Monday, December 28, 2009

Is it a mistake if you meant to do it?

My  wife has a friend that is pregnant by a sorry ass dude.

She is having complcations with the pregnancy and is always calling my wife crying about how her baby daddy ain't shit.

Now I feel for the woman because she is having a very hard pregnancy and she should not be forced to handle this on her own.

I don't feel bad for her situation.

My wife told me that she started messing with this dude while he was with another chick. She caught this dude with other chicks besides her and his "main" girl.

But she got pregnant by him anyway. She knew this dude wasn't shit, but she thought she could convince him to just be with her.

Now that she is pregnant, the dude has lost what little interest he had in her. She was crying to my wife last night about how he did not call her on Christmas. I told my wife to not tell me anymore about this stupid woman and her stupid problems.
And here's why......

She knew that this dude was not shit, but she had unprotected sex with him anyway. She knew that this dude was fucking her and 50-leven other chicks but she got pregnant by him anyway. She knew all this because he met HER on the creep and she has caught him creeping on HER.

So why should I care about her dumb ass when it is obvious that she did exactly what she wanted to do?

She knew that this little boy was fucked up, but she chose to make him the father of her child. I do not know if she planned on getting knocked up, but with all the knowledge she had about how this guy was, for her not to insist on using some protection was, well in my opinion, stupid.

She made her choices, so why is she crying now?

She knew, but she did it anyway.

So who is the dummy?

I feel for the baby, because it is the only innocent party here.

But my wife's friend?

She is just a stupid woman who thought that she could mold a boy into the man that she thought she needed.
She made her choices, so she needs to deal with them and don't cry about the choices SHE made.

Women should stop blaming MEN for the actions of BOYS.

Am I wrong for feeling like this?

I don't think so, but am sure that I will hear different.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Liar, Liar pants on Fire

Everyone has someone that they hate to work with.

It does not matter what kind of work you do, how much you love or hate what you do or how good or bad your organization is. There is always someone that you just do not want to see at anytime during the year, let alone on a daily basis.

There is a dude that works with me that I cannot stand. He is a chronic liar. He got one of my partners fired behind his lies. But he floats around like he is the shit. He is a lazy fuck that uses all his vacation days or sick time like they don't run out. If he has 25 minutes of time, he uses it.

One day he is a Jazz muscian, the next day he is a retired Special Ops dude. The following day he could be a Navy Seal medic. Any and everything that can be done, this dude has done it.

It makes me sick. Literally. Everytime I see this dude, I want to punch him in his lying ass mouth.

But because I needs my paper I have to grin and bear his shit.

I want to tell this cat so bad to shut the fuck up with his bullshit, but I don't. This morning he had the nerve to tell me that he used to work in a forensics lab like CSI. Alls I could do was be like, 'For real'? and I walked away from him.
What The Fuck?

I am starting to feel like a damn punk, because I usually speak my mind when it comes to shit like this.

But I know me.... If I say something it is going to be like, ' Man who do you think believes your lying ass? I have been listening to your bullshit for the past 7 damn years and I ain't trying to hear it no more. Ya understand me? You needs to get a damn life dude and leave the fantasy shit to Halo 3. If I hear one more lie come out your damn mouth, I am going to shove this damn clip board you are always carrying around up your ass sideways.'

That would not be good for my future plans with the company. Like I said, I needs my paper.

So I continue to be like 'For Real?'

And I walk away.

I feel like such a Bitch.

For Real.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bah HumBug!! Merry New Year and all that Jazz

I hate this time of year. I hate the "holiday" season. I think it is fake and too commercialized. I think that it has nothing to do with God or Jesus. None of the holidays are in the bible and none of them started out as "christian" days. They were all started as celebrations to different Gods other than the "christian" God.

That is why I do not do Christmas, Easter or Halloween. The only Holiday I can get with is Thanksgiving. Even though I understand that this is a day that celebrates the time when the pilgrims swindled the Native American's out of their land and knowledge of that land, I can still get with being thankful for the blessings that God has bestowed upon you. I believe that you should give thanks everyday that you wake up breathing, but the way Thanksgiving has evolved into just taking time out to appreciate all the blessings in your life, is alright with me.

But the other holiday's.... Naaa. I can't fuck with them.

No where in the Bible does it say that we are supposed to celebrate the day Jesus was born. No where in the Bible does it say what day Jesus was born. If it is in there somewhere, somebody please shoot me an email so I can read it for myself. What makes a sane parent tell his kids that a fat White Man with flying reindeer has somehow delivered all the gifts under the tree in the middle of the night Christmas Eve, when 9 times out of 10 those same kids were with you when you brought those gifts at Wal-Mart?
Naaa.... I can't fuck with that.

And Easter... Come on Son. What the hell does a rabbit laying eggs have to do with Jesus being resurrected?
Why would I lie to my kids like that?

And Halloween?

Man please. Why would I allow my kids to celebrate a day that is geared towards everything EVIL and DEMONIC? How in the hot ass hell does dressing up as a vampire or a serial killer represent anything "christian?"

It is all bullshit to me.

This is why I do not consider myself a Christian. How can I associate myself with something that embraces and endorses shit that I am opposed to?

None of this shit is Christ-Like.

And why does this time of year everyone all of a sudden starts to think of the people that have been struggling the whole year? And after the holiday has come and gone will the ONE meal on Christmas or the TOYS for HOMELESS kids help them out the rest of the year?

Isn't Christians supposed to be helpful to the needy all year instead of one damn day out of the year?

It is hypocritical to me and I can't fuck with it.
If I see you need help, I will help you until you don't need it, or until I see that you are using me, which ever comes first.
The time of year doesn't even factor into the equation. One meal will not last all year. Toys do not help kids with no where to play with them.
 But this shit here? This "Holiday" season, " Be cheerful and Ho Ho Ho" shit?
I ain't gonna be able to do it.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Give me yo lunch money Punk!!

I was just over at the FIELD NEGRO'S site and the topic and the comments by some of Field's regular visitors made me want to come here and talk about it. The topic was about some Asian students getting bullied by some Black students in an all Black school.

Why the hell is this news?

Kids bully other kids. That is what kids do. Kids that appear different,weaker or smaller than the kids bullying are usually the ones getting wedgies or thrown in lockers.
Kids that are in the MINORITY are also easy targets. (I.E. Gay's, Lesbians, Red Haired kids, short kids, mentally challenged kids,poor kids, fat kids and just plain kid kids.)

So why does this have to be about Black Thugs beating up on poor defenseless Asian mathmatic genuises?
If it were a school in China Town and the 1 or 2 Blacks that attended there got beat up, would it be anything different?

I am sure that race was a factor in the bullying, but in my opinion, this was a case of kids doing what kids do.

Some of Fields commenter's are straight racist. Some are educated Negro's that have not been around other Negro's in a while, so they have the same attitude as some of the racist white people. Some of the commenters are Negro's that like to blame everything evil in the world on White People.

There is a mixture of everybody over at Field's.

A lot of the comments were based soley on the race of the attackers and that of the victims. Which is relavent, but it is a small part of what is really going on.

Most of the comments were about Black Thugs and ghetto's, rap music, babies having babies, Blacks not wanting education, Black's being prone to violence, parents on welfare, Slavery and so on and so on.

This does not surprise me at all because some if not all of the above mentioned things could have played a role in those Asian kids getting picked on.


To generalize that these are the sole reasons that those students got beat down is just straight ignorant.
If it were White Students getting beat down by Asian students would any of the above be mentioned?
They got singled out because they were different and because there was not a lot of them.

I am not condoning the actions of these bullies, because bullying is wrong.

But kids will be kids.

There has been bullies in school ever sense there was school.

It is amazing to me how some people want to put Grown Folk's fuck-ups on kids that are still learning how to be Grown Folks.

