Thursday, January 29, 2009

Flying the friendly Skies

For the inauguration last week, Wifey and I flew back to Maryland. We had to catch a flight into Philly and drive down because the prices into DC and BWI were crazy expensive. I have probably spent more time on a plane than the average brother seeing as how I have lived in Europe, and Wifey and I try to go on a little get away at least twice a year. I say all this to say that in all the flights I have taken, on all the different airlines I have given my money to, I have never had a knock-down gorgeous fine ass fine Flight Attendant. I always get the ones that are about to retire or the gay ass gay dude.

That's why this story caught my eye. Spirit airlines wants to use sexually suggestive ads to market it's cheap flights.


I understand that Sex sells. I also understand that most guys think about Sex more than women. There is nothing more beautiful on this earth than a woman.

But damn where is the line drawn?

If your business has to resort to having to place ads where your employees dress like Playboy Bunnies to make a sale, then you got problems.

Problems that a pair of Double D's,a micro mini skirt and red pumps ain't gonna fix.

My question is this...

Why would a company want to subject it's female employee's to all the lewd comments and illicit offers that is sure to come from doing something like this?

Why would you want to associate your company with something that would bring so much negative press?

Now from a mans point of view, I would love to get on a long flight from Dallas to my beloved PG County and have a nice view of a pair of nice tata's, a firm stomach, a well shaped badunka dunk, and nice firm thighs. I would prolly try to catch a flight from my house to my job everyday.

But if it were my company, would I sell my companies integrity for a few extra dollars?

I understand that shit ain't good in the business world right about now, but we have got to keep our morals and convictions.

Now in this story the Flight Attendants are trying to stop the adds. I don't blame them. Even though a part of me wants to tell the Flight Attendants to just shut-up and put on the cat suit, the part above my belt is saying this shit is so wrong on so many levels. It is wrong to degrade another human for your benefit.

It's just wrong ass wrong.

Once you sell your soul, you do not get back.

But just thinking about seeing a Flight Attendant dressed like the Playmate of the month....

Let me stop right here.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mr. " I want to get high" puts Country First... Again

I was not going to write about this, but the more I think about it the more it pisses me off.

Rush "It just keeps calling me" Limbaugh said he wants OUR democratically elected President to fail.

He also said that Big O is afraid of him.

I was not going to give this piece of shit the time of day, but I need to vent.

I think that this should be considered treason. He and all his bitch-ass listeners should be investigated as probable threats to OUR President and tortured at QITMO before they close it down.

Notice I said OUR President. This man was elected in a landslide by the AMERICAN people.

BLACK People did not put this man in office. The AMERICAN people did.The election was not rigged. There was no recount. He did not cheat to win. He straight monkey stomped his competition.

The American People spoke and now we have a new President.

Now my question is...

When Jr. was sitting behind the big old desk, in the big funny shaped office, in the big white house, Fox noise and all those motherfuckers that work at that spin-off of comedy central, including Mr."Puff Puff Pass" Limbaugh himself, was saying that WE (Americans) should all give the man a break. They were saying that he is the dully elected Prez, and we should respect him and his position. We were being too hard on OUR President. We were not being PATRIOTIC.

Now that we have a HNIC with a funny name, a mixed background, a BLACK father, a White mother, who was raised by old WHITE people, who married a Black woman, he wants him to fail?

Am I the only one that sees a big-ass problem with this?

Has any Black man ever been quoted as saying he wants our President to fail?
We all know that no President has ever gave a damn about us or our issues, but we supported them all the same. We voted for every last one of 43 WHITE men before PRESIDENT Barack Obama. We cheered at all their inaugurations, we saluted whenever he went past, we fought in every war that they declared, we even christened one of those WHITE men the first BLACK President. We cryed when one was assassinated, and we still cry at the anniversary of that assassination.

And this spineless, bloated, drug addicted bastard has the nerve to say that he wants this President to fail?

Can you imagine the outcry if Jesse, Al or even Flava Flav would have said some shit like this about one of the other 43?

It is shit like this that makes me want to take it back to the streets and pull a Reginald Denny
on any "other" that I see on my block.

But doing that would make me just as ignorant as the punk, bitch ass motherfucker I am writing about.

I am not an Ignorant man.

Besides everyone knows the saying that God does not like Ugly. And I consider myself a very handsome (but pissed off) BLACK MAN.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Finishing 2nd only means that you are the first person to lose

There is an uproar here in Dallas about a high school Girls Basketball coach who ran up the score on another local high school. It seems that this coach keep his starters in the game even though the final score of this game ended up being 100-0.

Yep, you heard that right, 100-0!!

Now how can a coach humiliate another team like that, you may ask?


It's called doing his job.

That is not the best of the story... The coach was fired.

Yep, he lost his job because his team won.

Me personally, I would not have ran up the score like that, I probably would have pulled my starting 5 after the the score was say... 60 to 0.
But the coach losing his job?

That is just wrong.

