Thursday, July 3, 2008

Black Politicians, not worth a ripped, wet food-stamp

Will having a black president have a positive effect on the Black community?

I don't know.

Black politicians do not have a good track record in helping their communities.

Take a look at every Black community in every city in every state here in America.

The schools are always underfunded and overcrowded. The housing market is always at the bottom of the barrel compared to other communities. The health services are always sub-par. There are no jobs in the Black community. And do I have to mention the crime rate?

All of this is happening under Black politicians.

So why does the Black majority think that Obama will make a difference?

How is he any different from all the other disappointments we have seen over the decades?

All we get from Black politicians are sound bites and staged marches on anything and anybody when they feel that they need to stay visible in the public eye.

All we get are powerful speeches invoking Martin Luther King and God.

What have they done for our welfare as American citizens?

Why is it that a common working class Black Man can get shot 50 times by the police and all we get is march?

Why is it that a young black man can kill another young black man on the streets of a black community and all we get is a sermon?

Why is it that High Schools in any Black community have a drop out rate at damn near 50% and all we get are sound bites?

Why is it that all the jobs that used to be in the black community are gone and all we get is it is the Mexicans fault?

Why Why Why!

So what good are black politicians?

Do we even need them?

Or am I the only one that is sick and tired of being sick and tired?


jjbrock said...

Dirty Red I feel you on this one. 1). Will having a black president have a positive effect on the Black community? Yes, individual but not as a whole.

2). Black politicians do not have a good track record in helping their communities. True and we know why they are limited and control by the power that they represent.

Even if they are rallying for jobs for their communities it's hard because you need something to bargain with and to offer a business for coming into your community.

You need a great work force great schools and less crime. We already no that's something that's got to be fix.

Somethings have to take place on a local level first. My question is how do you get businesses to want come into our neighborhoods and help? Obama is not the answer to all the problems.

truth said...

Great post,
It will make a difference having a black president, but I think what you're asking is will it cause change in our communities and in the country? I hate to be pessimistic, but my answer is probably not.

Obama has kept the black community at a distance, so he will not be perceived as the "black candidate." If he has to do that now to become president, he'll have to do it a year from now to stay in office. Which means issues that are of particular importance to the black community will probably have to be kept at a distance as well.

Although, I think more money will be flooded into social programs that can help our communities, if Obama wins.

Yet, the government cannot fix all of our communities problems, even though they were responsible for many of them. Our communities will either have to demand or take change. No one, especially not a politician, is going to give to us.

freemanpress said...

It's because things have gotten so bad for us we hope Barack is the messiah. He makes Black folk feel good.

You go to Church and the situation doesn't get better. The preacher makes everyone feel good. Hardly anyone questions the Church's ineffectiveness!

What people don't realize is the problem is bigger than the politician. Most of the time they want to have that title, they don't want to really do anything.

We have to reject the bloodsuckers altogether and move on. Barack is just a shiny nickel right now.

Liberty Bell said...

Black politicians are just like ALL politicians--They care more about getting re-elected than doing what's right. I think the two major parties in this country need a makeover but I don't think it will happen until Pluto crosses over into Aquarius, so probably not for another 26 years but it's something that COULD happen within our lifetime.

Liberty Bell
Freedom Fighters United
aka F.A.I.T.H.

ZACK said...

This is an excellent post, Dirty Red! Excellent!

I agree that black politicians are opportunists more than they are public servants. Part of the problem is that corruption is the underlying factor in the destitution of most communities.

I just read Gang Leader For A Day by Sudhir Venkatesh. (Buy it on your next payday). It's about Venkatesh's bold move to live amongst residents of Chicago's Robert Taylor Homes during the drug-infested, gang-immersed late 1980s/early to mid 1990s. One of the big points of the book is how preachers, police, and even politicians were easily bribed by gangs and drug dealers.

This is why our pastors, cops, and aldermen have let us down. They are getting benefit from being paid off by the dopeman. The only thing we can do is ask God for power to change our communities. Until then, we're on our own.

I don't know what to say about Obama except that he's risking a lot. What if McCain wins in November? Then it's a double loss for folks like me. We lose our Senator and the chance to have a Black President.

Again, GREAT POST! (And welcome back after your 2 week hiatus)

Sauce said...

Being in Memphis where our City and now even the County Mayors are black, all the problems that you mentioned that plagues our communities are truly evident here in Memphis.

The city school system just received a $73,000,000 cut in the budget by the predominantly black city council that prompted the state to reconsider the $423,000,000 funding it give to the school system unless the city council reinstates it's funding.The housing market is autrocious in the non-white areas of the city and let's not even talk about the Med(the Regional Medical Help Center). Just Google duanna johnson to see what the police will do to you here.

You touched on a lot of points and like you, I too am sick and tired of being sick and tired but what can we as individuals do ?

mike said...

Mr. Obama is a modern version of the " House N " just like Oprah is todays version of Aunt Jemima, Jackson told the truth, has anyone heard Obama say one thing about a history that he should have full knowledge of, Jim Crow was alive and well when he was born.

Has he said one thing about the obvious state of the world re: race, in Canada there's a cartoon of two white people bowing to a statue of Obama, underneath the caption reads " white liberal guilt "

we haven't as a people moved that far beyond 1966, a few of us have a little bit of money and so what ?

y'all let white folk lie to you if you want. I went to school with Maria Shriver, I remember her father meeting me on the elevator, patting me on the head saying to me, do you like it here" ? I saw Maria on a Oprah gospel T-party and Maria said, " Oh my I've never seen anything like this" we had one of the best gospel chiors in New York State and Maria heard us back in 1975, but you see Maria had to lie to pleas O.

Obama is a lie, one told to us by white folk, believe what you will.