Sunday, November 30, 2008

It Ain't my Fault

There is something that pisses me off something fierce.

It is people that do not own up to their mistakes. It is people that constantly make excuses for their own bad decisions.

Someone else is always to blame for their fuck-ups.

In my opinion being addicted to crack, heroin, meth, pain killers, porn, chocolate, fat women or whatever a person finds themselves addicted to is not a disease.

It is a choice.

People choose to get high.

People choose to eat until they have to have our brave firefighters use a forklift to get their 900 pound asses out of their house.

All of this is a choice. A bad choice, but a choice none the less.

So why are scientists, government paid scientists, (i.e. tax payers are paying for their research)wasting our money to conduct studies that try to prove that getting high and letting your weight balloon to crazy proportions is a disease?

I understand that depression will drive a person to do certain things that they would not normally do. But it is still a choice to put a needle in your arm, or a glass pipe to your lips.

I have been around crack dealers and crack heads. I have seen what people will do to get their fix. It is no disease. It is a weakness. It takes a very weak person to choose to die slow instead of just ending their pain quick.

A person would have to be from Pluto to not know what drugs, to much food, or unprotected sex will do to you.

So the bottom line is this...

In this society there is no repercussions for your actions.

A person can do whatever the hell they choose to do with no consequences.

All they have to do is say, is 'It is not my fault that I just stole from my mother and disowned my family, my wife and kids to get money for crack. I have a disease, so why worry about it.'

Addiction is not a disease.

A person had to make the decision to start doing whatever it is they are addicted to.

They had to make a choice.

No one is born high, fat or with a pair of dice or a racing form in their hands.

So in my opinion, and this is only my opinion, If a person chooses to start life threatening behavior, then he/she is a threat to society as a whole and should be dealt with like a threat.

I have no remorse for crack heads or anyone else that uses their choice to get addicted to whatever they choose to get addicted to as an excuse to keep doing whatever it is they are doing.

In my opinion Fuck em.


ZACK said...

Somebody needs to go to church today! Have you ever heard of the phrase: "If It Had Not Been For The Lord On My Side.."?

I completely understand where you're coming from but you sound really judgmental in this post. I think that we can never really judge an addict until we look at our own addictions. And trust me, everybody's got something to grips them (even if it's blogging) :)

Your views sound like they belong to someone who has never known any addicts, or is in denial. I would suggest (in a respectful way) is that you talk to those who have overcome addictions and see things from their perspective. Then, maybe you wouldn't be as judgmental or mean-spirited towards them.

Just a thought.

Simply Sweet said...

I agree that addiction is a choice. It was an initial choice to illegal substances or eat until you burst. But it is also another choice to to but an end to substance abuse or to put the fork down.

However, I also believe that some people can become blinded by there addictions and need the intervention of others to help them see the light. I believe it is also partially our duty to help our love ones over come addiction. Like Zack stated, we can not truly judge unless we are in there shoes.

Dirty Red said...

Yep Zack this little subject is very personal for me. Someone very close to me is addicted to crack and is using his addiction to not handle up on his responsibilities.
He has hurt the only people that has ever had his raggedy-ass back, and he has used our love for an excuse to continue to do so. I have lost every ounce of respect for this dude, because he is too damn old to be acting the way he has been acting. I hear ya man, I really do, but this shit here will not be forgotten easily. And it damn sure will not be forgiven easily. But please continue your support man, and if you feel I need a cyber slap to get back into the right mind state, then I would be upset if you held back. Remember my last post about how honest you are?

ZACK said...

Naw, I understand EXACTLY where you are coming from. I have a relative (just like we all do) who went through an addiction to crack.

Your frustration is so natural. But I guess you just have to pray for them and help them as much as possible.

My apologies for assuming. said...

Hey there Red,

There is a lot of research about addiction ...and there is a lot of research that reveals that there ARE some people who are pre-disposed to substance abuse.

It's NOT fair for an adult who has inherited that to be judged for succumbing to addiction.

I don't think ANYONE decides "I'd like to be addicted!!"

Many people take ONE sample of a drug and become raging addicts.

If they had KNOWN that they would be raging addicts with just ONE shot of that, would they have? No.
No one would.

What if someone slipped YOUR OWN daughter a drug in a drink and she became a raging addict?

OR what if she was sampling a drug due to peer pressure and became a raging addict?

What should we do with the addicts in society... put them all in prison and allow them to die?

Anonymous said...

LMAO at addiction to Fat Women! I just don't run in the circles with the cats who are addicted to Lots of Loving. Hey Red all I can say is hell is here on earth and all these drugs give you a glimpse. I have no love for them too as I think once you turn 25 you are on your own. It's always been survival of the fittest and some people aren't fit to survive.

