Thursday, July 31, 2008

What is wrong with you Blacks?


What does that mean?

Soledad O'brian thinks she knows.

But does she?

I know that her 2 day special came on a while back,but I Tivoed it, so I just finished watching it. I watched bits and pieces of the show with my wife, but I only watched both shows in their entirety last night. My wife talked so much during the "world premier", that I had to give up watching it with her. So I watched them when she was not home. (All the married cats that read this blog can feel me, I'm sure). Besides she is in College finishing her degree plan, and we only have one computer.Most of her classes are on-line, so I have to forfeit my computer time so she can get her edu-ma-cation on, so that is the reason behind the 2 weeks or so between my posts. (This is at you Zack.)


This special did not tell me anything that I did not already know or anyone that reads black blogs knows. The only thing that this special did was reinforce a bunch of stereotypes that other races have about us.

1. Black men are irresponsible.
2. Black Women are the strong ones in the community.
3. Black kids don't like education.
4. Black people are poor.
5. Black people depend on the government to solve our problems.
6. Rich Black Men marry white women.
7. Black men are no class thugs that blame slavery for their inability to achieve the "American Dream".

Did I cover them all?

I applaud Mrs. O'Brian for the courage to even try to attempt to do what she did. It took a lot of guts. I like Mrs O'Brian. She is cool with me.


No one but a Black person knows what it is like here. If you have not experienced the Hatred first hand, there is nothing you can tell me.

"Well DR, The Jews were persecuted, as were the Irish, Italians, Chinese, American Indians and now the Mexicans are feeling it. All the mentioned races managed to thrive, so what is wrong with Blacks?"

Well, there is nothing wrong with Blacks.
However.... There is something wrong with some of the decisions that Black people make, but that is the subject of another post.

All the above mentioned races were persecuted for a short length of time and their persecutor's realized that they were humans too, and the persecution stopped or at least slowed down and hidden somewhat. Some of the above mentioned races have gotten public apologies and some sort of compensation for the persecution that was initiated by our government and it's citizens.

Has our persecution stopped or slowed down?

Have we gotten an apology or any kind of compensation?

Well we did get Affirmative Action, but that was not designed soley for Black Americans. If you were to do your research, you would find out that White Women got more out of it than we did. And now the system is so corrupt that it is being debated if we even still need it.


How many Italians, Jews, Irish, American Indians or Chinese have been shot 50 times by the police lately? (There might have been a few Mexicans, but that is not talked about).

How many Italians, Jews, Irish, American Indians or Chinese have been targeted by greedy mortgage lenders?

How many Italians, Jews, Irish, American Indians or Chinese are shown in negative ways on every media outlet in our great country? (Again there are a few Mexicans, but that is not really talked about.)

How many Italians, Jews, Irish, American Indians or Chinese are at the bottom of every statistic that comes out?

How many Italians, Jews, Irish, American Indians or Chinese are tasered 9 times by the Police, resulting in death?

Is the Jail System overran by Italians, Jews, Irish, American Indians or Chinese?

Are the neighborhoods of Italians, Jews, Irish, American Indians or Chinese always the worst in every city?

What about Health care, Education or jobs?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you do not know what it is like to be Black in America.

Granted 95% of our problems could be solved in house.

All it takes is BLACK MEN to stand up and take back the control our Grandfathers and Great Grandfathers had.

All it takes is BLACK MEN to take responsibility of their families.
(This includes all children iregardless if you are with the mother or not.)

All it takes is a little bit of pride in ourselves and our communities.

All it takes is putting in the work ourselves and stop depending on Smooth pimp-talking politicians that are only interested in votes, to do it for us.
(I think the bible says that God helps those that help themselves.)
The government was not designed to give out hand-outs.
The job of the government is to "govern" hence the name "government."

Besides, nothing in life is free.

In the words of Denzell Washington, 'You are going to pay. Whether you pay now or you pay later, you are going to pay.'

The problem with Black People in this country is we have gotten used to paying later. And the price is always more than what we were told it would be.

