Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A tale of Two "Brothers"

As you all know by now the Supreme Court threw out the case that a lawyer from New Jersey brought up concerning whether or not Obama was born in the good ole US of A, or whether he was born in Kenya.
The lone Supreme that pushed this bullshit was none other than Black America's favorite uncle, Clarence Thomas. Another brother, Alan Keyes tried this same shit California. He was trying to get the Cally Supremes to take back the Electoral College Votes that Obama won there under the guise that he is not an America citizen.

Now I really don't know anything about either one of these guys, so I decided to wikipedia them.

What I learned surprised me.

Clarence Thomas was born poor in back woods Georgia. According to his upbringing, he should be the main person leading the civil rights movement. With him being a Supreme and all, he is in a perfect position to put it down for the cause.

But we all know he has not and probably will not. The same programs that got him where he is, he disowns now.

He says we don't need them. He has gotten so comfortable living in the big house, that I think he has forgotten the struggles that he went through.

Alan Keyes on the other hand, was not born poor in some field in the South. His parents were military, so he probably never saw the racism that Uncle Clarence did. He grew up in a very diverse environment. To me this guy is a religious nut. He is one of the few Black people in this country that thinks that America really cares about people of color.

What is the purpose of this post?


I just cannot for the life of me understand how anybody, Black, White, Asian or Hispanic could hate themselves so much that they disown everything about themselves and their culture. How in the world can any Black Man not be proud of Obama? You don't have to agree with his politricks, because he is a politician, but damn what does a brother have to do to get a little respect?

Are they jealous, or are they so enveloped in self hatred that they will not acknowledge the fact that Obama has made history?

I guess that is the $64,000 question.


A Go Bytch said...

I am not surprised...one thing I've learned about my own people is that it's hard to give us a loyalty stamp.

We are not as loyal to each other as other races and that's sad.

Did you see Jessie Jackson...hmmmm!!!

RiPPa said...

Its all by design my man. The Black man, and woman have been conditioned to hate themselves through slavery. This has a lasting effect on the Negro psyche, and what we see today are the scars we will forever bear.

Gua said...

I have to agree with Rippa....sad but true....

ZACK said...

I feel that we can't force people to accept our opinions. Heck, there are still people who don't love Jesus so nobody is exempt from hateration.


DJ Black Adam said...

What Rippa said. I see it everyday just amongts us regular folks, can't see it changing on their level, just more grandieose...

blackwomenblowthetrumpet.blogspot.com said...

Hey there!

I don't think that EVERY black person who does not support Obama is operating in self-hatred or operating in jealousy. It doesn't mean that any black person who criticizes Obama is a sell out....I know you haven't implied this however.

Many people have in various blog discussions that I have been reading.

The fact remains that Obama is not a person who has garned trust from all black people.

Obama received 90% of the black vote by promising black people ABSOLUTELY NOTHING... he certainly went to the white people spending a whole lot of time explaining how he was planning to address all of THEIR concerns and priorities for this country however.

Did black people miss this?

He showed up at a few major black conferences but he wasn't bringing forth anything concrete...he was showing up to show up.

I think there are MANY blacks who have a wait and see attitude about Obama... they know that McCain would have been a disaster but they are not convinced that Obama isn't a lawn jockey whose main concern is appeasing the white electorate that handed him the keys to the big house.

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

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