Tuesday, August 12, 2008

"Let them eat cake"

I have not been having a good week.

First my man Bernie(Janalang, Janalang) Mack passed..

This hurt me to my heart. He will be sorely missed.

Then Mr. Cool himself, Issac Hayes.

They say that s%$^t like this happens in three's. I hope not. We are losing to damn many of our Icons.
Too damn close together.

I think it is a conspiracy.
(Just kidding.)

And then I find out that the man that was my first pick for the Presidency, Mr. John Edwards, got caught with his pants down.


But why is the country acting so surprised?

This is not the first politician to get a little on the side. He won't be the last either.

Let's face it. Women love power. Politicians, Sports Stars, Actors, Preachers, Millionaires, Billionaires... Anyone that has access to money.

Because money means power.

The more money, the more power, the more temptation to stray.

Do I condone it?


Is John Edwards a hypocrite?


The reason I call him a hypocrite is the fact that he paraded his sick wife all in front of the public, making the public believe that he was this wholesome family man that loved and cherished his family.
In other words he was smiling in all our faces while he was lubing himself up to bend us all over. Or maybe he was preparing to bend us over without the lube, I guess we will never know.


This is why I don't like politicians, OR big name preachers. They come across to the general public or their respected congregations as if they are holier than thou, and then when they are exposed for the frauds they really are, they try to beg their way back into our good graces.

We all make mistakes. We all do things in our lives that might betray someones trust.

But... the difference is the average person does not act like their s$%t don't stink.
We don't parade in front of the media like we are the second coming of Christ.
We don't condemn others for doing in public what we like to do in private.
Most of us common folk are out in the open with what we do.
We actually believe that we have the freedom to be whatever we want to be.
That might mean that we are liars, adulterers, thieves, murderers,or just good all around people.

The average person accepts who and what they are.

But Politicians and Preachers are another creature all together. They try to act like they are better than the average person. They think that if they act uppidy and "royal" that those of us out in the fields will never notice or if we do finally catch on, all it takes to win us back over is a smile and a "heartfelt" apology.


Well I for for one am getting kinda tired of "cake".

It is fattening and it makes your cholesterol too high.

Which means I am trying to change my diet.

So, to all the lying hypocritical people that we as AmeriKKKans hold in such high esteem....

Your time is running out.

"Cake" is no longer filling for us.

We need some Protein and you just ain't cutting it anymore.

We are preparing to leave the Bakery and head full force into the meat locker.

(At least I am anyway.)

Who's with me?

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daddio911 said...

It's kinda sad that i was right about this fool. I kinda liked him and thought he would have made a good patner for Barack "the antichrist" Obama. I know for a fact that he proves the idea that there really are no good people in politics. I can promise you that she is not the only skeleton in Edward's closet cause if he did it once he has or will do it again. It's sad that with everything he said and did he will go down in the anals of history as another cheating democrat like Clinton. Well, I guess it hasn't bothered him too much as people stil love him. Oh well, at least there'e the republican party to vote for. At least they never get caught cheating.......well there was Newt, but we don't count him.