Monday, October 20, 2008

Out with the old.... In with the new.

While I was blog surfing this weekend, I came across a post on one of my favorite sites, POLITOPICS. The author of the post, Mrs. Angela Winters, pretty much said everything I am going to say, but I am still going to add my two cents to her good observation.

Jesse Jackson cannot keep his nose out of Obama's business. I just don't understand it. He has no authority to speak for the Obama campaign, he even said that he is not a confidant or advisor to Obama. He is only a "supporter". So my question is this,
Who the hell does he think he is to fix his mouth to say anything about what the Obama administration will do when it comes to foreign policy? Why is he making comments on how the Obama administration will handle this country's position with Israel?


This is the same man who a couple of months ago said he wanted to cut off the O-NESS'S royal family jewels.

The same "leader" that called Big O out his name by calling him a Nigga, which was caught by Fox News of all places.

The same man who had a mock "funeral" for the very same word after he gave a speech on how derogatory the word is.

So after all this, and after he admitted that he is only a "supporter" of his O-ness, what gave him the right to say anything about something that he admitted he has no knowledge of?


How do you think Fox Noise, Rush Limpdick and all the other "country first" assholes are going to spin this?

If the polls are correct, and everyone that says they will vote for Big O actually does when the curtains are closed, then the only thing that will stop him will be getting caught with a live boy or a dead girl in his bedroom.
But still the nerve of this dude.

Is Jesse Jackson still relevant?

He had his run. It did not work out for him. White Folks despise him. The same white folks that Big O is going to need to go against the grain of America and put a Black man in the White house. Because Stevie Wonder can see that Obama will not and cannot win without White Support.

He does not need any distractions.

Jesse Jackson is a distraction.

He is a reminder to most White Americans of their ancestors hateful history towards Black Americans, and White People, just like everybody else, do not like to be reminded of bad past experiences.

Especially experiences they want to forget.

It is just like your spouse bringing something up that you did months ago to hurt them at every chance they get.

Something that you thought was dead and gone.

That is Jesse Jackson.

The scornful and hurt spouse.

Or in his case, the EX SPOUSE


ZACK said...

Jesse Jackson isn't even on my radar. Remember, he's a fellow Chicagoan. He's trying to keep his 15 minutes of fame going for another hour.

I agree with you on everything except the live boy/dead girl comparison. I hope that only a live (adult) FEMALE is involved in any alleged wrongdoing. LOL!

DJ Black Adam said...

Jesse is a joke, but is the subject really dead and gone? You got white folks in Ohio talking about: "If Obama wins, theBlacks will take over"!....

Anonymous said...

Man please!

jesse jackson aint nothing but a fake and he needs to go sit his big bubble eyes down somewhere and learn a thing or two from Obama.

Ya hurd!