Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Quilty before being proven innocent... The American way

A couple of things have happened the last couple of days that I feel the need to talk about.


Nelson Mandela has finally been removed from our countries terrorist watch list. I have blogged about this before. I was very disappointed in my country for having the audacity to put a hero like Mandela on the terrorist list. But he is off now, so it is time to move on.


A man who shot and killed 2 men for breaking into his NEIGHBORS house was vindicated from any wrong doing by a Judge this week.

In my humble opinion this was total Bullshit.

First off this guy's life was not in any danger what so ever.

Second, there was no one home at his neighbor's house, so the neighbor's life was not in any danger either.

Third, The man was told by the 911 dispatcher not to interfere, that the local fuzz was on the way. But, this being Texas, the guy said forget that. You can hear him cocking his shotty over the phone call to 911. He goes out of HIS safe house over to his NEIGHBORS house and proceeds to shoot the 2 "illegals" in the back as they were running away. All of this was on tape because the dummy carried his phone with him.

In my opinion this was straight up murder, but this being Texas, a good ole boy judge ruled that the guy was justified in shooting the two "illegals". The Judge ruled that he was "protecting" his neighbor's property.

Ain't that some shit?

A man will have his life spared for raping a child, but a man can shot and kill 2 unarmed men that were not a threat to him at all and get praised for it?

Only in America.

Now here is a case that I am kinda torn on.

This happened in my stomping grounds, PG County, MD. A 19 year old man supposedly ran over and killed a cop while fleeing from the fuzz in a stolen car. The man ended up getting killed while he was in solitary confinement. He was found strangled.

Here is my problem. What the hell was a 19 year old doing in a stolen car? Why was he not in College somewhere?
Why did he feel the need to run over and kill a cop?
Where was his parents while he was out thugging? It is obvious that this could not have been his first time running from the Police. So why is he considered a St. now?
Why is it that when something bad happens to a black person that got caught doing
bad shit, all of a sudden he was a good boy, that never did nothing to hurt nobody or he was trying to take care of his sick parents or his 9 babies from 8 different women? When do we as a people stand up and take responsibility for our actions?

Now it is pretty f%^&ED up that the boy was killed in police custody before he could defend his actions before a jury. Who knows, he could have been found Innocent.


He put himself in a situation where even if he was not doing anything but "joyriding", he knew the consequences if the Police decided to interfere. He knew what he was doing was wrong and he choose to do it anyway. So therefore, I have no sympathy for him. I feel for his mother and the rest of his relatives, because his death was unnecessary. He did not have to die.

Now as for the Fuzz....

This whole thing stinks to high heaven. Of course the police were involved in this. One of their own was killed needlessly. Of course there was going to be some pay-back. You do not mess with the boy's in blue.

But here is the rub...

Can it be proven in a court of "law" that the fuzz was involved?


This is an example of the same kind of shit I was talking about in the above paragraphs.

If the people that murdered this kid ever get caught and it turns out they were on the police force, they will be acquitted. They will be vindicated. They will be praised as hero's for doing their job to "protect" the public from another wild and crazy nigger.

If you think I am overreacting, just have a talk with Michael Bell's fiance and parents.


Ruth Ferguson said...

Actually it was a grand jury that decided not to charge him - not a single judge. But it is still jacked up.

ZACK said...

Once again, I'm glad that you took 2 weeks off. This helped fuel the fire of your posts.

The situation with the neighborhood vigilante is a strange one. He should have fired his gun in the air (even though that could have killed HIM) or just pointed it at them. He didn't have to kill them.

And for the kid who stole the car, you are right. He should have been in college. But you have kids dropping out of college to go Pro in basketball or football or to rap or act. Nobody wants to stay the course anymore. We all want instant gratification for stuff that we don't even do.

It's such a sad state that our country is in right now. But the hopeful part is that people like you and me are trying to make our voices heard- for a REAL CHANGE. Not the Obama kind of change, but change that makes sense.

brran1 said...

I personally think this is all a smoke screen for something else that is going on. Come on now. Why the hell would Nelson Mandela be a threat to the US. smh