Tuesday, July 22, 2008

No Speakense de English

This is going to be a post about me being very irritated with my current employment.

First, I feel that with my education level, my experience and my Military background, my current employment is beneath me.

But it is paying my bills.

Second, I do not take orders very well. I have no problem with listening and taking someones suggestions if their suggestions will benefit me, but I do not like orders.

I am a grown-ass man. You WILL not order me to do anything. I guess that is why I got out of the Army the first time. (Notice I said First time. I am currently in the Reserves. God help me.)

Third, and this is basically what this post is about....

If you want to work in this country and get your share of the "American Pie" speak the motherf$%^#&ing language!!

Granted, I do speak Spanish (pequito), Do not expect me to automatically switch to Spanish to suit you.

Or Swahili, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Arabic, Martian or whatever the hell you speak.

This is America. We speak English here. Bad English, but English none the less.

How far would I get in another country if I did not speak that Country's main language?

Or at least attempt to speak it?

I lived in Germany for 5 years and I can testify to the fact that if a person makes an effort to try to understand the culture and language of another country, that person will be greeted with open arms. (Yes I know a little German also.)

To me it is common courtesy to try to understand the people you have to live with, do business and interact with on a daily basis.

So why is it that people come here and automatically expect me (Or any Natural Born American) to accommodate them and their culture, religion, language, food, and whatever the hell else?

I don't want this to sound like a Republican Rant, but this sh*&t here pisses me off.

Tolerance can only go so far. If you cannot communicate with me and you expect me to give you a job or help you in any way, how in the hell am I supposed to give you a job or help you?

I'll wait...

No answer?

Oh, I forgot....

No Habla Inglis.


freemanpress said...

Republican Rant! Close the borders we don't need anymore help. The housing boom is over go home now we don't need you to help us paint.

C'mon man you are truly becoming a American. Somehow all these people with all their cultures and the fact that they like who they are and don't want to blend in, in a country that says you can be yourself and practice your own religion or getting on your nerves.

What? How are you accomomadating them. Did someone cut you off in traffic and you though hey they should go back to Guatamala. Or did someone not give you a donut fast enough this morning and when you asked what's going on they said Que?

Lighten up man they are trying to make it too. They came here to live out their dream. Let's be better than the masses and let them make it without staring at them like they took the last christmas tree!

Dirty Red said...

Yo Freeman,

I hear ya man. It is just so frustrating to me to see all these people that just expect you will bend down to them. I was just having a bad day, but I feel what you are saying. Not just Hispanics, but Africans, Indians, and who ever the hell else.

Thank's for your continued insight!!

AQUILOGY said...

It's amazing that only english speaking people expect you to learn their language. I live in S.Africa and we have people who have lived here all their life but won't be bothered to speak one African Language. About people coming to America and not knowing how to speak english, You can't really expect a person to loose their culture to accomodate others

ZACK said...

I agree with Aquilogy...a little bit. But I feel you Dirty Red! I feel you!
But I think that EVERYONE should know more than one language. That's just me.