Sunday, December 28, 2008

Another example of the JUST-US system

This is some straight bullshit.

I was over at my man's Rippa's site and there is a petition going that I think everybody that demands equal justice for every American needs to sign.

This is the type of shit that makes me want to go back to my 'trying to be a gangsta' days.

There is no excuse for this type of behavior.


Some people seem to forget that we ( American Black People) are humans too.

We bleed, cry, laugh and love just like the rest of the people that we share this planet with.

Most of the problems that we (American Black People)are faced with in this "great" country of ours are problems of our own making.

We have access to education, but some of us choose to remain ignorant.
Some of us refuse to accept the responsibility of raising our children, which in turn forces our children to raise themselves.
Some of us live dangerous lives,(i.e having unprotected sex), which in turn effects the only people that are trying to hold this thing of ours together, (Black Women).
Some of us refuse to accept the responsibility that comes with being men, which forces the only people that are trying to hold this thing of ours together (Black Women)into positions that God did not make them for.
Some of us refuse to work for what we want, so some of us resort to the fast way, street life, which in turn fills up our nations prisons, which is glorified by ignorant-ass rappers, who are glorified by ignorant-ass youngins, Thus completing the cycle of ignorance.
So see, 75% of all of our problems are problems of our own making.

But the remaining 25% is shit that we do not have any control over.

Shit like the story Rippa blogged about.

Why are the people in this story not being featured on all the news outlets in the country? Nothing about any of this is right. Innocent people were wounded and killed by a bunch of rednecks, and all the media had the nerve to talk about during Katrina were looters?

Give me a fucking break.

Like I pointed out, most of the problems in our communities can be fixed.

By us.

But this shit here cannot be fixed by us.

It can only be fixed by people that care about this country and all that it is supposed to stand for.

So I am asking all the readers of my blog to sign the petition so those Rednecks down in New Orleans can be brought to justice.

A lot of people either read blogs or have their own, so if we can come together for this, maybe, just maybe this miscarriage of justice can be dealt with and corrected.


Anonymous said...

I'll check it out

RiPPa said...

Thanks for sharing this bruh. We as a people have work to do thats for damn sure. But while we have our own unresolved issues, we must never forget to keep up the fight against White supremacy.