Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sheep being led to the Slaughter

I did not watch Hillary's speech last night.

I heard it was a pretty good speech though.

I frankly could give a flying f$%^k about what she had to say. I have never liked the Clinton's. I was anti-Clinton when Sweet Dick was supposedly the first Black President. I would tell all my people that Bill was fake and full of ka-ka and that the world would see eventually.

Well, I hate to say I told ya so, but......


I just read on CNN that Sweet Dick is refusing to attend the Speech that his O-ness is going to give Thursday.

What kind of Juvenile S#$t is that?

His wife lost!!! Get over it!!! Try, Try again!!

There is no consolation prize for 2nd place!!

The Clinton's are the one's who made the primary race so ugly and long.

The Clinton's are the one's who mismanaged their campaign funds and as a result are begging their "18 million" supporters for money.

Obama picked someone else for the VP slot.


Where is it written that he had to choose Hillary?
Is it not the choice of the nominee to pick his own running mate?
Do you think that Hillary would have chosen Obama?

And these PUMA bi$%^&ches...

Are they really long life Hillary supporters, or are they undercover Mccain people?

Why is Obama's experience still being brought up?

The man is a UNITED STATES SENATOR, is he not?

He was a STATE SENATOR before that, was he not?

He did run one of the best pre-Presidential campaigns in our nations History, did he not?

I just don't understand this sh$%T.

I don't want to say the man is not leading Mccain by double digits because some AmeriKKKans refuse to vote for a Negra, but what else could it be?

What more damage can the Rethugs do to this country before their blind as bat ass followers open their eyes?

I am not an Obamaholic. He was not my first choice. I am not even a Democrat.
I am a registered Independent. If either party wants my support,like the old saying goes, If you don't work, you don't eat.


I think Washington needs some fresh meat to spoil.

I do not think that Obama is going to be much different than Mccain. But I am going to give him a chance.

Obama is a politician. All Politicians are full of sh$%t.

But compared to what our current "leader" and his political party have let happen to my countries credibility, credit standing, security, financial markets, housing markets, his fuckrey with Katrina, his illegal war, oil prices, his refusing to acknowledge Global warming, his total disregard for my countries Constitution, and the list could continue from now until......, a band of untrained Sea Monkeys could have done less damage.

So what the hell is it going to take?

Well, I am beginning to think that is a question that cannot be answered.

The AmeriKKKan people did vote for Jr. and his bullsh$%t.



freemanpress said...

Give Bullshit a Chance! I like the ring of that. You should go to Minneapolis with a sign that says just that.

Anonymous said...

I have a question for you. Do you feel as strongly about this point of view after Barak Obama opened his speech praising the Clintons?

blackstar said...

what's so pathetic about it is he doesn't care how that makes the dems look. I am so over the Clintons.

DJ Black Adam said...

I feel you Red. I wasn't a Barack supporter either, I am an independent, and it was HILLARY'S negative and stupid campaign which made me look past what I didn't like about Barack (being from Illinois there are a few things I don't like about ANY of the Democrats here, especially the Cook County ones) and look at the things that his platform was about.

Hillary lost because of herself, Barack proved he is the best man for the job, the Hillary fanatics need to catch a clue.