Thursday, January 29, 2009

Flying the friendly Skies

For the inauguration last week, Wifey and I flew back to Maryland. We had to catch a flight into Philly and drive down because the prices into DC and BWI were crazy expensive. I have probably spent more time on a plane than the average brother seeing as how I have lived in Europe, and Wifey and I try to go on a little get away at least twice a year. I say all this to say that in all the flights I have taken, on all the different airlines I have given my money to, I have never had a knock-down gorgeous fine ass fine Flight Attendant. I always get the ones that are about to retire or the gay ass gay dude.

That's why this story caught my eye. Spirit airlines wants to use sexually suggestive ads to market it's cheap flights.


I understand that Sex sells. I also understand that most guys think about Sex more than women. There is nothing more beautiful on this earth than a woman.

But damn where is the line drawn?

If your business has to resort to having to place ads where your employees dress like Playboy Bunnies to make a sale, then you got problems.

Problems that a pair of Double D's,a micro mini skirt and red pumps ain't gonna fix.

My question is this...

Why would a company want to subject it's female employee's to all the lewd comments and illicit offers that is sure to come from doing something like this?

Why would you want to associate your company with something that would bring so much negative press?

Now from a mans point of view, I would love to get on a long flight from Dallas to my beloved PG County and have a nice view of a pair of nice tata's, a firm stomach, a well shaped badunka dunk, and nice firm thighs. I would prolly try to catch a flight from my house to my job everyday.

But if it were my company, would I sell my companies integrity for a few extra dollars?

I understand that shit ain't good in the business world right about now, but we have got to keep our morals and convictions.

Now in this story the Flight Attendants are trying to stop the adds. I don't blame them. Even though a part of me wants to tell the Flight Attendants to just shut-up and put on the cat suit, the part above my belt is saying this shit is so wrong on so many levels. It is wrong to degrade another human for your benefit.

It's just wrong ass wrong.

Once you sell your soul, you do not get back.

But just thinking about seeing a Flight Attendant dressed like the Playmate of the month....

Let me stop right here.


truth said...

Funny post!
Your right Dirty Red, this company will catch a hell of a backlash if they decide to pay for sexually suggestive ads. It's just not cool, no matter how much as men we would like to say it's okay. I wouldn't want any woman in my family subjected to lewd behavior based on her gender and being on a plane, so I can't co sign with someone else's sister, mother or daughter being objectified either.

Kim said...

Spirt Airlines sux so it doesn't surprise me.

Her Side said...

Unfortunately, human nature always wins. In spite of how we feel about the campaign, our affinity for watching train wrecks takes over and next thing you know we're lining their pockets. LOL

ZACK said...

Southwest STARTED with suggestive ads back in the 1970s. Some of them are posted on the company's website. In fact, that was how they drew in customers. Most of the first customers at Southwest were businessmen who traveled alone a lot.

How do I know this? Group project from 3 years ago.... :)

daddio911 said...

Hey whatever puts the asses in the seats, I'm good for. I think that they better be ready for the first in air sexual assault case, but just as long as the lawyers are on speed dial all fair on Wallstreet. Hell if I know that its gonna be a happy flight, I'll fly sexxxy babe airlines....