Getting bullied in school is a right of passage that all of us have been through. Either it makes you a stronger person or it leaves you a bitter old person that justifies your hatred towards anyone that looks like the bullys, instead of admitting to yourself that you were(are) too damn weak to protect yourself and demand respect.

So needless to say I do not agree with most of the Field's regular visitors.
But ya'll know the old saying, "Opinion's are like assholes, we all have one."

And there are a lot of Assholes that comment over at Field's spot.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Men Cheat Down, Women Cheat Up

The idea from this post was inspired by the recent events that the Choblasian, or whatever the hell Tiger Woods thinks he is, has been through the past week.

Personally I could give a hot damn about Tiger Woo, his wife or his jumpoff(s).

All this shows me is the hypocrisy of the American Main Stream Media.

The Media puts these celebrities up on high and proclaim them to be role models for  kids of all backgrounds and nationalities and then when they find out that the celebrity is just like everyone else, they tear into them like the old Star Jones would at a CICI'S Pizza buffet.

In my opinion, this is what America gets for putting their faith and hope in an imperfect MAN.

But anyways I digress....
On with the post....


Why in the hot ass hell do men always cheat with the most broke ass woman that opens their legs to them?

In my case, If I decided to go out and explore the nether regions of another woman, she would have to have just as much as I do, if not more. I am not saying that I am gutter-ass rich or nothing, but I have been blessed with a pretty good life. So If I were to cheat on the woman that has been with me for the past 12 years who has had to pay my car note for me or give me gas money to get to work or even give me money for food when my account was in the negative, then the cheatee would have to have something that can compare to what I already have.

Example.... Everyone gets caught. Everyone. So if my cheating ass was ever exposed I would need a place to stay because Mrs. Red would most definitely kick me out of the house. I would need a job because Mrs Red would most likely come to my job and clown. I would need a car because Mrs. Red would probably fuck up the one I am driving now. I would need some cash because Mrs Red would for sure drain the little bit of money I have accumulated. I would also need bail because if Mrs Red did all these things, I would be the next "innocent" Black Man incarcerated by the "man".

So I would have to have someone to go to that could provide all of these things.
Could a waitress at DAVE AND BUSTER'S do it?
Could a NEW YORK PARTY GIRL do it?

What about the cutee that works at the neighborhood Starbucks?
Or the absolutely beautiful woman I met last week in the club that has 3 kids by 3 different men?

I do not think they could. I have gotten a little bit spoiled lately. I have a lot of needs. So in order for me to jeopardize what I have, there has got to be something better on the table than a nut. Excuse my french, but I can jack off and get that.

So why do these dumb-ass rich assholes cheat with the first thing that opens their legs for them?

I don't understand it.

You will never see a successful woman give up the goods to the dude working the drive through window at Wendy's.

But don't be surprised if you hear this time next week about another "role model" that has got caught with his dick in his delivery girl from Dominoes.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The way things were....


If the "Founding Fathers" were to skip through time to the year of our lord 2009, how do you think they would react to today's world?

Would they be appalled with the way things are now, or would they be proud of the way their ancestor's have "evolved"?

Would they be upset with the way or "leaders" have twisted the constitution they wrote to fit whatever they want it to fit?

How do you think they would react to all the crime and violence that plagues our world now?

And I have to ask.....

How would they feel about the 3/5ths of a person now running the "company" they invented?

I would love to see the faces of Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Ben Franklin and the others if they were to leap frog through time and see that the slaves they left on their plantations, are now are in charge of the Plantations they just left.

Would they accept the changes, are would they denounce them?

Would they accept the slaves rise to some sort of acceptance or would they continue with their backwards ass way of thinking?

I think that they would denounce the changes and they would not accept that their slaves are now higher up on the food chain than them.

I think that they would revert back to the "master" and "slave" role and call some poor brother or sister out of their name and either get killed or beat down.

I think that they would denounce the way politicians have twisted and corrupted their design for a better country and try to change it back to the way they meant it to be.

I don't think they would adapt to well with the way things are now.

What do you think?

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Daddy, why is my hair curly and Suzy's straight? What is wrong with my hair?

Is preparing your kids to have a better life than you had worth giving up your (and their)  identity and heritage?

This is a deep question huh?

This topic came up today at work. I know a dude that was married to a White Woman, he is recently divorced. He has 2 kids from this woman. He lives in a predominantly White community in a predominantly white county. His kids do not have any interaction with any kids that look like them or with any kids who come from a mixed racial background. So basically, in my opinion, his kids are going to grow up only knowing one side of their background, their mother's.

The guy I was talking to today is an older Puerto Rican dude. He is married to a white woman and has a daughter in college. He also raised his daughter away from people that looked like her. According to him, his daughter has never had a Puerto Rican boyfriend and she does not speak Spanish. He said he moved out to the hills so that his daughter would have a chance to be productive in today's society. He said that the only way that his daughter would succeed in today's world is if he took her totally out of a minority setting and placed her in a setting with more "productive(white) folks".

I totally disagree with both of these gentlemen  and here's why.

These children are growing up with a view of the world that is not centered on reality. I understand that in today's "post racial" world, there are not supposed to be any color barriers.


These kids are growing up with an attitude that their color don't matter because they are not being exposed to people that look like them.

They are growing up naive.

Now don't get me wrong. I want to be seen as a MAN, before I am seen as a BLACK MAN. I do not judge people because of their skin color, but I still SEE their skin color.

I SEE color. Yeah I said it. And I know that people see mine. But I understand that my color or my friends brown color or anyone white does not dictate who we are.

Our actions do.

In my opinion where a person grows up does not matter, as long as the Parents do what Parents are supposed to do. Parents dictate how their kids are going to turn out. A strong family background with a strong sense of heritage and family traditions are what a child needs to be productive in any society.

This notion that minorities have to move out to the hills with the white folks just so their kids will have a shot of achieving the "American Dream", is bullshit.

They are forgetting that White People have the same problems that we do. Neighborhoods are only as good as the people living in them.
Just because Tyrone and Tameka or Jose and Consuela buy a million dollar house out in Fairy Never Land and send their kids to a private boarding school, does not guarantee  that their kids will be productive.

A rich Black man will still be called a nigga by a "productive" White person if that "productive" White person feels threatened.
A rich Puerto Rican will still be called a wetback by that same White Person if that White person feels that said Puerto Rican is getting "uppidity".

It is the American way.
I don't like it, but I understand.

My two friends do not. I believe that they have the best of intentions for their kids because they are good men and parents.


Denying their children the chance to be associated with kids that look like them,comb their hair like them and whose parents look like them is just plain stupid and selfish.

In order for a society to be really color blind, every color has to be represented.
In my opinion these kids are going to turn out not understanding who and what they are.

But these dudes have a right to raise their families the way they want to.

That is also the American way.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Not having any type of power is bad.... But having too much is worse

President Obama is scheduled to give his big speech on why he is sending more troops into Afghanistan tonight.

Why are Democrats upset with this?

The President never said that he would end the war in Afghanistan. He said that he would end the war in Iraq. So far he is keeping his promise. He IS withdrawing the troops in Iraq. He said from the jump that Afghanistan was a war that should have been fought and he said that the previous administration DROPPED THE BALL OVER THERE. He even sent 21,000 troops over there within a few short months of him taking office.

So what is the fuss about?
What has he lied about?

Why do people (Black People) think that this man is any thing different from the thousands of Black politicians that we have seen in this country before him?

He is a POLITICIAN.  That just so happens to be Black.

Politicians lie, cheat and steal to get what they want.

What they want is POWER.

Now don't get me wrong, I am proud of our President.
Very Proud.
But I understand that he is an Politician.

