Thursday, September 4, 2008


Yesterday after work I ran into my partner Daddio911. As usual we had a very testy discussion on politics and the current state of things here in our country. He is a die hard, red dyed republican, I prefer not to claim allegiance to any "gang".

A gang is exactly what the 2 political parties are.
They even represent gang colors, Red and Blue.


I do not understand the logic in any Republicans thinking. Or rather the lack of logic.

My man Daddio911 actually thinks old man Mcsane is going to make a good Prez.
Granted, I did my research on old boy,(did you do yours Daddio?)and he does have an impressive record.

But he is OLD.
His thinking is OLD.
His ideas are OLD.
His views are OLD.
The job of being El Presidente in these here divided states of AmeriKKKA will take it's toll on a person.

I mean look at the way it has aged Jr.

Bill Clinton did not have a grey hair on his head until he sat in the big seat in the big office in the big white house.

This man is damn near 100 years old for Christ's sake. And to top it off, he has a history of battling cancer.
This is his last Hoo-raa. If he does not get the job this go around he will not get a second shot. He knows this, so he is pulling out all stops.

The man has got to be senile. Or stupid. Or maybe he just does not care. It is obvious that he does not connect with the average Joe. Why else would he pick this woman Palin to run with him?
Who the hell is she really?
She is nice to look at and all, but with the state of the world and our country, don't you think that he should have picked someone other than a MAYOR of an apartment building, or a GOVERNOR of a decent sized city? To me this is a logical assumption. But in keeping with the Republican illogical way of thinking, he picked a woman whose only claim to fame is that she was an almost beauty queen, and she has a special needs child.

My man Daddio argued me up and down that this could have been beauty queen(she lost the pageant she almost won to a black woman. Did you know that Daddio? It's about the research man!! A black woman winning Miss Alaska! Who would have thunk it?) has more experience than his O-ness.

Give me a F$%^king break!

He sounded just like those talking suits that are constantly on CNN, MSNBC, FIX NOISE and all those Sunday Morning talk shows. He gave me the same arguments that he probably heard on those shows.

Come on Daddio!!

Do your research!!


Surf the web if you don't want to read!!

Stop letting other people think for you!!

This is the problem with AmeriKKKans.

I recently did a post called "Sheep being led to slaughter". That phrase describes Daddio911 and all the other close minded fools like him in this country. They cry about all the "freedoms" that we have, but they refuse to exercise those "freedoms". We have freedom of thought, freedom of speech and the freedom to see through the bullshit that Mcsane and his cronies are trying to pull over on us.

If anyone that reads this thinks that our "free" country is better off now than it was before Jr. and his "gang" fu&*ed it up, please feel free to give Mcsane and his almost beauty queen sidekick the opportunity to have access to the little red button in the big office.

While you give away all the "freedoms" that keep you Rethugs up at night bitching about losing,the rest of us that refuse to let other people tell us how to exercise our "freedoms" will vote for the person we think will at least kiss us before we get bent over.


You know I love talking to you about these thangs, but come on man, open your eyes and look at the way our country is.

Stop blaming the Clinton's for all the woes that we are faced with.
Stop voting based on Gay Marriage and Abortion.
There is so much more things that matter to me and the rest of us thinkers (I know we are in the minority).
Things that will not only affect us now, but will affect our Great Great Great Great grand kids.
Things that can be placed at the feet of your gangs leader Mr. George (Jr.)W. Bush.
I know that everything that is wrong with our country is not solely his fault, but like I told you yesterday, he is supposed to be our "leader".
He is the "decider".
He is the Big Bad Boss.
He is the Big Cahoona.

So in being all of the above things, the fault lies with him.

You and your people are just like a person sitting on the commode taking a dump, standing up and looking at it hoping that because it was red yesterday, it is going to be brown today. If it was red yesterday, something is terribly wrong with you.
S$%t should never, ever, be red.
Our countries s$%t has been red for the past 7 years.
Ignoring it instead of going to someone that will help you is not going to make it better.
Voting for a person that has the same bad habits of the person that made our countries sh#$t red, is not going to help us.

At least that is what I think anyway.

I can't wait for your comment on this one Daddio!!


Daddio911 said...

You know my friend, our country's s$%t has been red for more than the past 7 years and you know it. I love the fact that you want to give most if not all of the ills of the world to the big cahoona that is NOW in the big seat, but when Billy Bob was in office, all you demotits looked away, hoping that stink didn't come from the direction of the oval office. want research, well how about this. What was/is the Antichrist's record. He was a community organizer in Chicago. Two years experience as a U.S. senator, 80% of which was spent campaining to become president. Not one accomplishment that can be noted while he has "served" the people of Illinois. I'll give you this, he does give great scripted speeches and not everyone can find the time in their busy world saving day to write a book about themselves. Yeah this research is really swaying me.

