Thursday, October 23, 2008

Diary of an "unreal" American


According to the the Almost Beauty Queen and her pimp Mcsane, People that live in urban areas are not real Americans.

People that live in Urban areas do not have the same love for this great country of ours than the good working class people of say, Western Pistolvania.

Those people in Rural Virginia are the real patriots here in America.

Those people in Rural Ohio are the only ones that bleed red, white and blue.

The only people that are real americans are the ones named Billy Bob, Joe the Plumber, Tommy Sixpack or Suzy Homemaker. The ones of us with names like Jaheem, Tyrone, Lacreatia or Chardonnay or not "real Americans".

Never mind the fact that according to the constitution of the WHOLE United States, not the Constitution of Western Pistovania, or Rural Virginia or Rural Ohio, says that all it takes is to be born here.

It makes me think that Mcsane and his bitch (yeah I said it) and all the other people on his side of the fence named Joe the Plumber, are implying that the only people that can really call themselves "REAL" Americans are born White.

I could be wrong about that, but I don't think so.

Mcsane said at a rally the other day in Western Pistovania, (which if you know anything about Western Pistovania, it is straight lily white, redneck, KKK, Nigga don't get caught here after sundown country), That in his opinion they are the epitome of what America is. They are the example that the rest us that were born here should strive to be like. He said this after the Senator from that same state said that the people that live there are the most racist and intolerant of other cultures in the entire state.

That senior Senator said this about his own state.

But according to Mcsane, this is the "real" America?

The part of America where people wear t-shirts, that say "Nigga Please. It is called the 'White' house?"

The part of America where people say things like, 'if Obama is elected he will give special privileges to the negras'?

The part of America where people say things like, 'Obama & his wife, I'm concerned that they could be anti white?'

This is the "real" America?

So does this make me and my ancestors foreigners?

To tell the truth about it, I would rather be a foreigner. I cannot and will not support and acknowledge the "real" America if the "real" America does not support and acknowledge me.


DJ Black Adam said...

Man, I had to re-post this on my blog, this was wise, on point and timely, I link it.

Hawa Bond said...

Nuff said, and said right. I find that Blacks are more patriotic than Whites. Why? It's easy to be loyal to a country where you control the power structure and oppress others as non-humans. How about staying in a country where you get crapped on all the time? Now that's patriotic.

Hawa, author of
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Dirty Red said...

Yo DJ (I have always wanted to say that.)

Thanks for the love man. I appreciate it.


I think that YOU said it right. How patriotic is it to fight for a country that you could not drink the same water as the people you were fighting for?

ZACK said...

Great Post!

I think her perception of the truth is relative. She talks of what is real to her because what she's been exposed to. Maybe if she spent time around "real" inner-city people, she'd rethink her views on "reality".

freemanpress said...

We never have been real Americans and probably never will. You have beauty contests, news anchors, politicians, and business owners that are depicted on commercials and no one like us is ever shown. I think two generations ago our kin were patriotic now this generation have woke up to the truth!

Anonymous said...

After Obama wins and is crowned premier and subjugator in chief, do white people get to finally be honest with black people about the need for success and failure to be based on merit? I mean, the black man has won the grand prize, even before the woman, the asian, the jew, the muslim, and many others. Clearly the 'playing field' has been made level if not tilted in favor of the black. Can we look forward to this as a signal of the end of codified skin pigment preferences OR should we assume the worst? A black dominated government which doubles down on special privileges, quotas, jiggets vouchers and other redistributive handouts? Reparations from residents who may not have even had relatives in the USA during slavery? Does President Obama mean we finally get to address each other with facts and honesty? Or does it mean an expansion of social 'justice,' at the expense of the wage earner and the non-dark skinned, to the umpteenth possible degree?

Miss Toya said...

You summed up my comment in the last 2 sentences!!! Real talk!

ZACK said...

I bet you Uncle Sam don't discriminate when it comes time to take taxes! LOL! That's what pisses me off most about this whole American/Un-American non sense.

If blacks are 3/5th of a person, then shouldn't we get a 40% refund on our taxes? Real talk! C'mon now! I'm American when it comes time for Army recruitment, paying taxes, or when it's time to pay a bill.

But if I want to be President, all of a sudden I'm anything but qualified to be an American.


Anonymous said...


This is Othello man. Your blog is freakin hilarious!!!!! And of course your incite is spot on

brightstarr said...

LOL @ Chardonnay! But this amazes me that not more people are offending by their comments. After those same people made a special effort to make it to NYC for publicity votes on the anniversary of 9/11 - come on now.