I also understand that he has a certain few people that he must placate in order to keep the title of President. And that certain few people does not include your man Dirty Red or anyone that takes the time to read my thoughts.

It is what it is.
I might not like it, but I understand.

President Obama is not the savior of Black People. He is the President of the UNITED States, not the mayor of St. Louis, D.C. or Atlanta.
And if we are to judge him by past Black Politicians, who have done nothing but exploit the people that gave them their power, then I might be so bold to say he is the savior.

I mean think about it for a minute.....

Every Black Congressman/woman in congress, all 50 something of them, represent the worst Districts in the country as far as education, crime, unemployment and poverty goes.

Every 2 years we vote the same do nothing ass Negros into the jobs that they have failed miserably in for decades.

Every 2 years we hear the same tired bullshit about what they PLAN on doing for our communities.

We never see these people until their contract is set to expire and then we get the same 'ole bullshit that we have been getting, or either some Preacher gets in the mix talking about how they will change what has failed to be changed in  how ever many years now that we have been allowed to vote, with the help of Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the other 10 rich White People that finance their campaigns.

Power is more important to these Negros than the overall welfare of the people that have been paying them for decades.

And we as Black People continue to fall for the okie-doke . We listen to their tired rhetoric of HOPE and CHANGE, all the while HOPING that they mean it this time.

But Black Politicians are not the only people of power up in our nations capitol. It was founded by White Men, and White Men still have the majority. Black politicians have just learned and adapted to the ways of their masters.

But as far as our President goes.....

At least he is trying to keep the promises he made in all those "feel good" ass speeches he gave during the time when we all thought that it would be a cold day in hell before White People would hand over the keys to their beloved White Mansion on 1600 Penn Ave.

That is a change.

The rest of  our Black "leadership" are only seen when a White person kills a Black person in one of their districts.

But in all honesty, we get what we pay for.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Better late than never

I have had a very busy holiday.

My Uncle Larry and my Auntie Loretta made their annual Pilgrimage from Maryland to the Big D to see the Deadskins get beat down. We took them on a tour of the "Boss Hog Bowl" the Saturday before the game and I thought that my Auntie would have a heart attack when she saw how King Jerry does thangs. My Uncle, who is a die hard Foreskins fan, couldn't find one nice thing to say, but that is to be expected. Anyways the Cowboys beat the Foreskins (barely), and as usual my Uncle was yapping about how the Cowboys cheated.

I really enjoy it when my peoples come out to hang with me and wifey. My Uncle is in my opinion, standing right next to Colin Powell as men who can still give me shivers when ever I am in their presence. (I have never met Colin Powell, but he is a man whom I greatly admire and look up to.)

Every man needs another man that he can look up to and try to emulate. We all need that role model. My Uncle is mine.

My Uncle makes me want to try harder to be a good man. He never actually tells me what I need to do, but he always gives me hints about what he thinks I should do. He lets me make my own decisions, but he doesn't judge me when the decisions I make are not the right ones.

Even though I loved my Father, my Uncle is the man I have always looked to for help when I need it the most. He has always been there and well... he is my man.

Anyways I know that this post is a couple of days late, but I am thankful for my Uncle Larry for being the man I am striving to become.

Even though we have very different views about football teams.


As I write this I see that the Foreskins have just scored on Philly . I bet that Uncle Larry is jumping up and down in his basement screaming. That poor delusional man loves his team. Oh well, it just goes to show that nobody is perfect.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

My new blog....

Hello all you A Black Man's View readers!!!

I am here to announce the creation of my latest attempt to expand my writing skills, THE ADVENTURES OF TOMAS ALEXANDER REDD . It is a little something something I have been wo rking on for the past 2 years and I plan on leaving tid bits of it on this new site so I can get some feed back. It is a political thriller that I hope to get published as soon as it is finished. I still have a long way to go before that happens though.

So please check me out.

And be gentle babies, you know I am a virgin at this novel thing!!!
And don't worry. I will still be posting from time to time here. I have been known to walk and chew bubblegum at the same time, although it has been difficult for me at times!

Just follow the link above or go to my profile page for it.

I look forward to all your critiques!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Prepare yourself faithful readers.....

I am about to paste some of the most disturbing shit that I have read in a long minute. A very long minute. Matter of fact I don't remember the last time I read some shit as disturbing as this.

This is the lyrics to R.Kelly's new song. I post jacked this from the funniest site out right now, O HELL NAWL....

Girl you make me wanna get you pregnant,
Girl you make me wanna get you pregnant,
Lay your body down and get you pregnant,
Knock you up, pregnant, Knock you up

Can you believe I’m in the club with a girl who has a man,
And take her to the hotel for just a one night stand,
See I’m a playa so I ain’t tryna take her on no dates,
To much like my patrone man I’m just tryna take it straight,
Untill I met this girl in the club with an unbelievable booty,
Sweetest girl in the world and I mean it and on top of that shes a cutie,
I ain’t seen nothing like her around here in a while,
And if I had a girl she’d be the one to bear my child,
Telling myself I’m a playa so I keep tryna shake it off,
But I keep on seeing this big old house with a picket fence and a dog,
Never felt nothing like this,
Shes more than a mistress enough to handle my buisness,
Now put that girl in my kitchen,

Girl you make me wanna get you pregnant,
That’s what I told her,
Girl you make me wanna get you pregnant,
Lay your body down and get you pregnant,
Like you are,
Knock you up, pregnant,

What the fuck is wrong with this nigga?

And don't get it twisted... I mean NIGGER in the most KKK, Republican Party, Tea-Bagger, John Wayne ass way I can muster. I mean NIGGER in the most hateful way I can think of.
There is NO love in my voice when I call this ignant bastard a NIGGER.

All I can ask is Why?

Why in the Texas Hell would a record label even let this fool record some fucktastic shit like this?

With teen pregnancy on the rise, (you know this fool is singing this shit to teen girls),why?


And I will bet my last Chocolate Macadamia nut cookie that some ghetto fabulous hood-rat will be singing this shit in one of her multiple babies daddy's car on the way to the club talking about "Girl, this is my jam!"


No where in those scratch that...

No where in this 3rd graders nursery rhyme, did this fool talk about marriage, responsibility, love or any type of financial obligation.

Not nan word was said about taking care of the baby once it comes or about having a discussion about what the little girl in the song wants.

"I want to get you pregnant."

Really, Kells?


This is what runs through the mind of an illiterate pedophile NIGGER?

If there are any women that find this shit right here sexy, then you need to be sterilized in a very painful way. I mean you need to go to Central Africa and let one of those "medicine" women in one of those tribes over there do that female circumcision thing with a broken piece of glass.

And any man that actually thinks that this song is the new hotness and actually tries using this bullshit on a female in the club, you need to be locked in a cell with 10 Jeffrey Dahmers that have not been feed in a month.

Parents, please monitor what your kids watch and listen too.



A Father and a Mother.

Because this NIGGER is singing this garbage to YOUR teenage kids.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

How low can you go?

I am so sick of hearing about Chris Brown and Rihanna.

I am also sick of hearing WOMEN talk about how Rihanna just needs to forgive and forget.

No she doesn't. Forgive maybe... But forget.... Never.

I am very surprised that this kind of talk is coming from other WOMEN.

This man (little boy)beat this woman like he owned her.

Of all people, I would have thought that other women would have had her back.
But that is not how women these days roll.

They are blaming the victim instead of blaming the attacker.
I don't care what she did to provoke this kid.
No one deserves to be beaten like she was beaten.

Now don't get get wrong, I am the type of dude that, if a woman slaps me, I am going to slap her back.

Yeah I said it.

If a woman's nuts are big enough to where she thinks that she can put her hands all up side my face, if she thinks that she is strong enough to disrespect me like that, then well....

There will be two people in jail that day.

