Monday, September 22, 2008

"There is nothing more scary than watching ignorance in action" Tommy Smothers

The title of this post was taken from a comment that Tommy Smothers made at this past weekend's Emmy Awards.

I can't think of a truer statement. I thought of this when I heard about a new poll this morning that was taken by a group of college students at one of America's Ivy League Colleges. This poll interviewed 2200 (give or take 1 or 2) White Democrats. One of the questions of this poll was, How much of a factor is race when deciding your vote in this Presidential Election?

40% of those 2200 (give or take 1 or 2)White Democrats said that they could not and will not vote for a Black Man for President of these here "United" States.

Another question that was asked on this poll showed that 25% of those good working class AmeriKKKans said they had negative views about Black people.

Is any of this surprising?

Not to me. I am Black in AmeriKKKa and I have seen the ugly face of racism smiling at me numerous times in the past and the present.

But the question I have to ask, is how accurate is this poll?

I think it is more than 40% and definitely more than 25%.

The reason I feel this way is because it is not politically correct for a person in these here "United" States of America to be honest about how they really feel.

At least not in public.

No one wants to be seen as a "racist".
How many times have you heard, 'Some of my best friends are Black?' Or my favorite 'I have always been friendly to "you" people?'

Especially the "Democratic" party. They are supposed to be the party of "diversity" and "unity".

Another reason I feel this way is because most AmeriKKKans believe what the media tells them.

How often are Blacks displayed negatively in the media?

If you live somewhere where Blacks are really the minority (Like all those states that Hill-Billy won)and all you see on the news are Black Drug dealers, Blacks lead the country in all Aids cases, More Blacks are in prison than college, Black men do not support their children, Black kids do not value education, Blacks are more likely to commit murder than any other race, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and all the other "race baiters", "specials" like CNN's Black in America, what would you think if you were not smart enough to think for yourself?

Most people vote with their feelings instead of voting for what really matters. This includes Blacks and Whites.

That is why I think Obama will lose.

It doesn't matter to those 40% of the 2200 (give or take 1 or 2)or those 25%(give or take 1 or 2) that the current administration has presided over a recession, have damn near burned the Constitution and tried to put it out by pissin on it, gotten us into an illegal war, have neglected the needs of people without health care, have not secured our borders, have seen more American jobs disappear than any other administration in history, have ignored the education needs of our children and have borrowed so much money from foreign nations that my children's great grand children will have to pay it back. I could go on and on.

It does not matter to those people polled that Black "Americans" have supported every single Presidential candidate in this nations history irregardless of the fact they were all White Men.

It does not matter to those people that the "statistics" about "those" people that look like me are not accurate.

It does not matter to those people that the current White man and White woman that are running against that Black man they said they could not vote for, has lied to them, have played on their intelligence and their fears and have offered no real solution to counter what has been going on in this country for the past 8 years.

It does not matter to them. All they see is a Black man that is closer than any other Black man in our history to get a chance to actually sit in the big seat in the big "white" house.

All they see is an "uppity" Nigga that has forgotten his place in our society.

All they see is one of those drug dealers or Dead beat fathers or AIDS carrier and distributor, or felon or even the "big black buck" they have been warning their daughters about.

I have to admit that I am extremely proud of the fact that a Black Man is very close to representing to the world the red hair step child in this country that everyone has but no one wants to acknowledge.

But if that were the only reason I am going to cast my vote for him in November, I would be just as Ignorant as the 40% and the 25% of those 2200 (give or take 1 or 2)people polled.

And contrary to Public opinion I am not an ignorant man.

So to those 2200 people polled and to those that feel just like them, but don't have the balls to admit it, when Mcshame and his almost beauty queen wins in November, all I can say is you get what you pay for. And whatever is the outcome of this election, well, you will get what you deserve. If the country plunges into a depression or if the 2 White people that are running against that "uppity" elitist Nigga, start World War 3, well you bought it so don't complain when it does not fit. It is what you wanted after all. There is no way that that Black Guy you said you could not and will not vote for would have had your interests in mind. After all you didn't have his interests, the country you swear you love so much interests or the people he looks like interests in mind when you voted, now did you?

Ignorance is as Ignorance does.

And White people wonder why people like Josh Howard say they do not believe in this countries National Anthem.

I know why, Do you?


ZACK said...

THIS POST is one of the many reasons why I chose you as my Spotlight Blogger of the Week!

EXCELLENT JOB, Dirty Red! EXCELLENT as usual! I can't add anymore to this.

Kieya said...

I agree with Zack. Great post!

"it is not politically correct for a person in these here "United" States of America to be honest about how they really feel.

At least not in public."

^^so true! no one wants to be looked at as racist. and there are alot more undercovers than those who are blatant with their racism. And I think especially at an ivy league, the percentages have got to be alot higher than that

Dirty Red said...

Zack, Thank's for the love man.
You know I am going to vote for myself at least fifty-leven times right?

Yeah Boo I hear ya. Only in AmeriKKKa, the land of Diversity.

DJ Black Adam said...

Very well said.