If we are willing to do what I have mentioned, then "specials" entitled "Black in America" would not be necessary.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

No Speakense de English

This is going to be a post about me being very irritated with my current employment.

First, I feel that with my education level, my experience and my Military background, my current employment is beneath me.

But it is paying my bills.

Second, I do not take orders very well. I have no problem with listening and taking someones suggestions if their suggestions will benefit me, but I do not like orders.

I am a grown-ass man. You WILL not order me to do anything. I guess that is why I got out of the Army the first time. (Notice I said First time. I am currently in the Reserves. God help me.)

Third, and this is basically what this post is about....

If you want to work in this country and get your share of the "American Pie" speak the motherf$%^#&ing language!!

Granted, I do speak Spanish (pequito), Do not expect me to automatically switch to Spanish to suit you.

Or Swahili, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Arabic, Martian or whatever the hell you speak.

This is America. We speak English here. Bad English, but English none the less.

How far would I get in another country if I did not speak that Country's main language?

Or at least attempt to speak it?

I lived in Germany for 5 years and I can testify to the fact that if a person makes an effort to try to understand the culture and language of another country, that person will be greeted with open arms. (Yes I know a little German also.)

To me it is common courtesy to try to understand the people you have to live with, do business and interact with on a daily basis.

So why is it that people come here and automatically expect me (Or any Natural Born American) to accommodate them and their culture, religion, language, food, and whatever the hell else?

I don't want this to sound like a Republican Rant, but this sh*&t here pisses me off.

Tolerance can only go so far. If you cannot communicate with me and you expect me to give you a job or help you in any way, how in the hell am I supposed to give you a job or help you?

I'll wait...

No answer?

Oh, I forgot....

No Habla Inglis.

Monday, July 21, 2008

30 and up. Dress code Strictly enforced

This past Saturday I went out clubbing. This club I went to was supposed to be one of those 30 and up "Dress to Impress" clubs, but as I am about to tell yall it was not.

First, this club is in what some folks in Dallas would call the "hood". It is in a part of Dallas called Oak Cliff. Now granted Oak Cliff is not as bad as the media here makes out. I like Oak Cliff. Whenever I hang out, that is where I usually am. Besides I grew up in a place that was 10 times worse than Oak Cliff, so I feel right at home there.


Like I said this place was supposed to be a "dress to impress, dress code strictly enforced place". So I do what I do. I put on some ironed slacks, a matching button up,a nice brim and shoes that matched the brim. If I say so myself, I looked rather dashing. And the looks I was getting from the ladies confirmed it for me.

So why is it I felt overdressed when I arrived at the scene?
There were cats in there with Air force Ones, white tee's and jeans. There were females in there that looked like they had just woke up and were going out to check their mail-box.

At first I thought I was at the wrong place. I was told this was a "classy joint".

Well, you know I did not let that stop me from "socializing".
I went to the bar, got my mandatory Corona and started to walk around so I could check out my "competition".

I told yall this was supposed to be a "30 and up" place right?
I felt like I was the oldest cat in there.

Granted I am used to going to the "adult" spots and seeing younger(fine)females, but the dudes usually are checked at the gate if they do not fit the bill.

There were cats in there with corn rolls, wearing gang colors.

Well as you might have guessed, I bounced after I drained that Corona.

That was not my type of spot. I am a little too old for that. Maybe 10 years ago I might have given it a chance. But now I am at the point in my life that if I feel the need to have my heater in the small of my back, I don't need to be where I am at. Besides, if I feel threatened, I am going to add to the black men in prison for killing another black man category, and I have too much going on in my life right now to f%%k up like that.

So, I went to my usual spot down the street from where I was at.

All things considered it was a pretty decent night.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My rare admission of a weakness

On my last post about the New Yorker magazine's cover of Big O and his wife, my man Sully over at Sulls Blog wrote a comment that I feel the need to respond to. Sulls Blog is a great blog. It is one of my favorites. I read it often. I don't always comment, because I read so many blogs, but I am a frequent visitor to his site. I suggest that my loyal readers check him out. (Check my side bar. I still cannot link anything.)