I do have to admit that he did more in the Illinoise Legislature than I thought. He had the good sense to tag along with people who knew what they were doing so that he could look good to all the demotits in Illinois. Business didn't stand a chance though as he looked at them as if they were the enemy. I couldn't believe that he did manage to get some of the most wishy washy crap gimme bills listened to and passed. In all the research that I saw, I found a guy dishing out ideas that never had any stones. He talked up and passed "the right to have universal healthcare" uhhhh don't we as humans have the right to have universal healthcare. Where's the money to pay for it....hmmm. That's like saying Halle Berry has the right to look preety. Gimme a break!! He talked up and passed a bill that would "establish a committee to develop a plan for providing universal healthcare". WHAT!!!! A committee to develop a plan?!?!?!?! Oh yeah.....that plan never got started but the committee did use millions of taxpayer dollars to become one with nature at corporate style retreats and such. This fool even got them to pass a bill that funded study on the "success rates" of gimme money. Do we really need to spend money to find out that people like getting free money?!?!?! This idiot even wanted to create an office that would assist illegal immigrants get education and gain access to outreach programs. Uhhhh...yo antichrist....THEY ARE ILLEGAL!!! You know what, the liberal crooks of Illinois passed almost all of the above mentioned bills because they are nothing but FLUFF. There's no meat in any of the legislation he brought up. Where is the control of governmental spending bills, the support for returning troops of foreign war bills. This guy you follow blindly because he's black ..... yeah I said it.....he's black, will lead this Great Nation to ruin if given a second in the Whitehouse.

You'll never hear me say that Antichrist is stupid. He's a very intelligent man who needs about 15 to 20 more years on the big stage. He just pulled his training wheels off and he thinks he can lead this country. Where is his foreign affairs experience. Wait a minute, let me look thru this pile of stuff and see if I missed it. Nope. It's not there. Where is his fiscal accountability experience. Nope that's not there either. Maybe there is some heavy sponsorship of a bill that make life for me and my back pocket easier. Nope. Seems like he wants to take more money away than give it. Hmmmm. Obama for President??? During a time when people are losing there jobs, you people want to hire a president that takes more of your money away from you because he knows better what you need. Talk about lemmings.

Now let's talk about Governor Hotpants. First of all I'm digging the naughty librarian glasses and the fact she has to love getting it on to have that many kids. Damn a cougar in the Whitehouse....mmmmmm. Anyway, remember she is not running against Antichrist, McCain is. Even so, she has done more in her 2 years as governor than he has his 2 years in the senate. You may think that balancing the budget of a state is easy, but have you ever worked more than one job because you couldn't make two nickles equal a dime? Governor Hotpants balanced the government by ending unnecessary positions in her administration, one of which was a 6 figure salary chef. She said "I can cook for my own family...that's what the citizens of Alaska do". She even sold on ebay the private jet the previous administration had bought. When it comes to supporting the nation on energy, she has put her state on the top end of exploration of new gas and oil fields, seeing the true potential of a nation not dependent on foreign oil and gas. Alaska is rich with oil and gas and she is pushing for that edge to help make Alaska the Saudia Arabia of the northern hemisphere.

My friend you talk about Obama like he's actually done something when he hasn't done crap. Biden scares me cause he actually has been on the stage for a long, long, long time, but he doesn't know what real life is. He has only held one job in his adult life and that is the job of being a senator. He doesn't know how gas is making me work 16 hr shifts so I don't have to drive to work 5 days a wk. He doesn't know what it feels like to not be able to buy your kids a PS2 because the radiator popped on the van. Biden knows his stuff when it comes to foreign affairs, but when it all comes down in November, I want the team made up of a war vet who knows what it means to give for a nation you love. A man with proven Domestc and Foreign affairs experience, one who has no desire to give terrorists fodder to run with, one who cares enough about the office to reach accross the aisle and get stuff done. I also want a VP that has lived like I live. Knows where I come from, sees the future of this nation w/out the boot of the middle east on it and is damn nice to look at when she does a press conference. Antichrist is running against my man McCain and not Governor Hotpants. So stop doing the comparison. Does she matchup well with Biden.....I don't know, but watching her on the stage this week made me feel that the Repubs are back.