But a man BEATING a woman like Chris Brown beat Rihanna, is wrong ass wrong.

Me personally I could never beat a woman down like she was a dude I was fighting in the street. Especially one I so called "loved". I WILL let a woman know that I ain't the one to fuck with like that though. If I treat you with respect and dignity, then I expect the same thing back. I will never punch a woman the way I would punch a dude. But I will punch a dude that punches a woman like he would punch a dude. There are some things that a man just should not do, if he considers himself a man that is. Beating down a woman should be at the top of that list.

For the life of me I do not understand how WOMEN could fix their mouths to say that Rihanna should just go about her life like nothing ever happened.

All I can think is what if that were their daughter....niece....cousin... or girlfriend, would the "She just needs to sit down and shut up" still apply?

In my opinion Chris Brown is a little bitch. He is a little boy that is blaming his father's actions for his own.

If Rihanna was someone that was near and dear to me, there is nothing that this little man-boy could say to me that could make up for what he did.

But I guess that there are a lot of women in our communities that believe that bullshit about'there are no good men left.' There are a lot of women that believe that a piece of a man is better than no man.

I think that it is a damn shame that we as a people have sunk so low.

One man does not a religion make

I am an American Soldier.

I have served my country in some shape or form since I graduated high school. I have been to places in the world that did not want American Soldiers on their soil, with other American Soldiers whom I depended on to shoot first and ask question later if I were ever in danger. I have been to places with other American Soldiers where if they were in danger I would have shot first and asked questions later.

That is why I cannot understand how in the hot ass hell that crazy ass Major down at Ft. Hood could turn his weapon on other soldiers.

I understand that he was stressed all to hell and back.
I understand that he was being ridiculed by his co-workers.
I understand that he did not want to go to Iraq and possibly kill other people of his faith.

I get all that.

But he KILLED innocent people that he was supposed to protect at all costs.
People that had nothing what so ever to do with him or his problems.

In my opinion this bastard is a traitor and a coward.

I am surprised that he made it to the hospital still breathing.

But given all that, I do not think that this fool was a terrorist.
I do not think that Jihad was on this man's mind when he went to what used to be called the "Sports Dome" and shot all those people. (I was stationed at Ft. Hood for 3 years.)

I think he was a deranged and psychotic man that reached his boiling point and said 'Fuck the World'.

That is why I am so upset with the bullshit ass media.
There are portraying this man to be Osama Bin Ladens protege.

They are waving the war flags around just like our former President did 6 years ago.

They are going through this man's past like he sponsored the 911 attacks all by himself.

That shit is wrong.

This man did not represent Islam. He represented himself. He did what he did not because he was looking forward to the 73 virgins he had coming to him in Paradise, but because he was a weak coward that could not take the pressure of being an Officer in the United States Army anymore.

The media makes me sick.

I wonder if this dudes name was Major William White, and he belonged to the United Christian Church of White Domination through Jesus Christ, would they be combing through his background to see if he gave any donations to the KKK.

Things that make you go HMMMM.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It would be my pleasure to help you sir..... For a small fee

I am very surprised that the health care reform bill made it out of Congress.

I doubt if it will make it out of the Senate though.

Why do I think that it will not pass?


According to former Senate Majority Leader, Republican, DICK ARMEY, If the Pharmaceutical companies can't make a profit, then the cutting edge world of innovation would go down the toilet. He says that if the Government gets involved and mandates that drugs that people need to live is provided at a price that those people that need them can afford, then the companies that are tasked to provide those drugs will go out of business.

In other words, If it don't make dollars, It don't make sense.

Which proves what millions of people have been saying for decades..... The Drug Companies, the Pharmaceutical companies, the Lobbyist that represent these companies and the politicians that get a check, boat, house or a night out in Vegas from these companies, could give a nice good fuck about the people they claim to be representing.

It is all about the Dolla Dolla Bill ya'll.

That is why I think that the Health care reform bill will not pass. Even though I am pleasantly surprised it has made it this far,there is no money in helping people.

There is no money in cures for people. The money is in the disease (that is manufactured by men in Laboratories) that kills people.

Can you imagine the money that these "cutting edge" companies would lose if the cure for AIDS (that has been sitting on some CEO or General's desk) was ever made public?

Can you imagine the money that the Drug companies would lose if they were forced to sell the pill that cost them 50 cent to produce, for 50 cents?

Can you imagine the Houses,Boats and expensive hunting trips that the Politicians would have to give up when the money from these companies start to dry up?

These companies and Polictricksters, want us sick. They want us to have bad health. They want us in Hospitals. The insurance companies want us to pay their high premiums for years Just In Case something happens where we have to use them.

All this means money for their Grand kids and Great Great Grand Kids.

This country was built on the premise of 'get yours at all costs' so that you can achieve the "American Dream". Is that not the whole idea behind the "American Dream",
Wealth and Prosperity?

'If I have to go to a job that I can't stand to make the money I need, then why should I care about someone who chooses not go to work like I do? Who cares if he has one leg, no arms and he's blind and deaf? He can still do something to better himself. My Grandparents came here with nothing, they could not speak the language and look how they turned out.Blah Blah Blah....'

This is the mentality of the average Republican. They believe in the "trickle down effect" that their golden boy actor from California believed in.

It all makes me sick.

I think that a man should work to provide for his family.
I believe that hard work builds character and self dependence.
But I also believe that sometimes a person needs a little help.
Sometimes a person needs to be given a pair of boots with straps before he can even think to pull himself up by them.

But this is what I think.

And if the world gave a fuck about what I think.... Then I would be a multizillionaire that owned my own string of Islands in the Caribbean filled with nothing but half naked Brazilian women.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

They spinning Nigga, they spinning!!

The other day I went to a rim store to look at some rims for my truck. In my short life I have had about 10 different cars. I have put after market rims on 1 of them. I have always wanted some chrome "shoes" for my whip, but my money was always a little funny.

Well now that I am doing alright, I decided to treat myself to some 20's or 22's for my ride.

I went to several rim stores in the South Dallas and OakCliff area but I did not see what I was looking for. Well I didn't know what I was looking for, I was just looking.

All the stores I went to asked me why did I want to get such "small" rims for my truck since my truck could fit up to 26 inch rims.

I told them that I wanted what I wanted since it was my pocket that was going to be several grand lighter.

Well this experience got me to thinking.....

Why the hell did I want to get fancy rims in the first place?
What was wrong with the rims and tires I already had?

I could not answer myself, so I decided to think on it some more before I made a decision to spend so much of my hard to come by greenery.

I decided to ride around the "hood" for a minute before I made it back to my nice suburban home.

On my drive through the streets of South Dallas and OakCliff, I drove by at least 4 cars that were pulled over by the fuzz. Every one of the cars that were blue-lighted had fancy big rims and tires. Every one of the cars had occupants that looked like they were extras in a 50 cent video.

Again I asked myself, 'Why do you want fancy rims'?

All those cars that I passed by stood out like OCTOMOM at an abortion clinic.

It was like those little boys driving those tricked out whips were yelling as loud they could, 'Look at me Bitches!! Ain't I riding fly? See what not working will do for you? Who needs education when I can drive something that yells out look at me?"

I am not saying that all 4 of those cars had occupants that were doing anything illegal, (that would be racial profiling)but I bet at least 3 of them did. And the only thing that probably caught the attention of the Poo-lice, was those 26 inch rims on a '72 Caprice Classic.

So I decided to keep the rims and tires that were on my truck when I brought it.

No one sees me when I drive through the hood but the people that I want to see me.

I must be getting old.

Or smart.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Chivarly is dead and the "Independent Woman" killed him

This morning on my normal long ass drive to work I was channel surfing the radio(I got tired of paying for satellite radio) and the dial happened to land on the Steve Harvey Morning Show. I missed most of the conversation, but I did catch the blunt of it.