He asked in his comment if I was biased in my writing or if I was just too young to know some things.

Well, as usual Sully I agree with you. I am biased in my writing. I will explain in in a minute.

I am also too young to know some of the things you know. (All that can be remedied by me catching up on my history, but that is a different subject.) However I am not as young as I used to be, but I am not as old as I am going to get either.

So in response to your first observation, I am biased in my writing.

I write about stuff that either concerns me or anything that is on my mind at the time.

Most of the stuff that concerns me are race relations in my country and how we (me, Black Men and Black Women) are portrayed in my country.

And most of the time we are portrayed negatively.

That bothers me. A lot.

So in that area I am a bit biased.

I honestly believe what the constitution says about all men being created equal. I believe that all people should have the same rights and freedoms. But as you know the constitution was written by a bunch of bigoted white men that did not have anybody that did not look like them thoughts and feelings in mind when they wrote those famous words.

So I am Biased.

I admit that is not a good thing however.

But in my own defense, I am willing and I do listen to other's opinions. I value other people's thoughts and views. I don't care if you agree with me or not. We can have an intelligent debate about whatever it is we might disagree on. Besides that is how you learn.

The only way to get past the f^%cked up race relations here in the good ole US of A is positive dialogue between the different ethnic groups. No judging, no stereotypes, just honest dialogue.

So Sully I value your opinion.

I will try to work on my biased views.

But I can only see the world I live in through my eyes.

Monday, July 14, 2008


The above illustration is a picture posted in the New Yorker magazine, (a nationally viewed magazine by the way). As you can see it depicts Big 0 and Mrs. Big O in a very disrespectful way. They are seen doing the "terrorist jab", A picture of Bin Laden is seen in the background, the AmeriKKKan Flag is burning in the fireplace, Big O looks just like a Jihadist and his wife looks like Angela Davis.


If I did not know any better I would say that this illustration, that is supposed to be "satire", was being shown on the Faux News Network. Which it probably will be, but since I don't watch that racist excuse of "NEWS NETWORK" I will never know.


If you are one of the good working class (white)folk from, say.... West Virginia, Ohio, Pistovania, Tennessee, Up State New York or Texas, what are you saying now?

"Bubba, I told you that Obama Boy was in cahoots with the 'quedas. If a Liberal rag like the New Yorker magazine says it, there got to be something in it".

Am I wrong?

Hell to the naw!!

The politics of fear.

That is how Jr. got reelected, is it not?

But in this case it is not terrorists that we are supposed to be afraid of.

This time it is the Fear of a Big Black Man and his very angry Black Wife.

A man with the name Barack Hussein Obama trying to get elected PRESIDENT of these here "United" States?

Oh the shame!!

And then his wife!!

Who does she think she is?

Why isn't she cleaning somebodies kitchen, (oh my bad... Blacks don't do that anymore. That job is specifically for the Latinas now that we are such a diverse country) Well... why ain't she living in the projects with all the other babies mamma's(remember that on the Fake News Network?) collecting welfare checks for her 4 bad ass children by 3 different men? Who is she to want to become the most respected woman in the country?

When will those Negras learn their places in this country? Besides if it were not for the great deeds of the white man, we would still be in Africa having sex with monkey's, (that is supposedly how AIDS was started), with a bone in our nose, starving to death.

Why is this the only Presidential Candidate in History that has had a special on CNN that questions his Patriotism and his loyalty to this country?

Why is this the only Presidential Candidate that has had his religion questioned?

Why is his wife always being shown as an overbearing, loud obnoxious woman?


Because this Black man and his wife were not supposed to make it this far in American Society.

A Black man inches away from sitting in the Big Seat, in the Big Office,behind the Big desk, in the Big "White" House, doing the Big Job of running this great country that represents the best of what the world has to offer, What is he thinking?

Should he not be making millions playing football or basketball or making that god awful rap music? Is that not what "they" do?

