Wednesday, September 24, 2008

This pretty much sums up Mcsane and the Almost Beauty Queen

I thought this picture was funny as hell. I jacked it from the Insanity Report.

Anyways that'll do it for this post. I am still trying to get my mind around how Jr. and his flunkies had the nerve to send a 3 page bill to Congress explaining why we (American Taxpayers) need to fork over SEVEN HUNDRED BILLION dollars to bail out companies whose RICH ass RICH CEO'S ran into the dirt.

3 Fucking Pages!!!

Man give me a break!!!

My mortgage paperwork was damn near 40 pages and it was just for a little over 150,000.

And all it takes to ask for SEVEN HUNDRED BILLION is 3 damn pages?

I tell you if the American People give the Rethugs 4 more years to do the same bullshit...

All I can say is Damn..

Lawd help us!!


Don said...

And all it takes to ask for SEVEN HUNDRED BILLION is 3 damn pages?

I tell you if the American People give the Rethugs 4 more years to do the same bullshit...

Let the GOP Party keep playing us weak, it won't be long before the doors are closed and all the locks changed.

Daysha Writes said...

Im with you...I'm sick of the Rethugs!!! I like that poster though it's funny.

truth said...

Funny poster,
If Mcsane wins, I might consider moving to Canada.

Hawa Bond said...

One of my white female coworkers (actually, the woman I must report to) switched from the Democratic ticket to the Repugs after Sarah Palin came aboard. I had mentioned how "mindless" it was for people to cross party lines chasing Palin as an emotional replacement for Hillary because (1) Sarah ain't in the same league as Hillary and (2) McPain is still the top of the ticket.

She was offended, and in damage mode, I said I was only talking about those who didn't give much thought to their changeover. She tried to pretend that moments of deep thought led her to the Repugs, but the only justification I heard was "I really like Sarah and what she's done." She didn't back her intelligent decision with anything related to the issues!

Worse, my coworker went on to say how she's such a conservative... not realizing it still made her look bad because Hillary - her first choice - ain't no conservative.

In other words, one of the choices was mindless (or read: gender-based).

I could go on forever about this damned race. Don't even get me started on the 20 - 30 seconds of footage we were provided as Sarah met with foreign gov't reps for a crash course on foreign policy. Don't want America to see Sarah is clueless????

::sigh:: Ugh.

Hawa, author of
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daddio911 said...

As I told you and know will share with all your readers, you don't have to have a 1000 pages to say it's screwed up and needs to be fixed. Most of the extra crap put in those bills anyway is bs meant to confuse and balloon the measure. For once it is simple and outlines that the money goes to "this" and not to "that". Just as long as the ones who screwed up don't get to profit out of this, I'm happy.

Hawa Bond---Your coworker is no true repub conservative and does not speak for the ones of us who are. A woman voting for Palin because she is a woman is the same as a black man voting for NObama because he is 1/2 black. Stupid!! You should have told her that voting your conscience all the time, never leads you wrong.