Thursday, November 20, 2008

Our Father who is in Heaven....

I consider myself a God Fearing man.

I believe in Jesus. I believe he is the son of my God. I pray through him to my God every day I wake up. I pray for my family, my continued health, the health of my loved ones. I pray for his will to be done. I pray for HIS kingdom to be established.

That is why I did not pray for his O-ness to be elected President.

I felt it would be wrong to pray for a man made "kingdom" to be established. I have no trust in man, so why would I offer my prayers to see a man become "king"?

I told a cat this at work and he said I was wrong. He said I should have prayed that this man became president because of all the hell our people have gone through.

What the hot ass hell does that have to do with who becomes president?

I did not say that I did not pray for Big O's overall welfare, because with the threats that he is getting on a daily basis,he is going to need all the prayers he can get.

But I feel praying for the up keep of any man made institution is wrong.

I don't know if I am a Christian or not, since I have never been officially baptised into any man's church.

Besides, with the mistakes I have made, and what I know I am capable of doing now, I feel I am not too "Christ-like".

But I do know who God is and I know what he has done and will do for me.

To me praying for Obama to become President is like praying for the Cowboys to beat the Deadskins.

Or praying that my lottery numbers hit.

It just don't seem right to me.

So did any of yall pray that Obama would win?


ZACK said...

I prayed more for God's will to be done, whoever was the victor.

Fortunately, it was the brotha and not the "otha". :)

I'm with you on this man. I'm happy for him but more concerned about who is gonna help black folks. We need serious help. And while Holder will make a great Atty Gen., I'm not so sure that Obama's other picks are gonna be good for the country in the long run.

But hell, it's his cabinet and I'm just a squirrel on a tree miles from where he lives. What the F do I know? said...

Hey there!

You said:
I don't know if I am a Christian or not, since I have never been officially baptised into any man's church.

I am not sure if you were just kidding when you wrote that statement but water baptism is an outward sign of repentance and is not evidence of salvation.

Being a member of a church and being in relationship with Jesus Christ are not the same thing at all.

Revvy Rev will be a good person for you to dialogue with on spiritual matters if you are interested.

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

jjbrock said...

Red, "I believe in Jesus" that statement alone has seal your salvation until the day Christ return.

I did not pray for Obama to win my prayer were similar to Zack's that God will be done. Just like God gave the people of Israel a king so he gave America the man that they so desired.

DJ Black Adam said...

You are a true Christian Red, church or lack off has nothing to do with it. All you have to do is repent and demonstrate Jesus in your LIFE.

You prayed for O's health and well being, that is well. You are correct, as believers in God in Christ Jesus, we are to pray for God's kingdom to come and His will to be done. Barack is just a part of the world systems, hopefully he will do some good.

Dirty Red said...

I agree. The Black community does need help, but it will not come at the hands of a politician.(news flash Obamaholics, Obama is a Chicago Politician) All the help we need is already in our communities..US!

Thanks for the comment. I was not Kidding when I said that. I went to church yesterday, and the preacher told the congregation that if we were not saved if we were not i.e. a member of a church or baptized. And I am neither. So am I saved?

JJ and Dj,
Thanks again for the continued support. I really appreciate your thoughts.

David Sullivan said...

We are always on the same page!!! Either you are the black Sully or I'm the white Dirty Red.