Friday, August 8, 2008

Our own Worst Enemy

On my way to work this morning, I was channel surfing the radio and I caught the ass end of a conversation on the Tom Jorner Morning Show that Jacki Reed (the news commentator for the show) was having with some preacher. From what I caught from the show, they were talking about that fool that the people of Detroit elected their mayor. Twice.


Jacki asked the preacher if he thought that Kwame's (the fool Mayor)political career was over. As everyone knows this idiot was ordered to jail for breaking the agreements of his bond. (Which, by the way, would have happened to anyone that broke the courts trust.So why should this fool be any different?) Well the preacher tap danced around the guestion and said there was more to this man than just politics. He said that Kwame (the fool) was a very smart man and that we should keep him in our prayers.

Stop right there...

1. If this man is so smart how did he get caught?
Any first grader knows that if you know that what you are doing is being recorded and saved, then you need to not do anything that will get you a whooping later by your parents.

2. Why should I keep this fool in my prayers?

Why is it that black people make excuses for other black people that do stupid shit?
Why is the the people of Detroit not demanding this BOY'S head?
He not only betrayed their trust, but the trust of his wife and his family, and his mother's political career is probably going to be damaged also.

All behind a big butt and a smile.

So tell me again why I should support this fool?
Should I say, 'Well you know people make mistakes. We cannot judge anyone. Leave it in God's hands. The poor man has suffered enough.'


Why are we easy on our fellow black brothers and sisters when they fuck up, but if somebody white even looks at us wrong we are ready to riot in the streets?

Wrong is wrong no matter the ethnicity of the fool that does it.

This idiot knew what he was doing with his Chief of Staff was wrong, but he did it anyway. Consequences be damned.

He knew that under the conditions of his bond, he could not leave the state of Michigan, but he did it anyway. Consequences be damned.

So why should I keep this fool in MY prayers?

Because he is Black?
Or Because maybe of all the bad stuff the White man has did to my people?

Well that is not a good enough reason for me.

I say fuck him and every other Black BOY or GIRL like him. It is Black BOYS like him that make living in AmeriKKKA harder on Black MEN like me.

The judge did right.

We as a people need to stop supporting Bullshit.

R-Kelly. Bullshit.
Michael Jackson. Bullshit.
The current state of Rap Music. Bullshit.
Loving and glorifying ignorance. Bullshit.

As long as we continue to support Bullshit and keep accepting the dangerous side effects of Bullshit as if it is the norm, then we will continue to get Bullshit from everyone around us.

I, for one refuse to accept Bullshit, because my forefathers did not die for Bullshit.


truth said...

Excellent post,
I agree with you 100 percent, there is no excuse for the bullshit Kilpatrick pulled. It's a delicate balance, but we as a people must start holding each other to a higher standard. The only way people change, is by first admitting that there's a problem. We all have to concede to our own bullshit.

d.wattsriot said...

You killed it with the last sentence,
excellent post.

jjbrock said...

Red I agree with your statement and he needs to step down.

I have no problem praying for him because we all need prayer. You know some times you can be so burden down that you can not offer prayer for your self.

Therefore, it's nothing wrong with standing in the gap for someone going through even if its something that they cause.

Red I have an award at my blog for you.

ZACK said...

Good post.

Kwame McGhetto has been shaming the black community for a while now. But I agree with Truth about the concept of responsibility. However, it is more of how people in Detroit actually voted for him in the first place. But I'm not a Detroit resident (THANK GOD) so I can't judge him.

I just pray for him.

Dirty Red said...

Thank's Truth, Zack JJ BROCK for the continued support of my lil Ole Blog.
Thanks for the comment man I appreciate it.

Thanks for the award. I am going to repay you on my next post. I really appreciate it.

David Sullivan said...

I tagged you over at my site, check it out.

Folk said...

Great post on this fool.

The only two prayers I have for him is that God forces him to do what he needs to do (regardless of outcome). Why so harsh? Because he's had more than enough time to choose for himself to do what's best for the people and not himself. Now he's just trying to be an arrogant azz.

The 2nd prayer is that God forgives his soul and actions.