Well people, is that not what "we" do?

If you ask those good working class people in the the states I mentioned, the answer would be yes.

Besides their votes are the only ones that count.

If you don't believe me, just ask Hill-Billy.

(After you donate some of your hard earned money to help her get out of debt).

I guess we are all "good working class people" when they need something from us.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Am I my Brothers Keeper?

I was not going to write about this because I know every Black Blogger is going to be talking about this. I also had an idea for a post all ready in my mind, but... This is is on my mind now, so prepare yourself...

Jesse, Jesse, Jesse...

What the f%&*k were you thinking? Are you going senile in your old age? You go on Faux News of all places and forget that your mic was on? Come on Brah, you gots to do better. Why are you hating on Big O for having the nuts to tell the truth? For saying things that your ass should have been saying for years?

I am not an "obamaholic". John Edwards was my first pick. There is something about Big O that don't sit right with me. But it is what it is. He is what we got. So support the brother.

But don't apologize for saying how you really feel.

Your apology was fake.

You got caught with your ass hanging out and you feel embarrassed. But don't think we are stupid. My name is not Willy FooFoo.

You are mad because this young man got farther than you did. But don't hate, REVEREND.

Congratulate and Participate.

You should be using your vast resources to help the man. But instead, from your own words,You want to "cut his nuts off".


You are still ordained right?

"Cut his nuts off"

Is that some new, holy, sanctified language?

You should be ashamed "Reverend".

And then you got the nerve to come at us with a "I didn't know" excuse.
You are full of shit.
You are jealous of Big O and now the world knows it.
This man is going to have a hard enough time getting elected as it is, and now here you come adding fuel to the fire.

Crabs in Barrel.

And the older the crab, the sharper the claws.

You are done "Reverend". So sit down, shut the f$%ck up, and disappear until this is all over.

Monday, July 7, 2008

I am Chocolate...What are you?

What Race is "White"?

What race is "Black"

I work everyday where I see people come into my office with "White" or "Black" marked on their applications as their ethnicity. Why is that?

Every other ethnic group has a specific name. Asians are not called "Yellows", Mexicans are not called "Browns", Africans do not call themselves "Black", even the few Europeans that come into my office do not call themselves "white".

So why do we Americans classify ourselves by colors?

I looked up the definition of White and Black and this is what I found....

White- The combination of all the colors of the visible light spectrum.[1] White is an achromatic color, since it has no hue.

In nature, white results when transparent fibers, particles, or droplets are in a transparent matrix of a substantially different refractive index. Examples include classic "white" substances such as sugar, foam, pure sand or snow, cotton, clouds, and milk. Crystal boundaries and imperfections can also make otherwise transparent materials white, as in the milky quartz or the microcrystalline structure of a seashell. This is also true for artificial paints and pigments, where white results when finely divided transparent material of a high refractive index is suspended in a contrasting binder. Typically paints contain calcium carbonate and/or synthetic rutile with no other pigments if a white color is desired.

Black- The color of objects that do not emit or reflect light in any part of the visible spectrum; they absorb all such frequencies of light. Sometimes black is described as an "achromatic color", but in practice it can be considered a color, as in expressions like "black cat" or "black paint".


Does this sound like any person you know?

I have known some "white" people that were so pale they looked transparent, but they did not fit the above definition.

I have known some "black" people that were so dark they looked blue, but they did not fit the above definition.

So where did calling a persons ethnic background a color on the rainbow come from?

I do not know.

But I know that I am not "Black". If you want to describe me by a color, I would be a deep chocolate. So does that mean I have invented a new ethnic group of people?

The Chocolates?

What color are you?

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Black Politicians, not worth a ripped, wet food-stamp

Will having a black president have a positive effect on the Black community?

I don't know.

Black politicians do not have a good track record in helping their communities.

Take a look at every Black community in every city in every state here in America.

The schools are always underfunded and overcrowded. The housing market is always at the bottom of the barrel compared to other communities. The health services are always sub-par. There are no jobs in the Black community. And do I have to mention the crime rate?

