Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Face of Evil

I watched that "forum" last night between the two Presidential candidates and I was not impressed.

I think Big O got his ass handed to him. He did not come hard enough for me. But I guess it is what it is.

Mr. Morton, (the Field's nickname for Big O'S opponent, 'because he is always salty',)came off a little harder. It is almost like he knew all the questions beforehand. He had all the right answers and he did not look directly at the 'Purpose driven' host all night. He was talking directly to the audience. Which was a little unusual to see, because he usually cannot say anything without looking at his notes.

The thing that got me was that this thing was held in a church.

Is it not in the constitution that church and state must be kept separated?

So who was this 'forum' really for?

Was Obama still trying to prove that he is not a Muslim?

Or was Mr. Morton trying to be more Reaganisgue?

Whatever the reasoning was behind this 'forum', it did not sit well with me.

Politics has no place in a church, but this is just my opinion.

Another thing that bothered me was the guestion that was asked about what evil is.

Obama said all the right things, but the gray haired old man....

Well, he went straight to the old 'we must get them before they get us speech'.

He basically said that Islam is evil. He threw all Muslims around the world back into his mentor's Axis Of Evil bucket.

Who is he to call a religion and a large percentage of the world's people, evil?

I do not agree with Islam. But I don't consider the whole religion evil. I think that some of the leaders are evil, but as a whole Islam is not evil. Hell if you want to get technical, why isn't Christianity considered 'evil'?

How many Christians in this country have committed acts of domestic terrorism?
Was the KKK not founded by 'god fearing Christians'?
Wasn't the Oklahoma City Bombing committed by a 'god fearing Christian'?
Isn't the Catholic Church supposed to be 'Christ-like'?
How many priest's have been caught molesting their younger parishioners?
How many more have not been caught?
Why is this not considered evil? What is more evil than molesting and abusing children?

The old saying is true. People that live in Glass Houses should not throw stones.

I am not a Muslim.
I don't believe what they believe.
But I do believe that just because you see the world different than I do, that does not make you evil.

Evil is as Evil Does.

Mr. Morton should reread his history books.

I have never been called a Nigger by a person of Islamic descent.

But I sure have been called one by a group of people that resemble Mr. Morton.

Why isn't that considered evil?


freemanpress said...

This is the same argument they had in Vietnam. The massess like to characterize people when we are at war. Whether it be Japanese, Vietnamese, and now Arabs. It's easier to lump everyone in and make it a Holy War. Now when you complain and want to lump the massess they'll say no it's the KKK. Isn't it weird they want to be noticed as individuals but in every other case let's call them Japs, and Muslims.

Folk said...

Personally I think this was all set up to make one candidate look better than the other (i'm not saying which).

The biggest concern I have is that while McCain was waiting for his turn, did they have him in a sound proof booth so he couldn't hear the questions?

As for the religious generalization, it's an American tradition to do so.

David Sullivan said...

I have said ad nauseum that religion has no place politics and visa versa. Thats why I hold such distain for the republicans and the religious right (aka: mega churches, evangelicals etc..) This forum was a way for McCain to align himself with these religios groups simply by showing up and saying that "life starts at conception". Game over. Obama was never going to get their vote anyway because the repubs and the religious right have been in bed since Regan's run for governor in 1972.

James Tubman said...

these are such meaningless conversations

the real issues rarely get discussed and if they do get discussed they get glossed over

lets just have the election

i guess theres really no need because we all know whos going to win

handsome devil lol said...

Obama, just didn't do his homework. I am a Christian and the questions asked were common issues that are debated on Christian (Republican) radio shows. Obama should have been prepared. But instead he was left looking out of place.
Like it or not the picture of Christianity in this country has been created by the Republicans. We as democratic Christians should work harder at redefining Christianity to include the issues that are important to us, like unnecessary killings and wars, and helping our inner cities.