Mr. Harvey was having a "phone blast" with his listeners about "independent women". I have an opinion about so called "independent woman", and the "independent women" that read my lil 'ole blog ain't gonna like it. But oh well, it is what it is.

Independent Women.....
Hmmmm,where do I start?

Well, let's start by me asking a question....

What is the definition of an Independent Woman?

If I ask a woman, I will get the 'a woman that don't need a man for anything' definition. I will get the, 'I pay my own rent, my own car note, I can get my own nails and hair done. There is nothing a man can do for me that I can't and don't do for myself.'

If I ask a man I will get the Loud mouth bitch or she must be a dyke, definition.

Now were do I stand on this issue?

I think that the whole "independent woman" thing is a bunch of bullshit.

But first let me say that I do not think that a woman that handles her business is a bitch or a dyke. I think she is a woman that handles her business in a male dominated world. She should be congratulated and appreciated. Any man that calls such a woman a bitch or a dyke or anything else that does not include her name, Miss, Mrs. or Ms, needs his insecure ass kicked.

Now on to the bullshit.

A woman that thinks that just because she is holding her life down financially without the help of a man, and thinks she does not need a man, is a gatdamn fool.

Yeah I said it.

Any man that chooses not to get involved with a woman that is holding it down financially, is an even bigger fool.

Men and women complete each other. Or in some cases women and women or men and men complete each other. We all need that "somebody" to hold, to kiss, to console or just somebody to let us cry on their shoulder if we need it.

We all need it.

I think that the problem is that people (women)equate being financially secure to being independent. People (women) think that just because they are doing the shit that men used to do back in our Grandparent's day, that somehow that puts them on level ground with men.

It is all bullshit.

Every woman needs and wants a man to open doors for them. They want a man that they can rely on to pick the kids up from daycare. They want a man they can call if they have a flat on the side of the road.They want a man to get up at 3 in the morning to go to the corner store for that late night pint of ice cream.

Every woman whether they admit it or not, desires and wants to be taken care of by a man.

It is what it is.

That is why God created Eve. He saw that man was alone and he made Eve as his companion.

It is ingrained in a mans DNA to provide, protect and take care of a woman. It is ingrained in a woman's DNA to want to be provided for, protected and taken care of by a man.

It is our society that came up with that "independent woman" label.

Now don't get me wrong, no man wants a lazy woman. No man wants a woman to rely on them for everything. I know I don't. I can not stand a woman that is afraid to sweat or break a nail. I figure that if I am able and willing to go out and cut the grass, then you should be able and willing to pull weeds out of the flower bed. I think that if I am able and willing to wash your car, then you should be ready and willing to vacuum out the inside and pick up all your empty McDonald wrappers.

But a man does need to feel needed. We all need to feel like we are the "King" of our respected castles.

If I feel that you 'can do bad all by yourself', then why the hell would I stick around?

If I constantly hear about how you are paying for this and buying that all by yourself, then that is exactly how you will find yourself,all by your damn self.

So I think that woman need to stop all the equality shit and accept the fact that Men and women complete each other. We would not be men or women without each other.
Unless of course you are a man that does not like women or a woman that does not like men.

But the same applies in either case.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Are you my new daddy?

Last night my neighbor and I had a very interesting conversation.

It centered on the topic that all men end up talking about.... Women.

We pondered a question that has been on my mind and (apparently his) for a minute now. A question that MICHAEL BAISDEN talked about on his radio show.

How long should a man/woman wait to bring a new man/woman around his/her kids?

A week? 2 months? 6 months?

What is an acceptable time table for a man/woman to introduce his/her kid(s) to his/her new friend?
How long should a man/woman wait before bringing a woman/man to his/her house?

He told me of a chick that he recently had to give the 'we can be friends' speech too.

This woman has a 22 year old daughter, an 18 year old son and another 8 year boy.
The 22 year old does not live with her but the 18 and 8 year old does. She told my man that the 18 year old is very protective of her and that she was not comfortable with him coming to the crib when she knew he would be there.

I can understand that.

My neighbor has a 15 year old son that lives with him.

This woman said she had no problem coming to his house with his son present because according to her, 'she knows how men raise boys'.

I don't understand that.

What the fuck does that mean?

She understands how men raise boys?


So to my limited college educated mind, does this mean that she doesn't want to look like a Ho in front of her son, but it is OK for her to look like a Ho in front of his son?

Or was she implying that since a man is a man, his son has probably seen his father bring home a different woman every night of the week, so he is probably used to it?

Am I digging too deep into this?

Well my neighbor told me he told her that he does not bring any and every woman around his son because he is trying to teach him how to respect and treat women. He told me he told her that he did not like her implication that he was a promiscuous man who had a different (2 or 3) woman rotating out his front door at any given time.
He told me that this is when he decided to give her the 'we can be friends' speech.

He had only been talking to this woman for about 2 weeks when this happened. According to him she did not understand his sudden lack of interest in her.

So what say you, fellow A Blackman View readers?

How long is a good time to wait before bringing a new person of interest around your kids?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My problems with Religion

Lately here on my lil 'ole blog, I have had some not so nice things to say about religion.

I have to make some things clear.....

I am NOT anti God. I am NOT anti Jesus.
I pray to God through Jesus every day. Sometimes more than once a day.

However I do not consider myself a Christian. I am not "Christ-like", which is what being a Christian is supposed to mean. Jesus is the only perfect man to walk the earth after Adam fucked up. I am no where near perfect and I do not know or have I known any person who fits that description.

What I have a problem with is people that have the same desires and hang-ups as me, trying to tell me how I need to be living.
I have a problem with hypocrites.
I have a problem with people that go to church every Sunday to see the preacher instead of going to commune with God.
I have a problem with people using the Church to get paid off the backs of people that really can't afford it.
I have a problem with the "Sunday" Christians. You know the people I am talking about....The fake ones that are only "saved" on Sunday mornings.
I have a problem with people that use the Bible to justify their hatred,hypocrisy and bigotry towards other people.

Basically, I have a problem with Organized religion.

Well it is more than a "problem". It is on the verge of being full blown hatred.

I am not a hypocrite. I have no problem with trying to live the same way I act. In other words, I try to live the same way I portray myself to others. How the hell would I look telling somebody that porn is the work of the devil, when I try to look at me some titties everyday? (This is not an admittance of of anything, I am just using an example.)

I am who I am. I do not try to portray myself to other people as being better than I am. I have been known to lie a few times, but I do not act like my shit does not stink. The same way I am now hiding behind this keyboard, is the same way I am if you happen to meet me in person.

I am a chronic user of profanity. I drink a little. I like women. (Yes I am married, but I still LOOK at other women. Sue me.)I have been accused of being a little to blunt with people. If I don't like something, I let it be known. I do not hold my tongue if I feel like I am being disrespected. I have a problem with authority. Well. Let me rephrase that... I have a problem with stupid authority. I try to treat everyone I meet the same way I like to be treated. I try not to judge other people's behavior, views or lifestyles. I know what works for me may not work for my neighbor.

All in all I am a decent dude, but I am far from being "Christ-like."

But I do have a problem with people that use religion as an excuse for their fucked up behavior. The Bible should not be used as an excuse. I think that organized religion is the main thing that is wrong with the world today. People use religion as a way to justify their fucked up views towards other people and I don't think that is the way God wants it to be. Besides, with all the religions out in the world today, who is to say what religion is the one that will get you to heaven. Some people use their religion as the only way life should be lived, instead of having an open mind to other people's views, which thereby contributes to discrimination, hatred and intolerance towards innocent people.

In my humble opinion this is not how God intended it to be.

