Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My rare admission of a weakness

On my last post about the New Yorker magazine's cover of Big O and his wife, my man Sully over at Sulls Blog wrote a comment that I feel the need to respond to. Sulls Blog is a great blog. It is one of my favorites. I read it often. I don't always comment, because I read so many blogs, but I am a frequent visitor to his site. I suggest that my loyal readers check him out. (Check my side bar. I still cannot link anything.)


He asked in his comment if I was biased in my writing or if I was just too young to know some things.

Well, as usual Sully I agree with you. I am biased in my writing. I will explain in in a minute.

I am also too young to know some of the things you know. (All that can be remedied by me catching up on my history, but that is a different subject.) However I am not as young as I used to be, but I am not as old as I am going to get either.

So in response to your first observation, I am biased in my writing.

I write about stuff that either concerns me or anything that is on my mind at the time.

Most of the stuff that concerns me are race relations in my country and how we (me, Black Men and Black Women) are portrayed in my country.

And most of the time we are portrayed negatively.

That bothers me. A lot.

So in that area I am a bit biased.

I honestly believe what the constitution says about all men being created equal. I believe that all people should have the same rights and freedoms. But as you know the constitution was written by a bunch of bigoted white men that did not have anybody that did not look like them thoughts and feelings in mind when they wrote those famous words.

So I am Biased.

I admit that is not a good thing however.

But in my own defense, I am willing and I do listen to other's opinions. I value other people's thoughts and views. I don't care if you agree with me or not. We can have an intelligent debate about whatever it is we might disagree on. Besides that is how you learn.

The only way to get past the f^%cked up race relations here in the good ole US of A is positive dialogue between the different ethnic groups. No judging, no stereotypes, just honest dialogue.

So Sully I value your opinion.

I will try to work on my biased views.

But I can only see the world I live in through my eyes.


freemanpress said...

I thought this whole blog thing was everyone's biased opinion. Otherwise it would claim to be "Fair & Balanced"

We all see through the world through our experiences. I always suspect people without a opinion to be either trying not to make waves or a evil person who has to control themselves.

It's not a weakness, you didn't claim you were going to be objective. Say what you want let it all out.

David Sullivan said...

DR, you know what I'm about but maybe your other loyal readers don't. I wasn't trying to regulate you or your views. I just wanted to clear up some factual inaccurasies. As far as saying what you say I like it as straight as possible. No need to ever sugar coat because until people know what other people really think then there will never be any real understanding, just a bunch of hand holding and Kumbaya singing. We are all biased and have our biases. As long as we all acknowledge that fact, then we can trust. Isn't a working society based on trust? You trust that the pewrson driving down the other side of the road won't pull suddenly into your lane, you trust your mailman isn't snooping in your mail, you trust the government has your best interest in mind. Honest, open communication is the basis for trust and Dirty Red, you are open and honest. DR and Sully: charter members of the Mutual Admiration Society

Kei's Revelation said...

I agree with several of the points you made. It would be great to have an educated, respectful, forum on the race relations in this country and abroad. In fact, I give kudos to Senator Barack Obama when he did this with his speech on race a couple of months ago. We become so complacent with just accepting things for how they are, but change never happens without action. And postive change requires positve action. And it is always good to remain true to yourself and your life's calling. What I respect about this post is that you were able to address the issue without being overtly negative or rude towards your subject. You only came with your true self. We need a lot more of that in our country and in our world. Thanks for sharing.


ZACK said...

Lemme go in with you on this:

First, you should never do a post justifying who you are or what you do. Your work speaks for itself and we all know what a good guy you seem to be. So, just express your opinions as you wish. Don't let anybody sway you- not me, not Sulls, not your boss standing over your shoulder right now. (Ha! Ha! Made Ya Look!)

And freemanpress just hit that thang hit on the head! I couldn't have written it better.

Just be encouraged in knowing that it takes a real man to admit a weakness. Great post!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

sounds human to me