David Sullivan said...

If someone isn't equipped to handle their compusions in a healthy way then you get the negative fall out.

Addictions are only a problem when they get out of control and when that happens there is no one except the addicted that can do anything about it.

and Freeman, I currently have my Fat Women thing under control, but when its not you'll hear about a 8.0 in Western Mass.

Hawa Bond said...

I believe in the theory of "choice to," and I have little sympathy for consenting adults who make the initial decision to try addictive substances. That is a blatant choice to roll the dice.

But once a person's mind and body are firmly in the trap of any addiction, I believe help is in order. In fact, I apply this to any poor decision that results in a downward spiral.

A woman who has a baby out of wedlock may need the help of welfare for a time. A person who jumps into a dangerous lake may require rescue. And a person who falls into a crack addiction needs help to get out. These all represent bad initial decisions that require love, patience, and some form of real help to escape.

This only applies to the ones who actually want the help. The others are free to keep it moving...

Hawa, author of
Fackin Truth Blog (Personal Blog)
Cleanse Master Remix (Health Blog)

RiPPa said...

Using drugs is a choice, yes. But the physiological effects or addiction in itself is a disease.

You see thats the problem. People forget that the mind/brain, just like any other physical organ can get damaged or unhealthy. And it is a proven fact that drug use creates chemical imbalances in the brain which through treatment is often corrected.

Nobody just wakes up one day and says they wanna become a crackhead. Yes they make a choice to try the drug, and then science takes over my man. This is why its said that once an addict, always an addict. and this is because the window of addiction has already been opened and not because of choice either.

But keeping it real, I understand your frustration if you're dealing with an addict on a personal level. Trust me, its not something that a non-addict can truly understand themselves. Its like bustin a nut and having to go back and get that shit everytime. Science has proven that bustin a nut produces chemical reactions in the brain thats pleasing. Well, its the same thing with drugs fam.

StillaPanther2 said...

Brother Blackman.. if you feel sooo strong about your beliefs; it will be easy to write about them after one month of you using said items. Heroin/crack. Let me know how easy the choices you have after the month is over. Please don.t hide behind the legality of the use, NOT UNLESS you have never used weed or underage drinking. The best experiments are first- hand experiance. 58 year old, many years of using daily heroin, started use as 18 year old combat medic in Vietnam. Let me know if you accept the challenge or pass on it as something you think, but don't know. I, too, feel your pain and probally anger if you are in the sphere of a user. I quess alcoholics can also be placed in your "only doing it because 'they want to' "". Forgive me for this challenge...I would not want anybody to wake up in the morning knowing they got to "go get it" to feel normal. Heroin 25+, methadone 5+, buprenorphine 2+ (years). If it was not for heroin..I mentlly could not have returned from the year of constant death and bodily destruction of the war. 6+ clean Continue to work in medical field as peer counseling at VA. Getting ready for the next wave of compromised addicts. Like what Zach said.

Kim said...

Wow you are a meanie. People self medicate because they are in great emotional pain. Although the action of a drug addict may anger you. I bet that anger doesn't even compare to the pain an addict must have within themselves that has manifested itself as drug abuse.

How do you feel about sex addicts?

Dirty Red said...

To everone that left a comment here. I hear all of you. This post was motivated by something that is going on in my personal life. I am using this format to vent. However it is what it is. I still feel like it is a choice to try something that you know if you continue to do it will get you addicted. To me that is just plain weak. To put your family and loved ones in the back seat just because you are not strong enoungh to deal with whatever life throws at you is weak. I know that most of the people that left a comment here will not agree with me, but that's the beauty of being an American. You don't have to agree with me. I appreciate all your views. Keep em coming. But this is MY opinion on the subject of addictions. I think it is a sign of weakness. Nothing should get in the way of a man and his family. NOTHING. If a man lets ANYTHING get in the way of him providing for and protecting his loved ones and his family, to me that is weak.
Just plain weak.
But like I said this is MY opinion.

Mista Jaycee said...

Really, science has alreay proven predispositon to addiction in people, the substance doesn't matter so much as how it re-acts to a person's chemical and mental makeup! Sure they choose to try that substance maybe but not to become addicted and for the record everyone who tries a substance does not become an addict.

Don't lose your compassion and if you don't have any then please get some and hurry!
Your bud

Shanita Waters said...

Hello... this is my first time here. I found your blog through Zack's and have been reading through it and I must say that I found it very interesting. I'll be back again soon.