But this is only My opinion.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

There are 3 sides to everything... My side, Your side and the truth

When I first started this blog about 2 years ago, I had a series of posts called "To my Uncle Larry."

These posts were about the Dallas Cowboys and the Washington Redskins.

See my Uncle is a die hard Redskins fan. I am a fair weather Cowboys fan. I like them sometimes, but I find it hard to blindly follow any one thing. I also like the Carolina Panthers. When I was younger I liked the Pittsburgh Steelers. I still follow them now. I love football, it is my favorite sport, but I cannot tie myself down to blindly supporting one team.

The same goes for College football. I like all the Florida teams.... Florida, Florida State and Miami.

I believe that a person has to have options in life. There is no "one" way to do anything. I believe that there is no completely "right" answer for anything. I think that any person that blindly follows one way and ignores the fact that there could be a better way or an easier way is a fool.

I don't understand how a person can support and defend one certain thing even though that one certain thing is fucked up.

I don't understand how a person can get mad at another person that points out that their one certain thing is fucked up.

I think that everything needs to have some type of constructive criticism. I believe if you truly love something, you will point out that sometimes that that something is wrong.

To me that is the definition of "loving something".

If you are having trouble following were I am going with this, let me break it down.
I have a partner that is a die hard Republican. I have wrote about him from time to time here on my lil 'ole blog. He goes by the name of Daddio911.

He is one of those types of people that has tunnel vision. His way is the only right way and he refuses to see that maybe his way might not be all that right.

If something does not fit inside his "perfect" little box, then it is the Devils creation and it ain't even worth considering.

I don't understand that mentality. I like talking to this guy and we have a lot of very enlightening conversations, but sometimes he can get on my nerves.

I will listen to his point of view and sometimes I agree and sometimes I don't. But if I say anything that contradicts his point of view, he doesn't want to hear it. The other day we were talking about Politricks, which is the usually our topic of conversation,and the Clinton's came up. This guy blames the Clinton's for everything. If Armageddon was to start at midnight tonight,it would be Hill-Billy's fault. He does not want to place blame on anything that he believes is "right" and "just".

I don't understand it.

If that is what Loyalty means, then I guess I am the Antichrist of loyalty.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The only color that matters is Green

Rush Limpdick wants to buy the sorry ass St. Louis Rams.


So what?

A lot of prominent Black Folks and NFL players are against it.

First of all let me say that I think the drug addict currently known as Rush is a major asshole. I think he is a throwback to the early days of our beloved country. I think if he had his way, Black Americans would still be in the cotton fields and we would still be pissing and shitting in "Colored only" toilets. We would still be drinking "colored only" water. We would still be drawing big audiences in major night clubs, but we would still have to get to the stage from the back door to entertain those White Only audiences.

That being said.....

I think it is wrong ass wrong to deny somebody something they want just because you might not agree with what he thinks.

I know I am going to hear the famous lines from one track minded Black Folks saying, 'Well Red, Black Folks were denied buying houses in White neighborhoods back in the day. We were denied jobs back in the day. We were denied basic human rights back in the day...blah blah blah....'

My response is....


What does that have to do with now?

Just because we were mistreated and discriminated against, that gives us the right to mistreat and discriminate?

If the man has the money and the backing to buy a dead ass dead NFL team, then let him have it.

Why should he be denied spending his money?

I am pretty sure that all those players and coaches on the Rams would still play for Limpdick if the money was right.

Money from Racists spends just like money from a non racist.
When the bills are due, the bill collector doesn't ask where the money came from. Alls they want to know is when the money is coming.

People act like Rush would be the only Racist in AmeriKKKa that owns a major company.

Who cares what this idiot said about Black Americans in sports?

As an AmeriKKKan, he has the right to say that and what ever the hell else he might feel like saying.

Do I agree with it?

No. But I would not want to be denied from buying something I have the money to buy just because of what I say on this Blog.

And one more thing..

I know that some Black Americans will call anybody that chooses to work for Limpdick a sell out and an Uncle Tom.

My response to that?

Black gang bangers sell out everyday by killing other Black gang bangers and sometimes innocent Black People.
Black People sell out everyday by not cooperating with the authorities when they see a crime committed against other Black People.
Black people sell out everyday by selling drugs to other Black People.
Black People sell out everyday by supporting rappers and other "entertainers" that demean and belittle other Black People.
Black People sell out everyday by voting for Black politicians just because they are Black.
Black People sell out everyday by supporting Ministers and "Mega" Churches that do nothing but exploit other Black People.
Black men sell out everyday by choosing not to take care of their families and kids.
Black men sell out everyday by choosing to fill up prisons instead of schools.
Black women sell out everyday by not demanding the respect from the above mentioned Black men that they deserve.

So do Black People consider the above Black people "sell outs" and "Uncle Toms?"

So it is OK for Black people to exploit other Black People, but it is Racist if a White man wants to do it?

Get the Fuck outta here!

I could care less if this fool wants to buy a losing NFL franchise. I could care less about the players that choose to play for him. I could care less about the Coaches that choose to coach for him.

I will choose not to support him. I will choose not to buy anything that says St. Louis on it. I will not watch any St. Louis games. That is how I will stand up and say fuck Rush Limbaugh.

But to deny this man the right that every AmeriKKKan has just by being AmeriKKKan is wrong.

Until Black Americans start supporting and loving other Black Americans and until we start EARNING the rights that our Ancestors DIED for us to have, we do not have the right to say anything about how some insignificant White man wants to spend his money or what that same dumb ass man says.

Friday, October 9, 2009

I talk a good game on this blog, so does that make me eligible for a Nobel Peace Prize?

So the President has just been declared the winner of the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE.

I have mixed feelings about this. There are many questions that need to be asked and answered before I cosign on this. Although I know it does not matter what the hell I think, I wasn't on the voting committee.

I believe that there were other more deserving people who should have been considered.
President Obama has only been a President for 9 months. He has not done anything that benefits the world stage, except expose the hypocrisy and bigotry here in the country that elected him. He has TALKED a good game about what he WANTS to do, but he has not had TIME to DO anything yet.

So what was the CRITERIA for giving him this award?
Did they like his SPEECHES on bringing Christians and Muslims together?
Did they like him going to damn near every country in Europe apologizing for the Bushies fuck ups?
Did they like how he is TALKING about helping people in this country with health care?
Or what about him TALKING about ending the wars that were started by his predecessor, but has yet to do?

I am very proud of our President, but.....
I don't understand this.

Wouldn't it have made better sense for the voting committee to wait until he actually accomplished something on the World Stage before they just by passed more deserving candidates?

What was the reasoning behind this?

I don't know who the other nominees were, I am going to have to research it, but I don't agree with this.

This prize was given prematurely.

I always thought that recipients of this prestigious award had to have given a lifetime in helping the world be a better place.

How the hell does electing a Black President in a White Dominated country fit into that?

The man still needs to make good on all the speeches he has given. I admit that he inspires the hell out of me, and probably damn near every other Black Man in this country. I was at the Dallas VA the other day checking on my education benefits, and I passed by a picture of the President and I swear I must have stood there in awe looking at that picture for at least 5 minutes. I mean to just see a picture of a man who looks like he could be my Uncle, up in a United States Federal Building, just made my heart swell with pride.

He has not done anything to deserve the Nobel Peace Prize.
Inspiring people to kiss the sky should not be enough.
He needs to accomplish something that benefits all people in the world before his name should have even been whispered.

I am Sorry Mr. President, I ain't hating, but this shit here is not right.

But this is just my opinion. An opinion that only matters to me.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I got that White Girl!! 2 for 10!

I am going to talk about something that has been on every Black Person's mind since we were born Black, but no one has voiced to anyone outside of their Black Circle.

No one has voiced this outside of their Black Circle.... until now.


