Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hallujah!! It's Offering Time

I am not a religious man. I believe in God, but I just do not get organized religion.

My fellow Black brothers and sisters have got to be the most God Fearing, Jesus worshipping, shouting, Holy Ghost having, church every Sunday (after the club)people on the face of the earth.

We are known to fill up a church on Sunday morning.
We are known to praise Jesus whenever something good happens and it must be 'Gods will' when something bad happens.

All of this is all good.

Everyone needs something to believe in, whether it be Jesus, Jehovah, Allah, Buddha whatever those scientilogists believe in or even that big oak tree in Big Mamma's front yard. We all need to have faith that there is something better in our lives. Something that protects us and guides us through bad times.

I damn sure need it.

Anyways my question is....

What the hell has organized religion ever done to benefit Black America?

Why is it that the church is full of millions of Men of God, Women of God, and Child of Gods every Sunday,and sometimes Wednesday,Thursday and Friday nights, and the jails are full of those same Men of God, Women of God and Child of Gods?

Why are our neighborhoods so full of despair and negativity when we walk with the Lord every Sunday?

Why are the preachers of these Churches the only ones in their community that does not live in their community? I am pretty sure that Sister Betty does not live in the same Gated community that the beloved Bishop lives in.

Why do rappers get on stage and pray for God to continue to bless them and right after the Amen they start rapping about Hoes, drugs, killing another Child of God and making fast money?

Why do all those big name preachers leave their flock to try their run at public office?
Doesn't it say in the Constitution that church and state is supposed to be separated?
And we all know that politicians are the most corrupt, lying, cheating motherfuckers to walk the earth. So why do so many 'spreaders of the word' try to join them?

I would bet that besides the neighborhood drug dealers and hustlers, Religion is the most prosperous business in the Black community.

Religion does not do anything but get paid off all our fears.
It exploits the community to give 10% of their pennies to the church every Sunday, while most of the flock in the church is struggling to keep their lights on.
If we don't support the church, we are all doomed to live a pain filled life in hell for eternity.

I don't understand the mentality of my people. It is like we have been beaten up so much in our short time in America that we will grasp onto anyone and anything that hints at something better.

Like I said... I believe in God, I pray everyday for guidance and strength.
I pray for knowledge and I pray for understanding.

I do go to church every now and then, because it does feel good to be around so much positive energy, but I cannot get down with organized religion.

I believe that the bible says all we have to do is accept him and his son, repent our sins, try to treat others in the best way possible and try to live our lives as well as we can.

As far as I can tell there is nothing in there that says I have to be a member of Holy Trinity Brotherhood Episcopal Southern AME Methodist Mega Church to be accepted by him.

Well, the preacher on Sunday did say that I have to have a 'church home' or I was not saved.

Maybe God told him that while he was driving his big bodied Mercedes on the way from his suburban mansion to his Mega Church in the hood.


nicki nicki tembo said...

"Every creature knows his mode of worship". Worship of God is alreay factored into our being. Man very simply needs to study God's creation and have respect for it.

ant said...

Man, this may be bad coming from a PK. But I agree with a lot of what you said. A lot of preachers are in it for the money and thats it. I've been around preachers and churches all of my life. And I've seen the low down dirty shit that they do. There are very few preachers that I trust. Of course the one that I do is my father. Not only because he's my father. But because, he never pushes religion at you. He'll talk to you like a normal person. Isn't trying to play the holier then thy role. And doesn't take a dime from his church. He works a full time job and he's fully committed to the church as well. Actually if anything he takes a loss due to the fact he drives over 70 miles one way to church. And does a lot of repairs on his own.

But I've seen preachers, hanging out at the club drunk as shit and then going to church the next morning casting stones. The same negro who was up in the club drinking is here talking ish to people who were there. And never goes to visits anyone who lives in the "hood". Which his ass should go visit all of his members whenever they are sick. No matter where they live. I have more to say about this but don't wanna fill up your comments.

truth said...

Great post,
Your Human first and then your title comes second. Many folk in so called organized religion could learn a lot from that statement.

I'm with you all the way on this one Dirty Red! What's amazing about so called religious folk is their judgment of other people. Jesus speaks about not casting stones at folk, but that's all preachers and religious folk do every damn Sunday. It's much easier to judge someone else then look at our own shit! Many a religious folk have judging other people down to a science!

Dwane T. said...

Hey Brother. I'll just say off the top of my head, Slave revolts were planned in the church. The civil rights movement was organized through churches, and relief efforts from the Black community for Katrina and other tragedies were spearheaded by the church.

The church has always been the center of life for the Black community, so part of it is tradition. But at the same time, nothing is changed without organization (the opposite of which would be disorganization or anarchy). The church is the only organization that is open to all folks regardless of age, sex, economic background, or family history. Frats, sororities, the urban league, NAACP, Links, 100 Black Men, etc. can't say that. It is also the only one where actually paying the dues is up to the individual. You can change churches easier than you can change "chapters". And they all have the same basic book of rules for the organization, so their is continuity in guidance.

Of course the church isn't perfect, because man isn't perfect. Jesus had John, who went by the book, Peter, who was erratic. and Judas, who went for self... and all those folks are represented in the church today. He also had Andrew, who did the best he could with what he could when he could, and didn't get much attention for it. He represents the basic church member.

There will never be a perfect church... or a perfect pastor. But if you take the church out of the Black community, what will you uses to reform drug addicts and prostitutes. Who will deliver food to the elderly and run free after school programs. Who will visit sick folks who have no family in there area. 10% of my money is not a high price to pay for someone to do the work for my brothers and sisters that I'm not doing. And if the "CEO"/Pastor takes some off the top I can't complain, since there is no difference between me keeping my money and him keeping my money if the poor don't get fed either way.

Just some thoughts

David Sullivan said...

There are hypocrites in every race, creed and color.

freemanpress said...

I know people are going to tell you that you should go anyway just like your preacher who said if you don't have a church home you can't be saved but you have to realize the hustle. Now how can all these people on here think something is wrong when you bring it up they tell you you have to believe. Organized religion is the greatest hustle of all time.

Because of this group think mentality if you notice something wrong that doesn't seem to match up with the way people speak you are told God is not the person it's the church. When you say the church doesn't seem to benefit anyone they tell you God is not in the church he's in you. When you don't want to go to church people will say God is not in you and you need guidance from someone who has the spirit. Then the whole damn cycle starts all over again.

Just because people started a organization in the church I'm sure there are people who started a organization in the parking lot of popeyes chicken too does that make popeyes relveant? Most of these cats are 3rd Eye Blind and they keep going back even though they can see the hustle.

The Black Church is not good for us anymore as it is the refuge of the slaves not of thinking men.

Anonymous said...

if i no pay 10% for the month, what happen on this? As i have burden family and not enough money. if i can pay less?

PastorDee said...

Hey Anonymous, God is not as concerned with how much you give as much as how you give. Read Mark 12:41-44. Give what you have in sincerity and God will bless you. God knows your heart!!Most of all
He loves a cheerful giver.