Winning is the name of any game. Nobody plays anything to lose.

But Dirty Red what about 'good sportsman ship'?

Well I believe good sportsmanship includes being gracious when you lose and especially when you win.

But let's be real... A gracious loser is still what?


I think that is what is wrong with my country today.

There is no pride any more.
Everyone wants to be politically correct and all goody-goody.

That is why the Chinese, Japanese and India are all kicking our asses in Technology, Science and math.

Americans are afraid to hurt others feelings. We are afraid to show our power because we don't want to look like a bunch of know-it-alls.

'Don't worry Johnny, it is OK to lose. It builds character'.
'Smile little Suzy,you can't win them all',
'It's only a game Tommy'. Tomorrow is another day. You can try again.'


We are breeding a country of losers, and politically correct assholes that are doomed to live a life of mediocracy.

Instead of teaching our children to be the best they can be and not to accept anything less than perfection we are teaching them to be a punch of pussies.

A bunch of 2nd place, silver and bronze medal winners.

Tell me the truth people, can anyone tell me who finished any event in second place this summer during the Olympics?


I'll wait....


But I bet everyone that is reading this knows who Michael Phelps, is huh?

Am I wrong?

Holla at me in the comments!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hallujah!! It's Offering Time

I am not a religious man. I believe in God, but I just do not get organized religion.

My fellow Black brothers and sisters have got to be the most God Fearing, Jesus worshipping, shouting, Holy Ghost having, church every Sunday (after the club)people on the face of the earth.

We are known to fill up a church on Sunday morning.
We are known to praise Jesus whenever something good happens and it must be 'Gods will' when something bad happens.

All of this is all good.

Everyone needs something to believe in, whether it be Jesus, Jehovah, Allah, Buddha whatever those scientilogists believe in or even that big oak tree in Big Mamma's front yard. We all need to have faith that there is something better in our lives. Something that protects us and guides us through bad times.

I damn sure need it.

Anyways my question is....

What the hell has organized religion ever done to benefit Black America?

Why is it that the church is full of millions of Men of God, Women of God, and Child of Gods every Sunday,and sometimes Wednesday,Thursday and Friday nights, and the jails are full of those same Men of God, Women of God and Child of Gods?

Why are our neighborhoods so full of despair and negativity when we walk with the Lord every Sunday?

Why are the preachers of these Churches the only ones in their community that does not live in their community? I am pretty sure that Sister Betty does not live in the same Gated community that the beloved Bishop lives in.

Why do rappers get on stage and pray for God to continue to bless them and right after the Amen they start rapping about Hoes, drugs, killing another Child of God and making fast money?

Why do all those big name preachers leave their flock to try their run at public office?
Doesn't it say in the Constitution that church and state is supposed to be separated?
And we all know that politicians are the most corrupt, lying, cheating motherfuckers to walk the earth. So why do so many 'spreaders of the word' try to join them?

I would bet that besides the neighborhood drug dealers and hustlers, Religion is the most prosperous business in the Black community.

Religion does not do anything but get paid off all our fears.
It exploits the community to give 10% of their pennies to the church every Sunday, while most of the flock in the church is struggling to keep their lights on.
If we don't support the church, we are all doomed to live a pain filled life in hell for eternity.

I don't understand the mentality of my people. It is like we have been beaten up so much in our short time in America that we will grasp onto anyone and anything that hints at something better.

Like I said... I believe in God, I pray everyday for guidance and strength.
I pray for knowledge and I pray for understanding.

I do go to church every now and then, because it does feel good to be around so much positive energy, but I cannot get down with organized religion.

I believe that the bible says all we have to do is accept him and his son, repent our sins, try to treat others in the best way possible and try to live our lives as well as we can.

As far as I can tell there is nothing in there that says I have to be a member of Holy Trinity Brotherhood Episcopal Southern AME Methodist Mega Church to be accepted by him.

Well, the preacher on Sunday did say that I have to have a 'church home' or I was not saved.

Maybe God told him that while he was driving his big bodied Mercedes on the way from his suburban mansion to his Mega Church in the hood.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

What once was old, will be made new, just to be made old again

Yesterday while I was in my college cafeteria waiting for class to start, I noticed several things.

1.I do not believe that shit about more Black men in Jail than in college. At my school I would venture to say that 35% of all students are Black men. And this is not a HBCU. Half of the people in the cafeteria were Black men. Out of my class of about 25 students, I would say there are about 8 Black Men.I wrote about this same subject here in this blog just last year. So please believe we are not as bad off as some would have you think.

2.There are a lot of nerdy Black dudes at my school. It amazed me to see how many computer geeks, skate boarders and kids that I would have been happy to smack around when I was in High School, chilling like, 'it is what it is, love me or leave me'. Which in my opinion kills another misconception about us, that we do not value education and we only go to college as a short stop to professional sports.

3.The reason behind the title of this post.....

