Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Welcome to the Island of Red

Sometimes I think I might be a little too damn smart for my own good.

I have the ability to see through BullShit.

I have the ability to know when a person is full of shit, and when a person is being real.

Usually God keeps the Bull shit ass people away from me.


But occasionally one happens to slip through.


I start this post off like this to make a point. Most Americans don't have my special ability. I should be on that show Hero's. Or maybe I am a mutant. Who knows?



BullShit. My special sensors go off like crazy when ever I hear this 200 year old man talk. How can anyone not be able to see through this man's shit? How can you call yourself a "Maverick" when you have aligned yourself with the worst President in our Nations History? How can you say that you will put a stop to lobbyist control over Washington, when most of the people that are running your cam pain is(are)lobbyists?
How can you call yourself a man of the people when you don't know how many houses you own? Why did you suspend your campaign to go back to Washington to "help" your colleagues with the cough(bullshit) bail-out plan, only to get there and not say or do anything of substance? And then you are supposed to be the leader and all, but they still said f-you and the bill failed? To me and my special ability this man is just like Kryptonite. I just can't stand him. Hearing him just makes me feel weak. Sometimes I have to pray just to make sure his bullshit did not effect me in any way.

The Almost Beauty Queen...

Bullshit. Listening to this woman is just like being tortured. I mean the kind of torture where someone dips your jibby in honey and ties you butt booty naked ass naked from a tree in a field full of fire ants. If you have been paying attention the last couple of weeks, then you know what I am talking about.


Bullshit. Both parties treat us like we are 3 year old children. Neither side will answer a question directly. Both sides are responsible for this mess our country is in, yet both parties are pointing fingers to each other. Accountability is something that is not a part of either party.

People that constantly make excuses on why their particular party is always right.

Bullshit. I do not understand for the life of me how any man or woman can blindly follow one point of view. I believe God gave us a brain. A brain to think, to analyze, to decide, and to question. Then we should use our brain to decide what is best for us. We should not use our brain to listen to what someone else says is good for us.

Yes Folks, I think that if more people had my special ability the world be a much better place.

Sometimes it feels like I am on an island all by myself.


Don said...

Great post. I was nodding in agreement the entire read. A big Obama supporter, but even I notice the bull ish when he really doesn't answer direct questions. I think he wants to, really wants to answer it, but knows that it will hurt the feelings of American people.

McCain, oh, he just doesn't give a ish. What in the world made him select Palin?

Freeman Press said...

You aren't the only one who sees that most are not looking analytically at Obama. The force is with you and I hope you use it for good.

RiPPa said...

You got me when you said you should be on the show "Hero's".

Now that was aome funny shit right there. Man, people don't wanna hear the truth because its too hard to deal with.

Its alot easier for bullshit to reign supreme. Poeple feel comfort in being fed bullshit, because it gives them warm fuzzy feelings.

David Sullivan said...

Bro, you are just on an island because of the divide and conquor policies of the past 8 years. Get off your fricken' island and join the rest of the like minded people out here that are the majority in this nation.

The emperor has no clothes, I repeat, the emperor has no clothes!!!

ZACK said...

You're not alone. I'M ALONE with all those dickhead comment contributors on my blog. (No, it's not you or Dwane T, freemanpress or Folk. So by process of elimination, you should figure out whom I refer to)

John Donne said that "No man is an island, entire of itself". But John Donne lived back in the 1700s or 1800s. Enjoy yourself on that island. Let me head towards mine.

Folk said...

LOL! this ish is funny!

brran1 said...

What up Dirty Red?

You can tell McCain is on BS. No man that isn't lying will blink that damn much during a debate. If that doesn't set off someone's BS meter, then idk what will.

Don't even get me started on ol girl...

brightstarr said...

DAMN! You were a little fed up, huh? I'm with you though - this shit makes me want to SCREAM! Oh how I've missed reading your blog, lol. Love it. (formerly reflection eternal)

Hawa Bond said...

The massive failure of the McCain/Palin strategy of mudslinging and dirty tactics speaks to how many other Americans are stranded on that island with you.

I was just telling a friend today that McCain picked the wrong time to employ such tactics (like those successfully used against him in a past primary).

The push-polling and character attacks don't resonate with the average voter facing foreclosure on a home, dealing with salaries that don't keep pace with rising costs, or those of us mad as hell about the corporate bailouts that won't change a thing for us (but will benefit the million-dollar salaries of corrupt bank executives).

McCain is the wrong man who ran the wrong campaign during the wrong d*mn recession.

= = = = = =
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Dirty Red said...

What Politrickster ever answers questions? I wish they were more real with the people they are depending to hire them. I wish I could get a job where I could run and dodge around questions I might get asked about my background.

Thanks man. I damn could use the force every month when Johnny Bill comes knocking.

Don't tell me you don't watch Heros man. Damn good show. Yep the truth hurts man.

Yep, the Emperor is Butt Booty Nekid ass Nekid!!!

Zack, We have had this convo earlier. You are all right man. With your writing skills, F$ck what others say. Keep doing you.

Where have you been man?
Yep. my meter has been blowing up since this shit started.

How can anyone paying attention not be mad? But I am good.
Woosa.... Woosa. I had to bring it down a litte.


I have not been ignoring your nomination. Thank's Boo. Between work and school I barely have enoungh time to eat.

Hawa Bond said...

No problem, Dirty Red. I've been through seasons of scheduling my dang bathroom visits... and I was so busy that I had a few near misses! LOL

I wish you the best in school, and continued employment during these tough economic times. I like to see a brotha holding it down. :-)

= = = = = =
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brran1 said...

Man, I've been concentrating on school. Haven't done too much blogging/commenting since classes started back in August. I still come through and read from time to time though.