Why the hell does it seem that 5 out of 10 Black-White Interracial couples I have seen in my short time on this Earth has been a Black Man with a White woman that looks like she she just fell off the back of the truck headed to Jenny Craig's house?

Why do my Brothers always fall in love with the White Girls that White Guys don't want?

Why do they always pick the most homely, trailer trash looking, meth head looking, dirty stringy greasy hair having White Women to take home to their Black Mother?

Unless of course they are Millionaire sports stars. Then they all have the Blond Haired Blue eyed Cheerleader. But that is the subject for another post.

Why is this?

There is nothing wrong with Interracial dating, marriage, or having a bunch of mixed kids. If a person falls in love with a Turnip and has Radish kids, then God Bless em.

But this shit right here....

I don't understand it.

I know a dude (Black Dude) that just divorced his (White) Wife after he found out that she was cheating on him, with a White Dude. Now how often does that happen? I have never heard of a White Woman leaving a Black Man for a White Man. Usually once a White Woman crosses over, there is no turning back. I guess that does not say too much for my dude huh?

Before the very nasty divorce, the Sun shone out of this woman's ass. Now she is a Bitch, a slut, a skank and every other nasty thing that comes out of his mouth. Keep in mind that he has 2 beautiful kids with this Bitch, slut and skank. He is living proof on how thin the line between Love and Hate really is.


My guy will not even look at a Black woman.
He has gotten involved with those Dating Web Sites and all his "friends" are White Women. He told me that he does not want to deal with the drama that a Black Woman brings.

Could this be the answer to my questions?

Could it be that some Black man would rather deal with a homely ass homely looking White Woman than deal with the "drama" that a Black Woman brings?
There is a verse in the Bible that says it is better for a man to live on the corner of a rooftop than to live in a spacious house with a quarrelsome woman. (Proverbs 21:9) Seeing as how most Black People are so "religious", are they simply doing what God wants them to do?

Or could it be that 'ole cliche about how a Black Man will choose a White Woman over a Black Woman simply because she is White?

Is White Skin really that Powerful of a drug to some Black Men?

If it is, I want to be the first to bottle that shit, patent that shit, and sell that shit.

I got the potential to be the next Nino Brown of slanging that real "White Girl".

Lord knows I would never run out of Clientale.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Country first in Private, But Fuck the Country in Public. The Republican new motto

So Chi=town got knocked out in the first round of the Olympic bid huh?

Who would have thunk it?

I personally would LOVE to go to a city that sits on a dirty ass dirty LAKE, before I would even think about going to a city that has some of the best BEACH (bodies) front property of the WORLD.

But that is just me.

Let me stop.

I am extending my fist in a "Terrorist bump" to all my Brazilian brothers and sisters. Good job. Ya'll deserve it and I am sure that the Olympics will be a success.
I would have preferred that my country could have beaten that ass, but it is what it is.

Did I say "my country?"
Did I say that I would have "preferred my country to beat that ass?"

Uhh Yep. I do believe I did.

So why doesn't some of our fellow AmeriKKKans feel the same?

Why were some of the "COUNTRY FIRST" assholes cheering the fact that the country they want back, lost?

Why were they dancing in the streets like it was 1999?
Why were they 'raising the roof' like they found some rhythm over night?

I don't understand this shit.

How can you claim to "love" something so much and then cheer when that something gets embarrassed on the world stage?

What kind of hypocrisy is this?
How the hell is this going to define The President's legacy?
Didn't other President's lose their bid to host the Olympics?


I know to hate is wrong, but I am close to saying that I hate Republicans.
I don't see how in the hell anybody can associate themselves with such hatred, hypocrisy and straight out bullshit.

How can you wrap yourself up in the Nations flag, recite the constitution every night, pray to your God to bless the United States of America and then turn around with the same mouth and cheer for YOUR country losing?

How can you call yourself a PATRIOTIC God fearing American, when you clap, dance and cheer when America loses a chance to show the world how "democracy" is the savior of the world?

How can you support this type of madness?

If I had an answer to my own questions, I would be the next Billionaire going to lobby for the 2020 Olympics to be held in my old stomping grounds, Prince Georges County, MD.

But if a CITY with the most Black People per capita of any other CITY in the country got knocked out in the first round, a COUNTY with the most Black Millionaires per capita in the country would not stand a chance.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

If a Black Man kills another Black Man in the "hood" and there is no Video, Does anyone see it?

I swore to myself that I was not going to write about this, but.... well, damn it to hell, it just kept calling me.

The kid that got beat to death in Chicago was a very, very bad thing.

But the 30 school age kids that have died in Chicago this past year is also a very, very bad thing.

All the kids that have died in Baltimore, DC, Philly, New York and Atlanta can also be considered a very, very bad thing.
Did I happen to mention that all of these kids I have mentioned were BLACK KIDS?

So what makes Derion's death more important than all the others?

Derion's death was caught on video. Somebody taped it and sent the film in.

So again, what makes Derion's death more important than all the others?

A white man had to put it on the national media.

It was not a "tragedy" until a white man decided to talk about it.

This is what pisses me the hell off.

There are thousands of Derion's every year in the Black community, but no one cares. The Black Community doesn't even care.
But the minute a White man starts to care, now everybody is blogging and crying about this one death like it is a first.

How many memorials are dedicated to young Black Men every week in some Black neighborhood?
How many will be today?

This problem has been going on in our communities ever since... well ever since.
This is nothing new.
Where has all the outrage been?
Where have all the activists been?
Where have all the preachers been?
The politicians?
The media?

It takes a white run news outlet to tell us that our shit is fucked up?
All of a sudden it is a problem because a White man says it is?

I have been blogging about shit like this for the past 2 years.

Sometimes I think that my people are the slowest people in America.

We (some of us)accept bullshit like it is the norm. We accept the "music" that is being played everyday all day on radio stations as if it is cool to glorify negativity.
We accept the fact that our neighborhoods are the most run down of all the neighborhoods in every city in America as if that is how it is supposed to be.
We are cool with our Children dropping out of school and going to prison like that is how it has always been and that is how it will always be.
We love motherfuckers like R Kelly and defend his bitch-ass when ever somebody White says anything about him.
We defend stupid ass niggas like Plaxico Burress for doing stupid shit that we know in our hearts is dead ass wrong.
We allow Preachers and Ministers to rape us every Sunday with "tidings of good news", by giving them total access to our wallets and minds while most of them are the most crooked ass crooked bastards around.
We allow Politricksters to lie to us about "change" only to see that not a damn thing changes except the numbers in their bank account.

I could go on and on.... But what would be the point?

We have conformed so much just to be accepted here in our "adopted" homeland that we have forgotten who the hell we are.


I guess you can't forget something that you never knew.
Maybe that is the problem.....
Anyways back on topic....

It ain't like my lil 'ole blog is going to be featured on CNN or MSNBC. And most definitely not Fixed Noise.(Fox News for all you out there that I lost with that)

No White man is going to read my thoughts and do an expose about the feelings of Dirty Red.

So if I stand in a crowded room and scream until my lungs are sore, if there are no White People in the room, will anyone hear me?

Monday, September 28, 2009

The intelligent answer is, there is no intelligent answer

I was over at my man RIPPA'S spot this morning, and I left a comment on his post about how that idiot glenn beck (no caps for that motherfucker)back-tracked on his statement about how Obama hates "white culture".

It seems that beck could not explain what he meant by "white culture".

Mrs. Couric asked him numerous times what exactly he meant, but he couldn't do it. He even admitted that he did not know what "white culture" was. He said that Mrs. Couric was trying to trap him and he said he was not going to answer her question.

Here is the comment I left.....

