Thursday, July 31, 2008

What is wrong with you Blacks?


What does that mean?

Soledad O'brian thinks she knows.

But does she?

I know that her 2 day special came on a while back,but I Tivoed it, so I just finished watching it. I watched bits and pieces of the show with my wife, but I only watched both shows in their entirety last night. My wife talked so much during the "world premier", that I had to give up watching it with her. So I watched them when she was not home. (All the married cats that read this blog can feel me, I'm sure). Besides she is in College finishing her degree plan, and we only have one computer.Most of her classes are on-line, so I have to forfeit my computer time so she can get her edu-ma-cation on, so that is the reason behind the 2 weeks or so between my posts. (This is at you Zack.)


This special did not tell me anything that I did not already know or anyone that reads black blogs knows. The only thing that this special did was reinforce a bunch of stereotypes that other races have about us.

1. Black men are irresponsible.
2. Black Women are the strong ones in the community.
3. Black kids don't like education.
4. Black people are poor.
5. Black people depend on the government to solve our problems.
6. Rich Black Men marry white women.
7. Black men are no class thugs that blame slavery for their inability to achieve the "American Dream".

Did I cover them all?

I applaud Mrs. O'Brian for the courage to even try to attempt to do what she did. It took a lot of guts. I like Mrs O'Brian. She is cool with me.


No one but a Black person knows what it is like here. If you have not experienced the Hatred first hand, there is nothing you can tell me.

"Well DR, The Jews were persecuted, as were the Irish, Italians, Chinese, American Indians and now the Mexicans are feeling it. All the mentioned races managed to thrive, so what is wrong with Blacks?"

Well, there is nothing wrong with Blacks.
However.... There is something wrong with some of the decisions that Black people make, but that is the subject of another post.

All the above mentioned races were persecuted for a short length of time and their persecutor's realized that they were humans too, and the persecution stopped or at least slowed down and hidden somewhat. Some of the above mentioned races have gotten public apologies and some sort of compensation for the persecution that was initiated by our government and it's citizens.

Has our persecution stopped or slowed down?

Have we gotten an apology or any kind of compensation?

Well we did get Affirmative Action, but that was not designed soley for Black Americans. If you were to do your research, you would find out that White Women got more out of it than we did. And now the system is so corrupt that it is being debated if we even still need it.


How many Italians, Jews, Irish, American Indians or Chinese have been shot 50 times by the police lately? (There might have been a few Mexicans, but that is not talked about).

How many Italians, Jews, Irish, American Indians or Chinese have been targeted by greedy mortgage lenders?

How many Italians, Jews, Irish, American Indians or Chinese are shown in negative ways on every media outlet in our great country? (Again there are a few Mexicans, but that is not really talked about.)

How many Italians, Jews, Irish, American Indians or Chinese are at the bottom of every statistic that comes out?

How many Italians, Jews, Irish, American Indians or Chinese are tasered 9 times by the Police, resulting in death?

Is the Jail System overran by Italians, Jews, Irish, American Indians or Chinese?

Are the neighborhoods of Italians, Jews, Irish, American Indians or Chinese always the worst in every city?

What about Health care, Education or jobs?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you do not know what it is like to be Black in America.

Granted 95% of our problems could be solved in house.

All it takes is BLACK MEN to stand up and take back the control our Grandfathers and Great Grandfathers had.

All it takes is BLACK MEN to take responsibility of their families.
(This includes all children iregardless if you are with the mother or not.)

All it takes is a little bit of pride in ourselves and our communities.

All it takes is putting in the work ourselves and stop depending on Smooth pimp-talking politicians that are only interested in votes, to do it for us.
(I think the bible says that God helps those that help themselves.)
The government was not designed to give out hand-outs.
The job of the government is to "govern" hence the name "government."

Besides, nothing in life is free.

In the words of Denzell Washington, 'You are going to pay. Whether you pay now or you pay later, you are going to pay.'

The problem with Black People in this country is we have gotten used to paying later. And the price is always more than what we were told it would be.

If we are willing to do what I have mentioned, then "specials" entitled "Black in America" would not be necessary.


truth said...

Brother Dirty Red,
Great post!

Independence by us Black men is the only way to better are communities.

We can no longer depend on the government. We can no longer blame Black women for not making us feel like men. The strength of a man should come from the inside through his relationship with the creator. Nobody, male or female, black or white, should have enough power over you, to make you feel less than. If they do, it's because you allowed them to.

Anonymous said...

That was an excellent post! We have to take responsibility for our decisions and take care of our own community. I am so that someone gets it. Thank you so much.