Friday, October 3, 2008

Who the hell Is Joe Sixpack? Do you Know him?


I watched the debate last night and I have to give it to the Almost Beauty Queen. she did not F%^k up.

Too Bad.

Hammering Joe did a damn good job. He did not elaborate on how dumb his opponent was (which I would have done). He stayed on the message that His O-ness has been on from the jump. He was not condescending, he was respectful and he knew his bizzyness.

His opponent on the other hand....

Not an original thought.
You can tell that the "debate camp" worked, because she is a damn good memorizer. She hit on all the Rethug talking points. The only question that she answered was if she supported Gay marriage. Other than that she did not stray off her well beaten path once.

She did come off as down to earth and neighborly, which I guess was the whole point. She came off as someone that "Joe Sixpack" could go hunting with.

Just for my own information.. Who the hell is Joe Sixpack? Is this another code for White People?

But is this enough to be able to sit in the seat next to the big seat in the big white house?
Is this all the American People want is someone they can go hunting with?
Someone they can go get drunk and wild with?
Is this what our country has come to?
What happened to being knowledgeable of the world?
What happened to being educated?
Where are our standards?
Why do we advocate education and accountability to our children all day every day, just to go back on all that to vote for somebody that we feel comfortable getting drunk with?


I got a couple of Partners that I go to the club with, drink with, shoot pool with, you know doing "Joe Six Pack" type shit. But I would not want these cats in charge of mowing my lawn let alone in charge of running my country.

Me personally I do not want someone that is supposed to be representing me and my views to the rest of the 'educated world' to be "cool".
Or "Folksy".
Or a C Student.

I want them educated. I want them to be able to talk to other educated heads of state without sounding like a stupid Hic. I want them to be able to negotiate with other countries on my behalf without having to have cue cards or an entourage of smarter people around them.

In other words I want them to be the smartest person in the room.

We have had the "cool" guy for the past 7 plus years, and look where we are...

Are the "Joe Sixpacks" in the good ole U S of A really that damn naive?

Lawd knows I hope not.


ZACK said...

LMAO!!! Joe Six-Pack IS a code word for a white guy- a rather athletic white guy at that. And I don't think Todd has a six-pack, so I didn't know who she was talking about.

I love your writing style!

DJ Black Adam said...

"Just for my own information.. Who the hell is Joe Sixpack? Is this another code for White People?"

lolololololololololololololololo! I gotta link this Red...

Jazzylady said...

rednecks, lol!

sally said...

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daddio911 said...

WHAT!!!! "Joe Six Pack" is code for the average guy who works hard for his living and his family's living and drinks a beer at the end of the day or while watching the ballgame. The six pack reference is to the number of beers that customarily come in a......let's see.....SIX PACK!!! It's not a white thing or a black thing, it's a guy thing. I hate going to clubs and a lot of people give me a hard time because of it. I like sitting on my porch talking to my buds with a cold beer in my hand. I don't need to spend $4 for a single bottle of beer in a loud ass club with a bunch of people invading my personal space. I'm Joe six pack and I ain't white......I do have washboard abs tho.

Laura said...

Good for you daddio911, I'm happy you relate yourself to Joe Six Pack, but at the end of the day every hard working man isn't a Joe six pack and every woman with kids isn't a soccer mom.
Quite frankly that folksy crap is cute to some, but as the potential VP of our country it just makes her look dizzy and dingy.