Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mr. " I want to get high" puts Country First... Again

I was not going to write about this, but the more I think about it the more it pisses me off.

Rush "It just keeps calling me" Limbaugh said he wants OUR democratically elected President to fail.

He also said that Big O is afraid of him.

I was not going to give this piece of shit the time of day, but I need to vent.

I think that this should be considered treason. He and all his bitch-ass listeners should be investigated as probable threats to OUR President and tortured at QITMO before they close it down.

Notice I said OUR President. This man was elected in a landslide by the AMERICAN people.

BLACK People did not put this man in office. The AMERICAN people did.The election was not rigged. There was no recount. He did not cheat to win. He straight monkey stomped his competition.

The American People spoke and now we have a new President.

Now my question is...

When Jr. was sitting behind the big old desk, in the big funny shaped office, in the big white house, Fox noise and all those motherfuckers that work at that spin-off of comedy central, including Mr."Puff Puff Pass" Limbaugh himself, was saying that WE (Americans) should all give the man a break. They were saying that he is the dully elected Prez, and we should respect him and his position. We were being too hard on OUR President. We were not being PATRIOTIC.

Now that we have a HNIC with a funny name, a mixed background, a BLACK father, a White mother, who was raised by old WHITE people, who married a Black woman, he wants him to fail?

Am I the only one that sees a big-ass problem with this?

Has any Black man ever been quoted as saying he wants our President to fail?
We all know that no President has ever gave a damn about us or our issues, but we supported them all the same. We voted for every last one of 43 WHITE men before PRESIDENT Barack Obama. We cheered at all their inaugurations, we saluted whenever he went past, we fought in every war that they declared, we even christened one of those WHITE men the first BLACK President. We cryed when one was assassinated, and we still cry at the anniversary of that assassination.

And this spineless, bloated, drug addicted bastard has the nerve to say that he wants this President to fail?

Can you imagine the outcry if Jesse, Al or even Flava Flav would have said some shit like this about one of the other 43?

It is shit like this that makes me want to take it back to the streets and pull a Reginald Denny
on any "other" that I see on my block.

But doing that would make me just as ignorant as the punk, bitch ass motherfucker I am writing about.

I am not an Ignorant man.

Besides everyone knows the saying that God does not like Ugly. And I consider myself a very handsome (but pissed off) BLACK MAN.


Bellini said...

hyprocrite of dynamic proportions -- and conservatives of his ilk swear they're patriotic?

Trinidad. Adventist. Gay?! said...

He said that if Obama wants to enact policies that Limbaugh feels will damage the country then he wishes Obama will fail. What is wrong with that?

Why should he want harmful policies to succeed?

And who are you calling a hypocrite?

Did you want Bush to succeed?

Also, can we call Obama a cocaine addict if you call Limbaugh "I want to get high"?

Compulsively Yours...for now said...

When I hear someone mention Rush Limbaugh as anything other a big pile of dog sh@t, I get angry, he is ignorant, and he is an addict and did I mention ignorant. I do not understand how he still has a soap box to stand on, I suppose there are still a lot of stupid white people out there who can not think for themselves.

But it sure is fun to mock him...

Folk said...

What eva. Some people just like to hear themselves talk. He does whatever he can to scare the hell out of extreme conservative caucasians, then fool them into contributing financially to his cause of causes he peddle.

Dirty Red said...

Hey Girl, you don't call, you don't write, I thought you had forgotten about me. How you and the other 5 been?

I have never said I wanted Jr to fail because he represented my country. The decisions he made affected me and how the world percieved me. The man was my President and wheter I liked his decisions or not I respected him and his position. I think Jr. was the worst President we ever had, but he was still the President. To disrespect the President is like disrespecting your family, because we are all Americans. You may not agree with your family, there maybe be a crack head or two in your family, hell you might have that old crazy uncle that you keep locked in the attic, but it is still FAMILY. Rush Limbaugh and all those bitch-asses at Fox News must not have gotten that memo.

And Obama did not try to hide his past youthful mistakes. Mr. Puff Puff pass did. There is a difference.

Thanks for stopping by. You are right It is fun to mock a Blow-hard. But sometimes I think it is best just to ignore them. But this time I could not resist.

Folk, You said it man.

truth said...

Great post,
Limbaugh's statement shows how ridiculously biased and ignorant he really is.

Being that he's wealthy, Limbaugh would be fine financially if Obama does not succeed. Some of his own listeners would be severely effected if Obama fails. Therefore, he's more concerned about being right than the well being of his own supporters!

Limbaugh's ego is even bigger than his waist line!