Thursday, October 16, 2008

Country is as Country does

I hate anonymous comments. If you have the balls to criticise someone else, have the balls to own up to your statement. Or keep your punk bitch ass off of other people's blogs and start your own.
Then you can be anonymous, alone and hateful all you want.

I just had to get that off my chest.

Wooosa... Wooosa..

I'm back.


Last night in my Advanced writing class, I noticed that I am just as bad as believing stereotypes as the next man.

I actually felt bad once I realized what I was thinking about one of my fellow "brothers".

We had to give presentations about a business proposal that our individual groups had to come up with. Well this dude's little group's presentation was on home security systems.

Before I get into that let me tell yall something.

Everyone that has blessed me by frequenting my little ole blog and giving me the privilege of sharing my views with you, know that I live in Dallas, TX (well a southern suburb of Dallas,TX.)

But I am not from here. I am from the East Coast. My family is all up and down the East Coast, from North Carolina to Maryland,(the DC area) across to Philly and 2 hours further North to Brooklyn.

Anyways.. I have that East coast accent. At least I get told that everyday. When I open my mouth you can tell I ain't from here. I don't try to sound different, I just do.

Well.. Back to my man in class....

This guy is straight up from Texas. He talked like he had a mouth full of mud. Slow and realllly back-woods. Country as hell. He talked just like he was straight from the cotton fields of 1860. He was very knowledgeable on the subject of his presentation,but I found myself thinking why did they have this country-ass bumpkin talk? Who would give this guy a chance if this was a real business proposal?
I found myself not listening to what he was saying, but how he was saying it.

Why do Southern people sound so dumb and uneducated when they talk? They sound lazy to me. They sound so slow. (This includes my White Brothers as well as my Black Kin folk.)

I know this is wrong. I know that the South has some of the best schools in the the nation. I know that my people here are not dumb, uneducated or lazy. I know my people here are far from slow. This is a misconception that I think everyone has about the South. These people here will f%^ck you up quick if you get out of pocket.

But I could not stop thinking this about ole boy. I am not trying to put myself out there like just because I from the North-east side of thangs that I am better. Lawd knows I am not. But the way he talked just irritated the hell out of me.

I felt so bad about thinking this about dude.

I still feel bad about thinking like that. He is a real cool cat. I just don't think his group should have chosen him to be the speaker for their presentation.

I know I'm wrong.

So let the hating begin.

But if there are any anonymous comments.... I swear before my Lord and Savior..

Wooosa... Wooosa


Hawa Bond said...

Dirty Red: Sometimes I have to check myself as a member of the allegedly lowest form on the food chain (Black and female). Seriously, whenever I find myself sinking into believing a stereotype, I remind myself about how others measure me before I even open my mouth. To some, I'm just some throwaway since I'm a female with brown skin.

I remind myself of how often stereotypes run through my mind, and somewhere in that conversation with myself, I find forgiveness for others who measured me wrong before reaching for a ruler.

Do I let stereotypes direct the way I treat others? No. Am I disappointed when I still find evidence of a stereotype dancing around in my head? H*ll yes.

You can't help what you think. You can only help what you do. Remind yourself of that day in class the next time you come across a racist who finds you equally "annoying." It works great for the soul - and it keeps you from snapping necks and catching charges. LOL

As always, thanks for your open and honest commentary.

= = = = = =
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David Sullivan said...

I have the same problem. Living in Massachusetts I have an issue with southern accents, for a different reason, but my ignorance is just as misplaced. I equate thick southern accents with intolerance of all kinds which in turn is stupidity/lack of critical thinking. I mostly hold this view about my white brothers, for good reason, they are full of hate and intolerance and never look introspectively at things, but do things because "thats the way things are" instead of "thats the way things should be". I know I'm wrong and I try not to think everyone I meet when I visit my mother in law in MS is a cross burning, liberal hating, god fearing , hypocritical, unthinking bigot...but its tough when many of those with a drawl perpetuate the stereotype when they let their true views known when they think they are speaking to someone of a like mindset (cause I have short hair, am white etc..). Occasionally I am set straight, but more times than not my ears don't deceive.

The difference between me and them is I know that I'm wrong. Identifying the problem is the first step...

jjbrock said...

Red! I am down home country and straight from the red clay hills of Alabama. A mouth full of mud now that is funny.

ZACK said...

You should feel bad! In fact, I should join you.

I am guilty of judging the way others speak (from time to time)- forgetting that my voice is equally annoying to outsiders.

I think you shouldn't judge people if they are at least trying to do right. That's just me. But please don't go off on me like I do with my own blog visitors.

I just wouldn't think so low of the guy, as you do. He's probably a MUCH BETTER person than those mofos who DO speak the way that you prefer.

remorji said...

What's up Fam!

I assume I can call you Family, since you, and I want to thank you in advance, put a link to my blog. That I truly do appreciate. Right after this comment you will be exalted on high with the greatest gift I can give to a fellow blogger; you will be put on my blog roll. I don't know how you came about my blog but I'm glad you did. Hey, I almost forgot, I've relocated to the Dallas area. Holla at me over at the plantation. I'll be on the big porch.

StillaPanther2 said...

Brother Blackman...those feelings you have are natural. Living in America there is a pecking order and when it comes to the Brothers, we are bottom shelf. I kown we want to say we as a nation has gone beyond that...keep dreaming. If Brother Obama was not bi-racial and had the education of the majority he would not be running at this moment. With that Brothers cultural speech.. he is also thought of as uneducated. By the way, I am not telling you something that you dont know.. Would you feel better if you develope a close brotherly friendship with the Brother and pretty soon his speech will melt into the "good feelings" part of your brain. It obvious you reconize your short-coming on this one. I can relate because sometimes I think that I have to be a super-star at work because I went to a HBCU and a Brother that went to UNC-CH thought UNCC was low shelf. What has been a blessing for me was the ARMY..and the war (VietNam) where I didn't care how you looked, talked and etc. I know you spoke succinct about identity so my blog site is Still A Black Panther. I get blasted for still harboring some pay-back due. That too causes others to judge me and others. So you are in the right direction by what you said/doing.

truth said...

Great post,
At least you acknowledge the biases that run through your mind and admit that there wrong. Many people find ways to justify their feelings, no matter how ignorant they may be.

Ryan West said...

Being a white, privileged, north-easterner...I identify. What? Lol...Seriously...even I cringe when I hear that southern drawl that smacks of intolerance and bigotry...and you know makes me JUST AS BAD AS THEM. When I pre-judge someone for having an accent, I know that I'm stereotyping. I know I'm not perfect..and many, many are just like me. We know better, and should be reminded of our tendency toward bigotry if not for the betterment of our great nation, then for the betterment of our souls. White folks need to see and hear people like you. It's awfully hard to be racist and sexist in the face of hard truths like you've shared here. Thanks for your honesty and for keeping the discussion civil, elevated, enlightened and relavent.