Monday, January 26, 2009

Finishing 2nd only means that you are the first person to lose

There is an uproar here in Dallas about a high school Girls Basketball coach who ran up the score on another local high school. It seems that this coach keep his starters in the game even though the final score of this game ended up being 100-0.

Yep, you heard that right, 100-0!!

Now how can a coach humiliate another team like that, you may ask?


It's called doing his job.

That is not the best of the story... The coach was fired.

Yep, he lost his job because his team won.

Me personally, I would not have ran up the score like that, I probably would have pulled my starting 5 after the the score was say... 60 to 0.
But the coach losing his job?

That is just wrong.

Winning is the name of any game. Nobody plays anything to lose.

But Dirty Red what about 'good sportsman ship'?

Well I believe good sportsmanship includes being gracious when you lose and especially when you win.

But let's be real... A gracious loser is still what?


I think that is what is wrong with my country today.

There is no pride any more.
Everyone wants to be politically correct and all goody-goody.

That is why the Chinese, Japanese and India are all kicking our asses in Technology, Science and math.

Americans are afraid to hurt others feelings. We are afraid to show our power because we don't want to look like a bunch of know-it-alls.

'Don't worry Johnny, it is OK to lose. It builds character'.
'Smile little Suzy,you can't win them all',
'It's only a game Tommy'. Tomorrow is another day. You can try again.'


We are breeding a country of losers, and politically correct assholes that are doomed to live a life of mediocracy.

Instead of teaching our children to be the best they can be and not to accept anything less than perfection we are teaching them to be a punch of pussies.

A bunch of 2nd place, silver and bronze medal winners.

Tell me the truth people, can anyone tell me who finished any event in second place this summer during the Olympics?


I'll wait....


But I bet everyone that is reading this knows who Michael Phelps, is huh?

Am I wrong?

Holla at me in the comments!!!


Hawa Bond said...

Political correctness breeds a nation of liars who forget how to be honest with themselves. I'm reading the book Radical Honesty for the second (or third hehe) time, and I love how the author really debunks "PC wisdom" on living a lie.

I saw a quick news blurb about the basketball game and the coach. If I remember correctly, it was a Christian/parochial school? Which to me makes his firing even WORSE because kicking a** isn't a sin. It's Christians living a lie to appear holy - once again. Pssht.

Good post.

Hawa, author of Fackin Truth Blog and Cleanse Master Remix

David Sullivan said...

This is why my son is not going to play in the local Little League and play in the more realistic and competitive Cal Ripken League. Everyone can't win. Life shows no mercy. We've got two generations of children who don't know how to los...never mind lose gracefully. Next time you hear an athlete blaming the refs or screaming that "the best team didn't win" blame the flower children, baby boomers who equated esteem with happiness. Inflated self esteem based on no substative accomplishment breeds spoiled rotten, self centeredness. This is a sore subject with me. DOING A DANCE WHEN YOU MAKE A TACKLE AFTER A RUNNING BACK GETS A FIRST DOWN is just plain ridiculous. AGGGGHHHHHH!!!! I'm 43, but back i my day my coach would have slapped me upside the helmet, grabbed my face mask and screamed that I would sit my ass on the bench for the rest of the game for acting like such an idiot and embarrassing him and the school.