Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The 1st Ammendment... A beautiful thing

This post is going to elicit several different opinions.

I am going to hear that a brother has to do what a brother has to do to keep his paper flowing.

I am going to have some people that agree with me.

This is how I feel on this subject...

Josh Howard, a NBA player for the Dallas Mavericks was caught on video saying how he did not believe in the National Anthem. I have blogged about how this brother needs to keep his mouth shut before when he admitted on a radio show here in Dallas about how he gets lifted during the off season. Anyway the video about the National Anthem was leaked to U-Tube and the brother has caught all kinds of hell for telling how he and the majority of blacks in this country feel.

Don't get me wrong... This is not going to be an anti-American rant.

I love being an American, as I am sure Josh Howard does.

But (of course there is a but), The words of the Anthem were not written with people that looked like me in mind.

"Liberty and Justice for all"

Can anyone actually reading this say this is true?

Anyways... Mr. Howard felt the need to apologize for his comments in order to keep his money flowing. I do not agree with his apology.

Why apologize for saying something you meant to say? Of course he does not mean it and anyone that heard him could see he does not mean it. But this being America the land of "free speech" he was forced to give a "heartfelt" apology. He was forced to appease the people that he "offended".

Me being me I say F%%ck them.

If I was Josh Howard this is what I would have said at my press conference....

"Good afternoon.
Thank you all for coming.
I apologize for breaking you all away from your busy schedules for something like this. As you all know the past couple of months I have been the subject of some very negative press. All of it was my own lack of thinking. I am not here to blame anyone else for my actions. I was supposed to come here today to apologize for my comments concerning the National Anthem. I am not going to do that. I cannot stand up here and tell a lie. I meant what I said and I stand by what I said. I believe that this country was not founded by men who gave a damn about me. In the constitution all men that look like me are not even considered a whole man. And I have to mention that when the words of the National Anthem were written the sentiments of this country's leaders had not changed. This nations history has shown that the words of the Anthem, "Liberty and Justice for all" does not apply to me or anyone that looks like me. But me being an American citizen, even though the constitution was not written for me, it still applies to me. According to the 1st Amendment of said constitution, I have the right to say whatever I feel the need to say. The 1st amendment does not say that I can only say what I feel as long as I do not offend anyone. I did not break any laws by voicing my opinion. I just said something that some people did not like. I understand I may lose some endorsements behind this statement, but let's face it, I make 9 million dollars a year. Losing an endorsement for 500,000 will not hurt me that much. Financially I am set for life. Mr Cuban might be forced to trade me due to this statement, but that does not concern me. My contract was guaranteed, which means I will get my money no matter where I am. So I do not need to appease anyone I offended. If I did offend anyone with my comments concerning the National Anthem, then all I can say is, get over it. I am not here to be a role model for your kids. I am a role model for my kids and my kids alone. Your kids should go by the example you set, not by what some celebrity says and does. Just because I am in the public eye does not mean I have to stop being who I am. It does not mean I have to stop being Josh Howard. I am a Black Man in America. That is who I am and that is what you all see standing before you now. That is all I can be.

Thank-you again for coming."

If only it were like this.

What would you have said?


ZACK said...

Doesn't the 2nd Amendment have to do with guns? LOL!!!!!

I thought it was the 1st Amendment that gives us: freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly and the right to petition to redress grievances.

I dunno!

Good post! I feel Josh Howard's pain, but he needs to do like the rest of us and live with it sometime. He's got a great job! We don't. So he needs to shut the hell up before he ends up like us.

Dirty Red said...

Thank's for correcting me man. I am going to correct this little oversight now.

I fell down but I got back up

truth said...

Great post,
My problem with Mr. Howard was his stance lacked substance. Therefore, he could be easily dismissed as ignorant. If you're going to war, then you have to go all the way. Going half way will only mean you'll have to face the problem over and over again. By going half way, he had to apologize, which means folk are going to be throwing this comment in his face for a long time to come.

Had he thought about what he was going to say before opening his mouth, then he could have stood his ground. Either people would have agreed with him or not, but he wouldn't have to backtrack. Which will only have people coming after him even harder now.

David Sullivan said...

I agree with Truth. I doubt he was thinking as in depth about his condititon as you did.

daddio911 said...

Josh Howard is an idiot for saying what he said just as all those people who burn the flag are idiots. Non-the-less, they are protected idiots. As for Josh, if I had the money for endorsements, I wouldn't give a dime to him. I don't support companies that don't support my views which is why I don't support many companies. Josh's words should be guarded with the highest level of protection, but his paycheck should be supported by people like me who know what it means to hear those words and know that your dad, mother, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, son, or daughter is or has been in harm's way because of what those words say. Just as I don't support the person my boss is.....I support the position he/she may have. The words and meaning mean a lot to people like me and it should him too, even if he wants to slam it.

Shut up or stand by your statement. I believe "Bitchass" really comes into play here.

freemanpress said...

I wrote about this too on my blog check it out.


It's a interesting issue.