Friday, January 2, 2009

Another day in American Politricks

I was not going to talk about this story because I did not want to start the New Year off like this, but I changed my mind.

The Senate Democrats have issued a statement saying that they are going to block Raymond Burris from attending the swearing in ceremony Tuesday of all newly elected senators. They said that the Po-PO will be on hand to escort old dude out if he gets stupid and starts to act niggerish.

First, I think that Mr. Burris was wrong for accepting Blagovichs'(however the hell you spell his name)nomination to fill Big O's vacated seat. He should have known that this shit would bite him in the ass. Why would you accept anything from a man that is being investigated for trying to sell what he is offering you to the highest bidder? Doesn't this only make it look like you were one of those bidders? It makes no sense to me. In my opinion this is a political suicide, but that is just my opinion. Me, I would not have even accepted Blagovich's phone calls.

Second you have to commend Blagovich for doing some gangsta ass gangsta shit. He has given the Democrats, including the next president, the big middle finger. He has basically said 'I am still the man up in this bitch. Yall hating ass motherfuckers ain't got nothing on me. How you going to stop me'? Ima do what Ima do. The hell wit all yall. Biatch!!' (I know this is a little graphic, but This is what I would have said anyway.)And to tell the truth, there is nothing that the democrats can do.

This man is still the Governor of Illinois. He is innocent until PROVEN guilty,and so far he has not been proven guilty in any court of law, so that means he still has a job to do. It is the sitting Governor's job to appoint a replacement to fill a vacant Senate seat, and that is exactly what he did as the sitting, lawfully elected, GOVERNOR. He is within the law of the land.

However I can see through his bullshit. This is nothing more than a political stunt. He appointed a Black man to throw the race card on the table. If the Democrats block his nomination, he (and many other race baiting people)are going to say that it is wrong to block this Black Man from being a Senator since there are no Black Senators in DC. They are going to holler injustice and racism and bigotry and all types of other shit. This draws people away from what is really going on, which is going to be this Governors impeachment trial.

Yep I said it. It is all BULLSHIT. And the American people are going to step right in it.

No elected white democrat wants to be reminded that everything that they preach in public, i.e. tolerance, equality and acceptance, is all a ploy to get votes. So they will do what they have to do to make this go away as fast as possible. Which means that until the next senate election, there will be 1 token Black sitting on Capital Hill, whether he deserves to be there or not.

At least this is what I think will happen. I could be wrong though.

You gotta love the American political system...
There is none like it.


RiPPa said...

Bruh, first off, Happy New Year. Man I was watching this shit unfold and what you said is just what I was thinking. I even told my wife that niggas were gonna pick this shit up and run with it as being racist.


I was right!

And you damn straight Blago knew what the hell he was doing. I'm with you, dude shouldn't have took shit. But hey, he's old and trynna make moves.

ThinkingPrincess said...

Great post! I agree 1000%