Thursday, September 25, 2008

Straight Bitchassness

I consider myself a man with an open mind. I try to expose myself to as much as I can. I do this to keep my mind active. I read a lot, I expose myself to different kinds of music, I try to watch different programs on T.V. and I try to expose myself to as many different cultures as I can. I am really striving to be a "citizen" of the Global Community instead a resident of South Dallas County.

I say all this to bring up a point.

It is amazing to me how close minded some of my "cousins" are.

Case and point...

I just stated that I listen to different types of music.

Well this morning I am at work jamming my Incubus station on For those of you that are not hip to, it is an Internet station that allows you to program what you want to listen to.

Example... say you like Big Daddy Kane (which I do), you simply type in Big Daddy Kane, and all his music plays as well as anyone that is like him.

I have a Big Daddy Kane station, an Earth Wind and Fire Station, an Al Green Station, a Linkin Park station (that's rock)a Jay Z station, a Creed station, Chuck Brown, Beanie Man, Eric B and Rakim,Red Hot Chili Peppers, Phil Collins, Depeche Mode I already said Incubus and well you get the picture.

I have pretty much the whole spectrum of music covered.

So like I was saying... I was jamming my Incubus station (that's rock)not thinking about nothing, when I call the next person in the Que to be seen. It was a brother.
The first thing he asked was 'Why are you listening to that shit?' I looked at him and said, "because I am a grown ass man and I can listen to whatever the hell I want to". (That was a direct quote.)Well he shut up and didn't say anything else the rest of the 10 or 15 minutes it took for me to do what he came into my office for me to do. As he was leaving he said real low, damn near whispering, which told me what kind of bitch ass bitch he was, "I bet your ass is a Republican too."
I damn near lost it. I was close to showing him how a hood nigga (like myself) from back East handled slow minded Texas ass Texans.

But I got a family, a mortgage, 2 car notes, and more bills than the average man, and I needs my paper. So I had to slow my role.
I just calmly said "Naa Brah. I ain't a Republican, but since I am not a felon, I can vote.Can you? My bad.. your paperwork said you just got off parole" (That was a direct quote)I did not say this low, I said this where everyone could hear it.
The dude put his head down and left without another word.

The point of this little story is...
What is the definition of Blackness?
Am I a less of a Black Man just because I like Rock Music?
If I was a Republican (lord forbid)would that make me less of a Black man?
What about if I happened to like White Women? (If I was single, I know a couple of Becky's that could get it.. All day and twice on Sunday.)
Why am I expected to be the "typical", loud, ignorant ass nigga?
I don't understand this slow minded mentality.
It is exactly like my people saying if I do good in school I am trying to be White.
What the F%^K is wrong with my people?
Just because I like something different from you, that makes me less of a Black Man?


Sometimes I can't stand the way my people act sometimes.

I just cannot do ignorance.

Am I wrong?


ZACK said...

Let me break it down to you, Dirty Red (in a good way)...

We are SO MUCH ALIKE! The problem with blacks is that we allow marketers (unlike myself because I can't find a job in my field to begin with) to pigeon-hole us into liking one kind of music/sport/clothing/etc.

That's one of the reasons why blacks can't get ahead. We lack the networking opportunities because we don't see a world OUTSIDE of the hood.

Most of our "cuzins" would be surprised to know that there ARE stations that don't play mindless rap or hip-hop; there are places where people sit down to eat their dinner rather than pick it up. The list goes on and on.

But the problem is, once you point it out- you are labeled as an Uncle Tom. But at this point, I don't give a damn anymore and neither should you.

It's not bad to be an Uncle Tom per se, but rather to be someone who criticizes without leading by example. And you can't lead if you've never followed before. So, by telling brothas like the one you speak about how you used to be like him- that's how you lead!

Just keeping doing God's will first and then do you. The rest doesn't matter.

Much love to you bruh! And e-mail me that picture of you! Either that or I'm putting Wesley Snipes up there. LOL! :)

Hawa Bond said...

I love Linkin Park. I love Creed. I even love Nickleback (sp?)

And I'm a Black woman, with Black parents, engaged to a Black man, and raising two Black boys.

I have diverse taste in music because I have diverse tastes in everything. (Except my men... I only like my men Black LOL).

My life is rich because I don't unilaterally reject anything until I experience it and form my own opinion. I've traveled Europe. I've tried all kinds of foods. I read books. I (almost) speak another language.

Closed-minded Blacks are no better than hardcore racists. Both live in an unpleasant world which lacks the mind-expanding excitement of truly living large.

Okay... I'm rambling... But I wanna say "I feel ya, Dirty Red!"

Hawa, author of
Fackin Truth Blog (Personal Blog)
Cleanse Master Remix (Health Blog)

truth said...

Dirty Red,
It's interesting that certain folks believe they have a monopoly on Blackness. It's usually the ones that play into the most ignorant stereotypes to what it is to be Black. Every lie the Europeans used to justify slavery, these folks internalized and believe. Some fell in with the wrong crowd, others were raised to act like buffoons, either way, they really think that their 'Blackness" is the only way.

Needless to say, their way of thinking is wrong. It is important for men like us to continue to live outside box.

As for this clown who confronted, be more subtle next time with your response. I don't want you to get in trouble for breaking confidentiality with a client/applicant.

Don said...

You're not wrong, nowhere close to being wrong. In fact, I think it comes down to exactly what you stated - ignorance.

People appear to place themselves inside boxes. Sometimes while knowing, other times they're only following the 'code' of someone else. I don't know why it's like this, but I've accepted this is the way it is.

*slides John Cougar Mellencamp into the CD player*

David Sullivan said...

He, he "at least I can vote" he, he...

Me and my friend Marcus (who happens to be black) were down the Cape this past August, drunk as fuck after comming back from the club, at 3 AM watching some infomercial about 70's Rock and we were laughing our balls off because we liked so much of that cheesy shit 'cause we grew up on it.

You like what you like. I had a similar situation when I was on my way to a golf outing with a bunch of my white friends and I was playing "Can We Chill" by Neyo and one of the guys asked why I listened to "this rap shit" and I turned around and said "you sound like your 70, because you don't even know what rap is, do you?" He didn't say another word, but me and the other guys commented how much Neyo sounded like early MJ or Kool and the Gang. Ignorance, plain and simple.

Eb the Celeb said...

Sadly enough... its never going to change... we put ourselves in a box more than any other race could ever fathom

being the person that you are who seems to be more than sure of the person you are, you shouldn't even have let him get to you

DJ Black Adam said...

lololol. Man, I had the same thing happen when I was playing Peter Gabriel...sad.

daddio911 said...

AHHHHHH!!!! For the first time, I feel at home on this site. All of you are so right and I always knew that I wasn't by myself on this issue. I have always believed you should never fit the stereotype and this had led me to always enjoy life. We should always shock people by never giving them the ability to lock us down to their perception of what we should be.

Hawa Bond----Linkin Park Rocks!!!

My brotha Red----I can't believe even the need for paper kept you in check. You have more self control than I give you credit for.

jjbrock said...

Red, great article. I mention on my site how I like country music.
Darius Ruker of Hootie and the Blow fish is doing country music now and I love it. You are right its that box thing.

I like early 70's and 80's pop music but don't care for it beyond that time. I also like contemporary christian music.