Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Welcome to the land of the Parasite

I was cruising my favorite blogs yesterday and I read a post the Field Negro did on a lady that took offense to his blog. See this lady is one of the many White People that feel like they are the only ones that should be in this "great" country of ours. She is one of the many White People that think that they should be at the top of the food chain just because they are white. The world belongs to the White man, or so people like her believe.

She said the Field's blog was racist, which some close minded people might believe. I have never associated the Field's blog with anything racist.

Most of the stuff he writes about I can relate to.

It is obvious that his woman can't.

He linked her blog and I followed the link and read some of her ideas. They are very frightening. It is really scary to know that some people in this day and time still think the way this woman does. She called the Field's blog racist, but she ended one of her posts saying, and I quote "It occurs to me however that there is no way that blacks, Jews or other minorities are going to attempt to divide up America. They are parasites who could not exist without white people to feed upon."

Since I have been reading the Fields blog, he has never said anything like this. She also says, "It really burns me up to have to endure the lowbrow idiocy and the indulgence in self pity and hatred and blaming of other people that make up blogs like The Field Negro. Given the tone and content of the blog he should have called it The Field Nigger shouldn't’t he".


Again I have never read anything that the Field wrote that says White People are the the sole blame for the conditions of Black America. The WHITE controlled government has a big hand in why the conditions are the way they are, but some of the blame is on us. I have never read anything that suggests that he has any self pity. I have never read anything that suggests that he hates anyone white.

It is people like this that give AmeriKKKa a bad name.

I wonder what any one Black person has ever did to this lady for her to hate like this.

Was she robbed or raped by a "Big Black Buck?"

Did she loose her job to Someone Black because of "affirmative action?"

Did someone Black get her son or daughter hooked on crack?

Or maybe someone Black got her precious daughter pregnant.

What did I do to offend this woman? I say "I" because she included me when she said Black people are a bunch of Parasites. I am Black after all.

I want to know why is this bi(excuse me, woman)so upset?

What have we done to her or her beloved way of life except try to be accepted into it?
What has anyone Black ever did to people like her?

Did anyone White ever have to suffer through Jim Crow?
How many White men were lynched for looking at a Black Woman?
How many White People have ever been harassed by the police just because they were in a nice car?
How many White People were denied housing, or forced to live in run down tenements?
How many White kids were told by "teachers" that their dream of becoming a Doctor, Lawyer or Astronaut could not be achieved?
How many White Kids were told they would be a good janitor or carpenter, when they had the best grades in class?
How many White entertainers were denied food and water at venues that they had just finished performing at?

I could go on and on.

Yet this BITCH (yeah I said it.) has the audacity to call ME a parasite?

Bitch please.

I got your parasite.

Me and every other Black Person that you offend by breathing the same air as us.


brran1 said...

Sadly enough, there are people that still think like this in this day and age. SMH

freemanpress said...

You got to laugh man, let it roll of your back. See there are a lot of powerless people in this world and they decide to strike out. I read Field too and I think he tries to be objective. They will continue to exist as long as there are people who move ahead of them in life. She probably got passed over for a promotion by some young black guy with a college degree. She probably saw a black family move into her neighborhood in a bigger house. When you are a loser you blame others for why you are not on top of your game. She is a nobody, and if she saw Field on the street would she say anything to him. Blogs give the righteous and the cowards a voice. Let it be.

ZACK said...

You know what though, Dirty Red. Field brought this on himself. It all started on June 15 when he ended a post about rape with a joke. I was done with his black ass then.

When you are a "HIGH PROFILE" attorney, writing under the guise of the Field Negro- you are putting yourself out there. He and Average Bro are not who they say they are. They are middle class black men in the guise of brothers in the struggle. Hell, I qualify to be called "Field Negro" than Attorney Wayne Bennett himself. Why? Because I'm close to the struggle. I'm still struggling. They ain't. Average Bro works for a famous software company, and probably makes 6 figures. And I'm sure Field makes 6 figures working for the city of Philly.

Although the lady calling him a "Nigger" was out of line- he brought that on himself. No need to do a post about it. No need to whine about it. He doesn't get offended by what I do to his silly ass. So why should he be bothered about what some white lady says?

Think about it..

Constance said...

*smiles* Do you feel better?! *hugz* It's going to be alright, now breath* hahahahahaha

David Sullivan said...

There is a double standard when cruising through the afrosphere. Many blacks are offended when lumped together with other blacks, but are quick to call white people "they" or lump them all together as one entity. The boggest misunderstanding between peoplke of different colors is not color at all. It is assuming that color is their only defining attribute and does not take into consideration ethnicity, ancestry or individuality.

Just as in Africa where people of like color still hate each other based on nationality and ethnicity, "white americans" still hold on to sterotypes about other " white americans" based on country of origin, ethnicity and current place of residence. Assumptions based on color are a given no matter what color you are.

That said, I read Field almost everyday and don't think he's racist. He is definitely biased and draws on his experiances to form opinions. Thats the difference between racism and racial bias. Racial bias is something gained through directly experiancing something, rasicm is forming opinions and acting soley on assumptions made based on heresay. I try to base all interactions with anyone I meet directly on my experiance with that person.

hawa said...

Zack: I remember the post you're talking about at field negro: A Tale of Two Cities. I went back to the post, and I remember your not-so-amused comment.

I saw field as ending that post with "sarcasm" as opposed to "a joke," which are two different things. He was clearly not happy about the rape, which came through clearly in his post.

Anyway, I feel the double standard. At times, Black blogs lump Whites into a single group while lamenting the same treatment. I catch myself making similar judgments - like the time I called out White feminists for not standing behind the Michelle Obama as the media attacked her... after giving much support to Hillary Clinton.

Those judgments aren't fair, because the real source may be just a few folks... not the thousands or millions who align with a particular group.

I read an interesting post about hating groups over at Holy Shit from Deacon Blue. A good reminder for us all.