Saturday, August 2, 2008

Freedom of speech... Just watch what you say.

I just heard the song that Ludacris made about Obama.

What is the f$$%king problem with it?

Did he say anything that was not true?

Whatever happened to freedom of speech?

Is Luda a member of the Obama campaign?

So why can he not do what he does and say whatever the f%^%&k he wants to say on a song?

In what way does he represent Obama?

Why is the media not talking about Toby Keith's song that he made about lynching?

Who was the victims of most of the illegal and murderous lynchings in our nations short history?

Not people that looked like Toby Keith.

They resembled people that looked like Obama or Ludacris or me for that matter.

Sometimes my country's hypocrisy makes me want to just move to one of the Islands that my Great-Grand Parents came here from.

Even though I cannot stand most of the bulls&*()t that is being made by some of the most popular "rappers" now, I still have to defend their right to say what ever they feel like saying. It is their constitutional right.

The constitution still applies to Rappers, doesn't it?

And as usual Big O issued a statement "condemning" the song Luda made showing support for him.
Why did he feel the need to say anything? Why did he feel the need to condemn anything that another grown-ass man said? Did he say it? Is Luda the one running for President?

Ludacris does not speak for Obama or me or anyone else in the Black Community. Ludacris speaks only for Ludacris.

Even though I agree with the words of the song (yeah I said it! I totally agree),the words of a song will not be the defining factor in how I cast my vote in November.

But I tell you what, Big O constantly "condemning" what another American says (in accordance with the very constitution that he HOPES to get the chance to take the oath to preserve and protect) in order to make himself look good in the eyes of the people that were not going to vote for him in the first place, is beginning to get a little old to me.

I understand that he is trying to become President of the "United" States of America, not the "Black" States of America.

But Big O, grab your half Kenyan nuts and tell the AmeriKKKan media, to stop judging you on the basis of what some other person says.

YOU are the one running for President.

Not your "former" pastor.

Not some Catholic priest.

And especially not some Rapper.

I think the person that will be on the ballot in November will be a person named Barack Hussein Obama.

So, Barack Hussein Obama, let me know where you stand on issues that I care about, so I will not have to depend on what someone else says about you and so I will not have to endure hearing how you "condemn the words" spoken by someone else.

I'm just saying...


David Sullivan said...

Honest feelings you can't deny, but hypocrisy is a different story. This is a nation of Rats and hypocrites the two thin gs I hate more than anything. That said at least I can't be stoned to death for making commentary on religion, society or the powers to be.

The one thing to remember about opinions is that once you put them out there its grist for the mill.

ZACK said...

Well put (as usual).

I think that Obama is such a strong candidate (YES, I finally wrote something nice about him) that the media can only attack him on affiliations, rather than his track record alone.


StillaPanther2 said...

Brother Blackman... Well said. Brother Obama also is against reperations for the many years of free/sub wages of the Black race. I wish/hope someone ask him about the "special pay-outs" that the Japanese was paid after their internment, Also a question I wish/hope he handles is the Jews recieving funds from the Germans. Just to see if he is global or racial in his thinking.