Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry New Year

Today is Christmas.

Jesus' Birthday.


I am not a religious person. I believe in God and his son Jesus, but I just do not trust religion. Who can really say what religion is the right one? There are so many relegions out there, which one can really say they are the one true way to get to God?

I believe in heaven but I have doubts about Hell. I believe that we are living in Hell right now. I do not see anything that is worse than where we are. All the pain, hatred, despair, immorality and all the depraved conditions that we as humans have become so desensitized to, as if it is the norm, cannot be the way it was meant to be.

What can be worse that turning on the news and seeing a report on how a little kid was murdered by his own mother? What can be worse that looking at CNN and learning about the problems in Africa?

Besides, if you read the Bible, it says that Satan was banished to the Earth to rule it for a short time, not that he was banished to some furnace beneath the Earth. He was given the whole Earth, not whatever it is under the Earth. Satan and his goons are walking among us. They are eating with us, sleeping with us, laughing with us and maybe even crying with us.

I think everything we have been taught is a lie. Especially the story about Jesus' birth.
No where in the bible does it mention the exact date of Jesus' birth.

And if you do your research about where Jesus was born (Bethlehem), you will find out that their seasons are pretty much the same as our seasons. Meaning that if it is cold here in December, then it is cold there in December. Meaning that there is no way that any Shepard would be out in the fields at night, in cold ass December, grazing sheep. The sheep would have been in a pen and the Shepard would have been curled up next to a fire.

I also believe that Jesus said it does not matter about his birth, his death is what is significant. His death is what freed us from our sins, not his birth.

And if you do your research, you will find that Christmas was not intended to be a celebration of Jesus birth, it was started as a celebration of different Sun Gods.

So I do not get into the whole Christmas thing.

I believe it started out as a Pagan holiday that has nothing to do with my God or the son of my God.

I also do not like how for one day out of the year everyone is supposed to be so festive and full of good cheer. If you are an asshole, then be who you are all year. If you want to be helpful to your fellow man, then be helpful the whole year.

I am pretty sure that the homeless man that you see everyday going to work really appreciates the free Christmas dinner that you serve him every year to show how much you "care", but don't you think he will be hungry and cold tomorrow? (The day after Jesus' B-day).

And another point I would like to make is that in all my 30 some odd years, I have never seen a Fat white man slide down any chimneys in my hood delivering anything to any poor Black or Hispanic kids. If we saw a fat white man in our hood on Christmas morning, it was either an Insurance salesmen, a Jehovah's Witness or the Police.

And none of them was greeted with warm cookies or milk.


ZACK said...

Yikes! You on fire this morning bro.
First, let me start by wishing you a happy December 25th- because both of us believe the same thing about Christmas.

Plus, my biggest problem is that we end up getting more gifts on Christmas than Jesus Christ himself. And that's not cool. But it's because we have tried to turn a pagan holiday into a religious event, and that's not cool either.

Your gift to me was writing a post that really enlightened me.

Thank you sir! And give your family my best, please.

jjbrock said...

Merry Christmas Dirty Red.

FreeMan Press said...

The season of giving is so bad cats feel guilty and give too. If they didn't create this day no one would give on any day. This just gives a day when the bums won't rob you. Every learned person knows the fact that Jesus is associated with the pagan holidays is definitely a problem.

Anonymous said...

After checking this out, I've decided this song is for you :)

Black Santa Remix '08
Dr BLT ft. Michael C.
words and music by Dr BLT © 2008

and if you heard the country edition, but prefer shrink rap, here’s another sample for you:

You’re Not the Kinda Ho (That Santa had in Mind)
Rap edition (don't worry, it's family-friendly and contains a moral lesson to teens)
words and music by Dr BLT © 2008

LeLe said...

Man, all I can say Mr. Dirty Red is that from inside/out, top to bottom, I agree with every word you said!!! There is no way could not have said it any better.

I have always had my questions about the birth of Jesus. I also have my questions about religion in general. You are right, there are so many religions and they all think their religion is the way to heaven. I am not a religious person much at all and I believe religions are dangerous and are not to be trusted.

Your feelings on the world in which we live as being hell is exactly how I feel also.

Thanks you for your post!!! I love it!


Folk said...

d@mned Red, you set it off in this post.

We over here at Folk's place don't exchange gifts for Christmas, the season is about giving not getting. So we only give to less fortunate children.

...and that hunger bit, you spot on with that one.

Originally this was the Roman soltice festivals that included sodomy, incest, group $ex, etc. The Christians decided to celebrate Christmas during this time in order to not stand out, thereby avoiding death.

So cheers, raises nice tall glass of George's hammer (mix of three vodkas, touch of sprite, and finish with cranberry juice) in honor of a well written post.