Most of the stuff I did when I was in High School, I see these young cats doing.
Most of the fashions and hair cuts I used to sport, I see these young cats rocking like it is the new hotness on the streets.

Seeing these young cats looking like I used to look made me reminisce about my youth. How young and naive I was. It made me miss my Moms and how I would bend (but not break too bad)the rules that she set down for me. It made me miss going to my Grandmother's and my Aunties house in the summer. It made me miss playing 'hide and go get' with the neighborhood girls. I miss playing ATARI, and playing UNO and Spaids on the front stoop of my building. I miss begging my Moms for her spare change so that I could go to the neighborhood Arcade. I miss how my Moms would yell out the window for me to come in for dinner. I miss talking on the phone with girls I thought I was in love with playing the 'you hang up... no you hang up... ok, we will hang up on 3' game. I miss the block parties and the $1 nites at the local rec center.


Either I am getting old, or time is repeating itself.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hell is hot... At least I hope this fool finds that out.

When I read the caption for this story,my first reaction was please don't let this fool be Black.

But I was sadly disappointed.

Of course, this was one of my cousins.

This sad excuse for a human killed his 2 and half year old son because he did not want to pay child support.

This shit enrages me to no end. I have prayed constantly for a child for at least the last 5 years and here this fool comes and kills his child because his punk bitch coon niggerified ass did not want to pay child support?

If the state of Louisiana does not fry this fool, there really is no value on a Black Life.
This nigga should not even be afforded the opportunity of having a fair trial.
He admitted it, and he led the police to HIS CHILD'S body.


What kind of world is this when shit like this happens?

What did that little Innocent 2 and a half year old boy do to deserve this?

Some people just do not need to be here. They are a cancer to the rest of us and they need to be eliminated.

This is why some Red Necks view Black people as animals.
This is why I get the 'oh shit' look when I step in an elevator with a blond haired blue eyed Becky.
This is why motherfuckers like Rush Limpdick can talk about "Barack the Magic Negro" on a syndicated radio show that is heard by millions of 'good working class folks'.

This is why.

The bitch that did this needs to die in the most vicious way possible.

That little life that was extinguished because his sperm doner did not want to take care of him, needs to be avenged.

And if his mama gets on T.V. talking about how her son is a good boy that never did anything wrong,and the police are only targeting him because he is Black, then her delusional ass needs to be taken out too.

Shit like this needs to stop, by any means necessary.

God Bless your soul little man.

And may your punk bitch weak ass excuse of a babies daddy rot forever and 10 days in the hottest part of Hell.(If there is one).

Friday, January 2, 2009

Another day in American Politricks

I was not going to talk about this story because I did not want to start the New Year off like this, but I changed my mind.

The Senate Democrats have issued a statement saying that they are going to block Raymond Burris from attending the swearing in ceremony Tuesday of all newly elected senators. They said that the Po-PO will be on hand to escort old dude out if he gets stupid and starts to act niggerish.

First, I think that Mr. Burris was wrong for accepting Blagovichs'(however the hell you spell his name)nomination to fill Big O's vacated seat. He should have known that this shit would bite him in the ass. Why would you accept anything from a man that is being investigated for trying to sell what he is offering you to the highest bidder? Doesn't this only make it look like you were one of those bidders? It makes no sense to me. In my opinion this is a political suicide, but that is just my opinion. Me, I would not have even accepted Blagovich's phone calls.

Second you have to commend Blagovich for doing some gangsta ass gangsta shit. He has given the Democrats, including the next president, the big middle finger. He has basically said 'I am still the man up in this bitch. Yall hating ass motherfuckers ain't got nothing on me. How you going to stop me'? Ima do what Ima do. The hell wit all yall. Biatch!!' (I know this is a little graphic, but This is what I would have said anyway.)And to tell the truth, there is nothing that the democrats can do.

This man is still the Governor of Illinois. He is innocent until PROVEN guilty,and so far he has not been proven guilty in any court of law, so that means he still has a job to do. It is the sitting Governor's job to appoint a replacement to fill a vacant Senate seat, and that is exactly what he did as the sitting, lawfully elected, GOVERNOR. He is within the law of the land.

However I can see through his bullshit. This is nothing more than a political stunt. He appointed a Black man to throw the race card on the table. If the Democrats block his nomination, he (and many other race baiting people)are going to say that it is wrong to block this Black Man from being a Senator since there are no Black Senators in DC. They are going to holler injustice and racism and bigotry and all types of other shit. This draws people away from what is really going on, which is going to be this Governors impeachment trial.

Yep I said it. It is all BULLSHIT. And the American people are going to step right in it.

No elected white democrat wants to be reminded that everything that they preach in public, i.e. tolerance, equality and acceptance, is all a ploy to get votes. So they will do what they have to do to make this go away as fast as possible. Which means that until the next senate election, there will be 1 token Black sitting on Capital Hill, whether he deserves to be there or not.

At least this is what I think will happen. I could be wrong though.

You gotta love the American political system...
There is none like it.