reverend".

And then you got the nerve to come at us with a "I didn't know" excuse.
You are full of shit.
You are jealous of Big O and now the world knows it.
This man is going to have a hard enough time getting elected as it is, and now here you come adding fuel to the fire.

Crabs in Barrel.

And the older the crab, the sharper the claws.

You are done "Reverend". So sit down, shut the f$%ck up, and disappear until this is all over.


truth said...

Great post,
He's a prime example why you can have these mega churches, that get beaucoup dollars in tithes and not a damn thing ever changes in their communities. Jackson & friends are nothing more than hustlers and Obama threatens their class flow.

Eric said...

join zookers radio tomorrow (july 11th) at 8:00 central time as we discuss Jesse. Call in with your point of view. It aint going to be pretty.

freemanpress said...

Jesse is part of a dying breed of Civil Right leaders. He is your grandfather telling you what's wrong with the world. He felt Barack was talking down to people.

C'mon you have seen when your grandparents mistake your true meaning because it meant something else in their day.

I say we all get together and get Jesse a rocking chair and a subscription to CNN. Let him rock himself to sleep and call into CSPAN at 4am.

ZACK said...

Bruh, you cut Jackson's nuts off with this entertaining, yet informative post!

Your commentary has been the best so far, out of all the black bloggers that I've read.

You are right- he is jealous. And there IS something unsettling about Obama. And I was an Edwards fan as well. I think Edwards would have a stronger chance than Obama because he's got a wider crossover appeal. But unfortunately, that appeal was not evident during the primaries because Edwards was not a woman or a black man. If he was a black woman named Johnetta Edwards- he would have wrapped up the nomination three months ago. (Or Maybe Not...)


Folk said...

fvck jesse

David Sullivan said...

Jessie had his time (and fucked it all up!).

dbrowsers said...

Before I explain my take on Jesse Jacksons comments, I think all of us Black American’s need to reflect back on history and try to understand the course or path that have gotten us this far, before we start to make judgemental statements about how Jesse should just ride off into the wild blue yonder. Mr. Jackson has raised the conciousness of American debate more on racism, social, economic, political and legal injustice than any African American in our nations history since Dr. Martin Luther King. Regardless if some of you think that over the years, Mr. Jackson has been self serving, you must remember that as a man, he has had to feed his family just like everyone else. Many of you are responding out of ignorance, not really understanding your history or the nature of Politics. Jesse Jackson has been on the forefront when many cowered and exiled themselves for fear of reprisal or retribution if they spoke out. There are some leaders who have even left the country to live in other nations only to find the same oppression of darker peoples prevalent in their respective lands. There is a saying that, “people are the same wherever you go.” I believe that the “crabs in the barrel syndrome” is not applicable in this last instance here, regarding Jesse’s statement about how it would be wrong for Obama to follow Bushes’ race based initiative program. However, Jesse could have kept the metaphor to himself. He did not mean it literally. The statement made, was for the benefit of all of us whose grandfathers slaved for generations for no wages. You see, Obama’s father fled the country, for whatever reason. But our grandfather’s are buried in towns and cities all over this nation. So before those of you who wish Mr. Jackson would quietly leave the scene, it was him who stood up for us when no one else would. To this very day, he has remained convicted with hope despite his mishaps and occassional blunders. None of us are perfect. His political genuis and oratory skill is unmatched in the African-American Community. This generation of leaders and its constituentcy has not had to endure the struggle and pain of the baby boomer generation and some of their parents that are still here today. Matter in fact, we are your elders, and you must respect us with every ounce of civility in your souls. The oppression that we all have had to endure has left a lasting scar on the American psyche that will never be erased, no matter what black person is catapulted to the highest office of this land. Sometimes, people have to be put in check and must not take anyone or anything for granted. For God giveth and God can take away. When a child is growing up and he does something wrong then gets corrected by his father, although it may seem grievious, that father still loves and receives love in return. This is when forgiveness overrides any emotional hurt or pain. What we witnessed was a mutual respect of two men who are fighting the same battle at the same time. One older and wiser, and one younger and still learning. Was Jesse’s statement one of insubordination, no, for he is the elder statesman and in any family, the elder uses his ability and wisdom to correct, enforce and reward when it is necessary or merited. Being an African-American man in this country has been a castigating experience for millions who have been disenfranchised, marginalized, shutout, scapegoated, slandered, abused and denied equal access to the playing field by the white ruling class. Matter in fact, the reason why some of your fathers did not stay around is because they were denied a chance to prove themselves and some chose to walk away or cop out. Jesse Jackson stayed and is still here. There is a lot that you people need to learn! When you decide to examine the chronicles of history with a microscope than you will come to understand why standing up is the mark of a true man! Even if he has to draw his sword! Liberty or Death! You decide! Only cowards walk away! No one needs to tell Mr Jackson when to retire, there are many lessons that you kids still need to learn. Wake-up people and unshackle your minds for "it is a terrible thing to waste.”

jjbrock said...

Rev. Jackson made a mistake he did not know that he was speaking into a open mic. And neither do I believe it's time to throw him out to pasture. The man still have wisdom and insight that Obama can used. Rev. Jackson apologize and Obama except it why can't we?

Why can't we support Rev.Jackson on his merits to the black community instead of that one comment? The man has done great work for the community for over 40 years.

I am really confused with a lot of black bloggers, on one hand Obama is selling out on the other hand they want to hurt any one that says any thing they don't like against him.

Come on people we can't have it both ways.

Anonymous said...

Merits to the black community. HA Jesse Jackson is a selfish hustler. I am familiar with what he has done and even though I believe most of it was selfishly motivated it was still indeed courages. I think the problem most have with his apology is that he attempted to give one PERIOD. It was like watching your two year old tap dance.

I personally don't feel the apology was needed. What he managed to deliver as an apology didn't cover his "real" feelings about Obama...which was indeed where his off/on mic comments came from.

Do I believe he wants to sabatoge Obama's campaigne NO...but for someone with Jesse's propensity to TELL IT LIKE IT IS, when it's an issue that will give him "favorable" media coverage, I had expected him to do just that. This isn't about being perfect or without flaw. I'm looking at consistency.

He doesn't have to like Obama, he is entitled to feel however he cares to feel about Obama, i'm just shocked at how humbled (lol) he became to learn the world finally heard the REAL REVEREND JACKSON.

He rendered an apology speech that was a mumble at best (not Jesse's flow), which was a waste of time, and then sat his butt down. Job well done.

Anonymous said...

You are all missing the point. Obama touched a nerve with his Father's Day speech. Jesse was just pissed because he has an illegitimate child that he barely sees and only acknowledge until he was publically outed for it. When Barack called out irresponsible men Jesse felt like he was talking about him and he kinda was.