Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hell is hot... At least I hope this fool finds that out.

When I read the caption for this story,my first reaction was please don't let this fool be Black.

But I was sadly disappointed.

Of course, this was one of my cousins.

This sad excuse for a human killed his 2 and half year old son because he did not want to pay child support.

This shit enrages me to no end. I have prayed constantly for a child for at least the last 5 years and here this fool comes and kills his child because his punk bitch coon niggerified ass did not want to pay child support?

If the state of Louisiana does not fry this fool, there really is no value on a Black Life.
This nigga should not even be afforded the opportunity of having a fair trial.
He admitted it, and he led the police to HIS CHILD'S body.


What kind of world is this when shit like this happens?

What did that little Innocent 2 and a half year old boy do to deserve this?

Some people just do not need to be here. They are a cancer to the rest of us and they need to be eliminated.

This is why some Red Necks view Black people as animals.
This is why I get the 'oh shit' look when I step in an elevator with a blond haired blue eyed Becky.
This is why motherfuckers like Rush Limpdick can talk about "Barack the Magic Negro" on a syndicated radio show that is heard by millions of 'good working class folks'.

This is why.

The bitch that did this needs to die in the most vicious way possible.

That little life that was extinguished because his sperm doner did not want to take care of him, needs to be avenged.

And if his mama gets on T.V. talking about how her son is a good boy that never did anything wrong,and the police are only targeting him because he is Black, then her delusional ass needs to be taken out too.

Shit like this needs to stop, by any means necessary.

God Bless your soul little man.

And may your punk bitch weak ass excuse of a babies daddy rot forever and 10 days in the hottest part of Hell.(If there is one).


brran1 said...

What up Dirty Red,

I agree that this dude should be dealt with severely for this.

What type of shit is this? You kill your child so that you won't have to pay child support?

WTF? I hope he realizes that not having sex = no children = no child support.

I hope lil man is in a better place now.

Miss Toya said...

Really...he needs to be tortured for that. Seriously....he could've just NOT paid the child support and went to jail. I mean...what the h**l was he thinking?? Oh yea..he wasn't. Sorry excuse of a BOY!!! No Man would do no *ish* like that.

ed said...

This story made me frustrated because on one side, we got a male so selfish that he is willing to kill his own future to prove that he ain't paying no court-ordered support.

And we got on the other hand a baby momma who will act like she wasn't screwing crazy from the get go. People don't talk about that angle but that guy didn't just turn crazy overnight, either...

truth said...

Dirty Red,

Disgusting is all I can say about this fool. His logic is irrational, he more than likely did not have a high paying job, so his child support payment would probably have been fifty bucks a month or something like that. This is so insane it's ridiculous.

There are many possibilities why a woman would sleep with a fool like this. The most likely scenario is she has mental health issues herself, which would lead to her not making the best decisions on a mate.

I have to disagree with Ed, the fault of this murder begins and ends with the low life who killed his son, not the mother.

Folk said...

Don't know where to start on this one...

immediate death is a beginning though

ZACK said...

What a HORRIBLE thing!

I thought I saw a headline like this on Yahoo, but I didn't want to scroll back. Now, you have confirmed that it is true.

I think we have to work towards a better foster parent system so that kids can be protected from lowlife parents like the guy and his baby momma.

Regina said...

"punk bitch coon niggerified ass"
huuummm, why don't you say what you really feel...

I have no words for people like this, but then again I think you said it all and very well.

May the baby Rest In Peace... said...

This whole story is unbelievably tragic. I feel terrible for that poor kid and the rest of his family.

Hawa Bond said...

OMG. I started feeling physically ill toward the end of the news story, so I must take a break and come back to read your blog commentary.

BTW: I hope he finds out how hot hell is REAL SOON. And folks wonder how castration can be a good thing...

Hawa, author of
Fackin Truth Blog (Personal Blog)
Cleanse Master Remix (Health Blog)

Hawa Bond said...

Okay. I'm back. I got lunch. I recovered.

Zack: Unfortunately, the foster care system would not apply to this child since - up until this point - he was assumed to be under reasonable care. The father allegedly never showed signs of hating the support enough to murder the child.

It especially broke my heart to hear how happy the boy was to visit his father.

Whatever Mr. Dipshit is facing now (in terms of jail time or death penalty) can't compare to what his sorry arse would have served for just skipping the child support until he could pay. I hope he does get a fair trial, because only a truly fair (i.e. equitable) trial will result in the right penalty.

Too bad it's easier to have a child than to qualify for a dang car loan. ::sigh::

Hawa, author of
Fackin Truth Blog (Personal Blog)
Cleanse Master Remix (Health Blog)

Anonymous said...

I don't know what to say on this post to tell you the truth. I hope there was more to it than just child support payments because that really doesn't make sense. I mean if you don't want to pay kill the mother why the kid. I hope they find out he's insane or was on PCP or something else because it definitely doesn't make sense.

hawa said...


I hate to be morbid and all, but if you kill the mom, you still have payments (either because the kid goes to a foster family or because he becomes your 24/7 financial responsibility if you don't get caught). I'm just sayin'.

RiPPa said...

Wait? This cat admitted to killing the kid...for that reason??

Are you serious???!!!

This dude ain't right in the head or sumthin. You don't do no shit like that. I mean this has to be the height of selfishness. I don't know about killing him tho as I am opposed to the death penalty. For this crime this dude needs to live the rest of his natural life in prison where he gets fucked up the ass with a broom handle without vaseline three times a week.

@Freeman: Kill the mother? Are you serious dude??

ruffian96 said...

So sad. If somehow this guy escapes the death penalty, this will eventually haunt him for the rest of his life. He may be cold now but you can't do something like that and have it not affect you.