You continually knock my stance on abortion, same sex marriage, oil and gas exploration, taxes and supporting the war. Those are what I care about and the team talking a very good game is McCain/Palin. Antichrist, if elected, will get a lot of people killed and I gurantee within a yr of his coronation, we'll get hit. I don't want that and soft, gooshy red crap is all we will ever get with a demotit president in office who want to "negotiate". I want a president with a big stick again, even if he can't raise it over his head.

Gua said...

"All I know is that Jesus was a community organizer and Pontius Pilate was a governor."

ZACK said...

Did you write: "Mayor of an Apartment Building?" LMAO!!!!!! HA!

That's classic, Dirty Red. Classic.
And Palin's not that nice to look at. She aight but nobody I'd have a wet dream about.

To daddio911,

Obama is not the Antichrist. Usually the Devil wears red not black skin. And while I do agree with you that he's not completely qualified, we all can say the same about our current President. Bush might not have been the cause of our national policy problems, but his attitude exacerbated them. You have to be diplomatic as President!! That outweighs a majority of the other criteria because there will be advisers to help with all the other stuff. I'm not saying that one shouldn't be experienced, but that word- experience- is relative.

A perfect President (in mainstream America's eyes) is someone with military experience, white, male, politically diverse (serving from alderman all the way up to Senator), good at hiding his infidelity, and out of touch with issues that affect people of color. Let's be REAL honest with ourselves knowing that.

Anybody who deviates from that prototype will be questioned from the start to the end of their campaign.

And it's not because he's black- it's because BOTH parties royally f'ed up in terms of talent management. They had 4 years to develop and groom existing politicians to take over the "wheel". But they all messed up.

So, don't give us that racist crap! You are Dirty Red's co worker and all and I respect you- but you give US a break trying to disrespect people of color! :(

Dirty Red said...

Daddio Daddio Daddio,
You still don't get it and as long as you follow blindly behind your gang you never will. I told you I wanted a long comment, and you sure gave it to me. It sounds just like Rush or O'lielley, but what can I say? I probably will stop by your office later in the week so we can continue our discussion.


Thank's for the support man. Maybe the two of us can open up dudes eyes.

tempo said...

to daddio,

very well taken. I don't like most of the s$#t that your spraying, but unfortunately it's true. Come november it would'nt be surprising for me to see the mccain/palin ticket in the white man's house once again. Majority of White american women already seem to be in the pockets of the republicans. Black people have one solution to being neglected, and underrepresented in this country, and that is start uniting amongst each other. You need each other more than ever before. You must first stop destroying yourselves. "EASIER SAID THAN DONE". Most blacks who want Obama in the white man's house don't even know why they want him there. Black people get hype too damn quick, over nothing, that's a problem. You can't be too quick to jump the gun and say obama for president because he's black. Check out the fact's. White people will never sit back and allow some negro from out of no where to come in and run the show for them,while the world is watching. Vote for obama if you like, but don't sit there and think it's going to change a god damn thing if he wins. You live here but this is not your home, you are more like an unwanted stepchild that nobody wants!

daddio911 said...


Are you really comparing Obama to Jesus Christ?? Dude please!!!


Normally I expect to be jumped with a vengeance when I write something on the blog. Your words give me a little pause cause the race of Obama is not the important factor here. It's his views and ideas of how to conduct himself while in office. This I believe comes from someone who needs more experience in the political arena and not less. I'm not saying he need to be a part of the beltway gang, but he does need to hav a better view than what he's received in his small time in office. The biggest downside to anyone like McCain that has been in office so long is the fact that he's been in office so long. The thing that puts him ahead of the others in my book is the fact he snuffs his and his opponent's party to do what he thinks is right. That's the kind of person me need.

Oh yeah, Zack this years election is the Brotha Month of political history. Let's see who the demotits support after this election. I bet they go back to their same same ideas once this "experiment" is over while the republican party continues to use diversity as its way of thinking.


My brotha, my friend, I follow blindly behind the party?? I have a sneaky impression that you'd still be on my side if Obama was white. You know that he doesn't have the right views on the world. Russia's our biggest re-emerging threat and if you think the "let's talk" idea is going to work for them, you are out of your mind. They are gonna sit down with him and promise the world while bringing all the balkan states back under their control. You think the Chinese army admires a guy who wants to have tea and talk or one who brings our military back to a level that makes us once again the biggest dog on the block. I like the big "O", but he needs to sit down for a bit and learn.


Thank you. The republican party needs thinkers like you.

Gua said...

Zack, by no stretch of the imagination am I comparing Barack to Jesus. I am trying to contrast the "community organizer" theme that the RNC is trying to diminish its relative importance. Being a community organizer is not only noble it but is how most if not all change occurs.

daddio911 said...


It's not enough to make you presidential....