Thursday, January 8, 2009

What once was old, will be made new, just to be made old again

Yesterday while I was in my college cafeteria waiting for class to start, I noticed several things.

1.I do not believe that shit about more Black men in Jail than in college. At my school I would venture to say that 35% of all students are Black men. And this is not a HBCU. Half of the people in the cafeteria were Black men. Out of my class of about 25 students, I would say there are about 8 Black Men.I wrote about this same subject here in this blog just last year. So please believe we are not as bad off as some would have you think.

2.There are a lot of nerdy Black dudes at my school. It amazed me to see how many computer geeks, skate boarders and kids that I would have been happy to smack around when I was in High School, chilling like, 'it is what it is, love me or leave me'. Which in my opinion kills another misconception about us, that we do not value education and we only go to college as a short stop to professional sports.

3.The reason behind the title of this post.....

Most of the stuff I did when I was in High School, I see these young cats doing.
Most of the fashions and hair cuts I used to sport, I see these young cats rocking like it is the new hotness on the streets.

Seeing these young cats looking like I used to look made me reminisce about my youth. How young and naive I was. It made me miss my Moms and how I would bend (but not break too bad)the rules that she set down for me. It made me miss going to my Grandmother's and my Aunties house in the summer. It made me miss playing 'hide and go get' with the neighborhood girls. I miss playing ATARI, and playing UNO and Spaids on the front stoop of my building. I miss begging my Moms for her spare change so that I could go to the neighborhood Arcade. I miss how my Moms would yell out the window for me to come in for dinner. I miss talking on the phone with girls I thought I was in love with playing the 'you hang up... no you hang up... ok, we will hang up on 3' game. I miss the block parties and the $1 nites at the local rec center.


Either I am getting old, or time is repeating itself.


truth said...

Dirty Red,
We're getting old my friend, such is life.

At least you have pleasant memories to reflect upon. That two year old boy from you're previous post didn't even get a chance to experience life.

Whether we know it or not, many of us have been blessed in this life.

Hawa Bond said...

Love this post! I have a 16-year old son. I have to bust his bubble now and then when he thinks he and his friends came up with some hotness. I come back with it, and he always responds, "What you know about that, mom??" I just school the po'child and send him to bed. LOL

I grew to become a die-hard believer that "there's nothing new under the sun."

Hawa, author of Fackin Truth Blog and Cleanse Master Remix

ZACK said...

Sorry bruh. I gotta disagree with you on this one. But that's what makes blogging fun.

There ARE more brothers in jail than in college. I didn't go to an HBCU either and I was one of the few brothers to finish at my university. At that, we comprised about 5% of the student population and only 30% of us graduated.

I think that this idea of us being afraid to admit that we HAVE A PROBLEM is what keeps the problem alive.

I can't speak for your experience, but considering that you are from the East Coast- maybe your public university had a different student ratio.

But if you drive down the street in any black neighborhood, you'll see that there are the uncounted brothers. Those are the ones who don't go to college, but they don't go to jail either.

Maybe that's why I disagree with you. Still a good post.

Dirty Red said...

That story broke my heart man. Damn I hope that sorry excuse for a human fries. I do mean that literally.


Yep I see it all the time. These young cats think they ar ethe first to do everything.


We disagree? Damn I guess that we had to eventually. LOL. But check this out....

There are 33-36 million Black Americans in this country.

There are 2.2 million Americans Incarcerated.

47% Of those incarcerated are Black.

Now my math maybe wrong here, but that should total about 600k-900k+ blacks in prison. Now that 47% includes Black women too.

Now say out of that 33-36 million Blacks, there are 8 million men/women that are old enough to be in the system. That is not quite 1% of the Black population.
So you mean to tell me that there are not 600k-900k Black men/women in the entire country that are in college?
We do not account for more than 1% of the college population?
This is where we disagree.
We do have a problem. A very big, gigantic, humongous, very very big problem. But I think that the AmeriKKKan media has inflated the numbers to keep us in the lower tier of the country.
But this is just my opinion.

Folk said...

Man I miss basement parties we used to rock back in school. We would have the walls sweating in that b!tch.

Man, those were the days

...but I also got to disagree with you on the brothers deally. unfortunately, there are more bruhs up in the joint than on the campus hill. d@mned shame too.`

freemanpress said...

Man you make me feel old because I remember playing Combat on Atari.

Chic Noir said...

this post made me blush.