Monday, July 14, 2008


The above illustration is a picture posted in the New Yorker magazine, (a nationally viewed magazine by the way). As you can see it depicts Big 0 and Mrs. Big O in a very disrespectful way. They are seen doing the "terrorist jab", A picture of Bin Laden is seen in the background, the AmeriKKKan Flag is burning in the fireplace, Big O looks just like a Jihadist and his wife looks like Angela Davis.


If I did not know any better I would say that this illustration, that is supposed to be "satire", was being shown on the Faux News Network. Which it probably will be, but since I don't watch that racist excuse of "NEWS NETWORK" I will never know.


If you are one of the good working class (white)folk from, say.... West Virginia, Ohio, Pistovania, Tennessee, Up State New York or Texas, what are you saying now?

"Bubba, I told you that Obama Boy was in cahoots with the 'quedas. If a Liberal rag like the New Yorker magazine says it, there got to be something in it".

Am I wrong?

Hell to the naw!!

The politics of fear.

That is how Jr. got reelected, is it not?

But in this case it is not terrorists that we are supposed to be afraid of.

This time it is the Fear of a Big Black Man and his very angry Black Wife.

A man with the name Barack Hussein Obama trying to get elected PRESIDENT of these here "United" States?

Oh the shame!!

And then his wife!!

Who does she think she is?

Why isn't she cleaning somebodies kitchen, (oh my bad... Blacks don't do that anymore. That job is specifically for the Latinas now that we are such a diverse country) Well... why ain't she living in the projects with all the other babies mamma's(remember that on the Fake News Network?) collecting welfare checks for her 4 bad ass children by 3 different men? Who is she to want to become the most respected woman in the country?

When will those Negras learn their places in this country? Besides if it were not for the great deeds of the white man, we would still be in Africa having sex with monkey's, (that is supposedly how AIDS was started), with a bone in our nose, starving to death.

Why is this the only Presidential Candidate in History that has had a special on CNN that questions his Patriotism and his loyalty to this country?

Why is this the only Presidential Candidate that has had his religion questioned?

Why is his wife always being shown as an overbearing, loud obnoxious woman?


Because this Black man and his wife were not supposed to make it this far in American Society.

A Black man inches away from sitting in the Big Seat, in the Big Office,behind the Big desk, in the Big "White" House, doing the Big Job of running this great country that represents the best of what the world has to offer, What is he thinking?

Should he not be making millions playing football or basketball or making that god awful rap music? Is that not what "they" do?

Well people, is that not what "we" do?

If you ask those good working class people in the the states I mentioned, the answer would be yes.

Besides their votes are the only ones that count.

If you don't believe me, just ask Hill-Billy.

(After you donate some of your hard earned money to help her get out of debt).

I guess we are all "good working class people" when they need something from us.


truth said...

Excellent post,
Barrack and Michelle Obama are two educated, brilliant people. They live outside of the box that the dominant culture has stereotyped our folk into, since we arrived in this country.

This makes certain white folk nervous, so they try to extend the box to make room for more stereotypes.

When did giving someone dap, become a signature of terrorist culture? You see how lies are started when people see something they don't think is proper? One more question, Have you ever seen video of Osama bin Laden giving dap to one of his terrorist buddies? Or anyone from Al - Qaeda for that matter?

As the election draws nearer, we'll see the dominant culture try to extend the box further. Hopefully, the Obama's will be able to avoid going inside.

Jazzylady said...

Lol. You knew it was coming, you knew they were going to throw everything at sweetie that they could, and they are. So, he'd best get used to it.

freemanpress said...

If you have to explain it then you probably shouldn't say it.

This is a bad joke and the editors of the New Yorker arguments are flawed and full of intellectual BS trying to get it mixed up with freedom of speech and satire. Satire is the exaggeration of facts, not the blowing up of stereotypes. Then to couch it by saying we are going to show how stupid it is just read inside.

That's like me saying all the bad things about you. All the stereotypes and then saying but he's a nice guy. Just give him a try. It's flawed logic. This will go down as being racist whether they intended it or not.

David Sullivan said...

This is my response to the same cover at Plez World:

"The only problem I have is that 25% of those polled think Barack is a muslim. Why do they think that? The smear campaign that is being spread by the far right taking advantage of the "sheep" that believe everything that is spoon fed to them by their pastors, local pols etc.. I'll say it outright... white, country music loving, hate mongering, mega church going, follwers that still use the word negroe. These people will see that cover without getting the joke and say "See, even them liberal "New Yorker's" think he's a muslim". Sheep."

It has nothing to do with "White" folks. It has to do with stupid people who follow blindly.

7:59 AM

David Sullivan said...

@ Jazzlady: who are THEY?

David Sullivan said...

DR: You are either a little young or a bit biased in your thinking because many presidential candidates have had their patriotism called into question (Calvin Coolidge, Adilai Stevenson, George McGovern, Mike Dukakis and the list goes on).

Romney probably lost the nomination to McCain because he is a Mormon. JFK was persecuted for being Catholic.

Ask FDR's detractors as to whether Elenor Roosevelt was an "overbearing, loud obnoxios woman".

Barack does not look like a victim to me so lets not make him look like a victim. Victim's are weak. Barack isn't.

ZACK said...

Wow, Sully had a lot to write this morning. ;)

I agree with everybody- even though everybody doesn't agree with each other. At first, I thought this cover was harmless. In some ways- I still do. But when you look closer, it was rather disrespectful to portray them like that. 20 years from now, we will have to explain to your kids (cuz I ain't havin' none) what the cover really meant. And even then, they won't be "buying" it (a double entendre in its purest form).