Does this surprise you Rippa? This man is an ignant motherfucker. He speaks out his ass on every one of his shows. Most racist people do not know why they are racist. If you ask them to explain to you in an intelligent fashion exactly what it is they don't like about a certain group of people, they will probably spout out some bullshit that they heard somebody else say. They are how they are because somebody else told them that is how they should be. The same applies to this asshole. If this man had any smarts or nuts about himself he would research his views before he started talking out the side of his neck. Ignant is as ignant does. But I do agree that the threat of not getting paid will motivate a person ignant or not ignant, to straighten their shit up. At least in public that is.

So the question that I am asking here is, Why are people Racist?
Is it because of some personal thing that has happened to them or is it because their friends are racist, so in order to fit in, they become racists too?

If it is the first question,the one about something personal, what the hell do White People have to be racist about?

Has a White Person ever been denied basic human rights just because they were White?
Has a White Person ever had a cross burned in their yard by Black "Christians?"
Has there ever been a documented case of a White Person being lynched by a crazy bunch of "Christian" Black People?
Has the Police ever pulled a White Person over for driving a nice car in an affluent Black "only" area?
Has any White Kids ever been kicked out of a Black recreation center for only wanting to swim there on a hot summer day?
Has a White Person ever been railroaded in a trial where they were completely innocent by a Black jury of his "peers?"
Has a White Person that is looking to start up a business ever been denied a loan by a Black loan manager just because they were White?
Has White People ever been targeted by Black owned and operated Mortgage companies with Predatory loans?
Has a White President ever been interrupted during a speech about anything, by a Black Congressman with the words "YOU LIE?"

To answer my own questions...... No, to all the above.
(If someone, ANYONE, out there in Blog Land can send me a credible example that proves me wrong in any of the above questions, hit me up here in the comment section and I will gladly post a retraction.)

From what I see, the only people that have a credible reason to hate and despise anybody here in AmeriKKKa is the non-whites in AmeriKKKa.
Correct me if I am wrong, but from where I sit, the only people in this country that have not been discriminated against, used, abused and targeted, is the White portion of the population.

So what is the White excuse for hating anyone that does not look like them?
What kind of intelligent answer can any racist give that justifies their hatred?

Am I saying that White Racists are the only Racists?
No I am not.
There are Racists in every sect of Human culture.
But again the question is, Why are people inclined to be Racist?

I think the answer is that there is no intelligent answer. Most people don't like something because their friends and family don't like something.

That sounds dumb huh?

Well I said that there was no intelligent answer.

I believe that as long as there are weak minded people that blindly believe what other people tell them without bothering to check the validity of what is being told them, there will always be racists.

Racism is not a disease. It is a social disorder. It cannot be treated like a disease. It can only be treated with education. As long as there are dumb people that follow what they consider "smart" people there will be racism.

And to be honest, AmeriKKKa is full of dumb people.

Educated people that actually think it is a good thing to have an educated view about something, instead of always agreeing simply because Sally and 'nem said to agree, are the real minority in this country.

There are a few leaders in this country of mine that have a lot of simple minded ass followers.

I guess that is why 1% of the countries population controls 95% of the countries wealth.

The old saying is true, A one eyed man is King in the world of the blind.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Everyone wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die to get there

The other day the FBI caught a dude that was planning to blow up a building here in Dallas. The guy was an Illegal Immigrant from Jordan. He caught the attention of the FBI by posting on his Face Book page about how he wanted to declare Jihad on America.

What sense does that make?

This is the era of the Patriotic Act.

Common sense should have told this idiot that posting illegal intentions on a site that is visited by Billions of people every day was not a good idea.

This makes me wonder if this guy was for real with his thoughts or if he is just another Stoolie that our government is using to make us believe that we are actually making progress in Bush's war on the "axis of evil".


This little episode got me to thinking about something.

American Blacks are some of the most die-hard religious fanatics on the face of the earth.

You cannot meet a group of 10 Black People here in America without at least 10 of them proclaiming their love for Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Every Black Family has a preacher somewhere down the family tree and every Black community with at least 50 people has at least 20 churches within walking distance of each other.

But with all this religion that has been forced down our throats since the day of our births, How many Black People will be willing to strap a bomb to their chests and blow themselves up in the name of Jesus?

How many Black People will drive a van filled with explosives into a crowded area screaming 'In the Name of Jesus I rebuke thee!' before pulling the detonator switch?

How many Black People would be willing to leave this world of Escalades,Pit Bulls, Madden 2010, 80 inch Plasma TVS, summer vacations to Brazil and Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles to become Martyrs for 'The King of Kings'?

How many?

As religious as my people claim to be, it would make sense that the line would be around the block and up the street.

Don't you think it is the ultimate test of faith to give your life for your God and your beliefs?

I mean think about it.....

Black people (men) give up their lives daily for money, women and "respect".

Black people (men) die everyday fighting for a street that they do not own.

Black People die everyday for material shit that they did not make and are not getting paid to represent.

Black People die everyday for not being smart about their sexual endeavors.

So why not go one further and die for some shit that actually matters?

What is more important than one's faith?

I mean besides being the first to cop the latest Jay-Z CD that is.

A person has to have priorities right?

Monday, September 21, 2009

How does Jesus really feel?

There are some things in the Bible that I do not understand.

Example: Matthew 19 verse 11-12. In this verse Jesus is supposedly talking about Marriage in this passage.

11Jesus replied, "Not everyone can accept this word, but only those to whom it has been given. 12For some are eunuchs because they were born that way; others were made that way by men; and others have renounced marriage[a]because of the kingdom of heaven. The one who can accept this should accept it."

How can a man be born a EUNUCH?

I have always thought a Eunuch was a man that had had his goodies cut off so that he will not be tempted to dip his stick in any royal dishes.

So how can a man be BORN a Eunuch?

Is this some coded reference made by Jesus that implies that there are some men that are born that do not want to dip his stick in any royal dishes? In other words: Are there men that are BORN Gay instead of CHOOSING to be Gay?

If this is true, If I am understanding what I am reading, then what about this....

"Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination." Leviticus 18:22

So does this mean that being Gay is wrong in God's eyes?

Then what did Jesus mean?

If what Jesus said in Matthew Chapter 19 is supposedly about Marriage, does he mean that marriage between 2 men is accepted as long as a man is BORN a Eunuch?

And if this is what he meant, why is he contradicting the words of Moses? (Moses is the author of Leviticus).

If Jesus says that some men are BORN Eunuchs, then I am guessing that he meant that some men are born without "natural" male tendencies and urges.

Meaning there are some men that are born without a set of "nuts". Literally and mentally.

So does this mean that everything that has been taught over the centuries is a lie?

Or does it mean that the men who "translate" the Bible every Sunday morning omit what they want to omit to get their own agenda across?

Or am I doing exactly that and seeing what I want to see?

I firmly believe that some people are born with Homosexual tendencies. I also believe that some people choose to be that way.
I know how I feel and my feelings are that I do not understand the attraction between same sexes, male or female. I don't get it. There is nothing in me that would make me want to have sex with a man.

But that is how I feel.
I also feel it is wrong to judge in either case.

I don't know what God thinks about this because he has not answered me when I have asked him. And in my opinion, the bible is suspect. I mean I believe it is the word of God, at least the original version, but it has been tampered with, changed, some things that should be in it has been left out intentionally and since it was man that has done all these things, and we all know how men are, I don't think that the Bible we have today is 100% accurate.

How could it be?
Man makes mistakes.
Some men have their own personal agenda.
And it has been proven that history is written by the winners. So all the stuff that the "winners" did not think was relevant, was left out of their "version" of history.

I also feel that since there is so little love in this world as it is, a person has to get it any way they can.

In other words, In the words of the esteemed Too Short, "Get in where you fit in."

But then Jesus did say:

"The one that CAN accept this SHOULD accept it."