All of this is happening under Black politicians.

So why does the Black majority think that Obama will make a difference?

How is he any different from all the other disappointments we have seen over the decades?

All we get from Black politicians are sound bites and staged marches on anything and anybody when they feel that they need to stay visible in the public eye.

All we get are powerful speeches invoking Martin Luther King and God.

What have they done for our welfare as American citizens?

Why is it that a common working class Black Man can get shot 50 times by the police and all we get is march?

Why is it that a young black man can kill another young black man on the streets of a black community and all we get is a sermon?

Why is it that High Schools in any Black community have a drop out rate at damn near 50% and all we get are sound bites?

Why is it that all the jobs that used to be in the black community are gone and all we get is it is the Mexicans fault?

Why Why Why!

So what good are black politicians?

Do we even need them?

Or am I the only one that is sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Quilty before being proven innocent... The American way

A couple of things have happened the last couple of days that I feel the need to talk about.


Nelson Mandela has finally been removed from our countries terrorist watch list. I have blogged about this before. I was very disappointed in my country for having the audacity to put a hero like Mandela on the terrorist list. But he is off now, so it is time to move on.


A man who shot and killed 2 men for breaking into his NEIGHBORS house was vindicated from any wrong doing by a Judge this week.

In my humble opinion this was total Bullshit.

First off this guy's life was not in any danger what so ever.

Second, there was no one home at his neighbor's house, so the neighbor's life was not in any danger either.

Third, The man was told by the 911 dispatcher not to interfere, that the local fuzz was on the way. But, this being Texas, the guy said forget that. You can hear him cocking his shotty over the phone call to 911. He goes out of HIS safe house over to his NEIGHBORS house and proceeds to shoot the 2 "illegals" in the back as they were running away. All of this was on tape because the dummy carried his phone with him.

In my opinion this was straight up murder, but this being Texas, a good ole boy judge ruled that the guy was justified in shooting the two "illegals". The Judge ruled that he was "protecting" his neighbor's property.

Ain't that some shit?

A man will have his life spared for raping a child, but a man can shot and kill 2 unarmed men that were not a threat to him at all and get praised for it?

Only in America.

Now here is a case that I am kinda torn on.

This happened in my stomping grounds, PG County, MD. A 19 year old man supposedly ran over and killed a cop while fleeing from the fuzz in a stolen car. The man ended up getting killed while he was in solitary confinement. He was found strangled.

Here is my problem. What the hell was a 19 year old doing in a stolen car? Why was he not in College somewhere?
Why did he feel the need to run over and kill a cop?
Where was his parents while he was out thugging? It is obvious that this could not have been his first time running from the Police. So why is he considered a St. now?
Why is it that when something bad happens to a black person that got caught doing
bad shit, all of a sudden he was a good boy, that never did nothing to hurt nobody or he was trying to take care of his sick parents or his 9 babies from 8 different women? When do we as a people stand up and take responsibility for our actions?

Now it is pretty f%^&ED up that the boy was killed in police custody before he could defend his actions before a jury. Who knows, he could have been found Innocent.


He put himself in a situation where even if he was not doing anything but "joyriding", he knew the consequences if the Police decided to interfere. He knew what he was doing was wrong and he choose to do it anyway. So therefore, I have no sympathy for him. I feel for his mother and the rest of his relatives, because his death was unnecessary. He did not have to die.

Now as for the Fuzz....

This whole thing stinks to high heaven. Of course the police were involved in this. One of their own was killed needlessly. Of course there was going to be some pay-back. You do not mess with the boy's in blue.

But here is the rub...

Can it be proven in a court of "law" that the fuzz was involved?


This is an example of the same kind of shit I was talking about in the above paragraphs.

If the people that murdered this kid ever get caught and it turns out they were on the police force, they will be acquitted. They will be vindicated. They will be praised as hero's for doing their job to "protect" the public from another wild and crazy nigger.

If you think I am overreacting, just have a talk with Michael Bell's fiance and parents.