Monday, August 4, 2008

I am thankful for....

I woke up this morning in a very good mood.

This is very unusual for me because I am not a morning person. My day usually does not get started good for me until about 10. That is kind of ironic since I have been getting up early since my military days. I just do not like mornings. I like to sleep until my body says "OK NEGRO, GET YOUR LAZY ASS UP." Well this morning I guess my body got what it needed, because I woke up feeling refreshed. I woke up feeling blessed that I woke up.

U feel me?

In my morning prayer, I thanked God for the opportunity to see another hot-ass day here in North Texas. (It has been in the high 100's here for about 2 weeks straight.)

I thanked God for having a house to get me out of the heat.

I thanked God for my health.

I thanked God for my family. Especially my wife. (Even though she gets the hell on my nerves sometimes.)

I thanked God for my street sense. It has saved my life on numerous occasions.

I also thanked God for my common sense, (or as I like to call it come-on sense) because as my faithful readers know, God does not give "come-on" sense to everybody. Some people's sense just refuses to come on.

I asked God to help those people that do not have a way to get out of this crazy heat. There have been 10 deaths in the past 2 weeks due to this heat.

I asked God to continue to bless those idiots that refuse to believe in him.

How the hell anybody with 2 eyes and a functioning brain can fix their mouths to say there is no God, is beyond me.

I do not attend Church the way I should, ( I just don't like organized religion. I think that the majority of preachers, especially the one's on TV all the time, are full of shit), but I do believe in God with all my being.

How else can you explain why I am still here? I should have been dead a long time ago, considering the life I used to enjoy living.
How do I get up every morning?
How do my bills get paid every month?
Why do I still have the love and support of a woman that I can honestly say I do not deserve?
How is it that I am still walking around disease free after all the times I have had unprotected sex? (Before I said "I DO" I would like to add) I have thrown my Johnson on the crap table many a night, morning and afternoon.

Sometimes I feel that God has a football team of Angels just assigned to my "protection detail".

So there it is.

Me being thankful to my Creator for making me, me.

And surrounding me with positive people.

I just hope I feel this good tomorrow.

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