Sunday, February 1, 2009

February... AMERICAN History Month

I am a veteran.

I have served my country for the better part of my life.
I have been to foreign countries representing my country, I have even carried the American Flag in some of those countries while participating in Military parades.

I love this country with every thing I am. I owe the Military my life.


If I had not talked my mother into signing the papers that put me in the Army at 17, I would either be an inmate,deceased, ex convict or on my way to be any of above mentioned things.

That is where my life WAS headed.

NOW thanks to the Military and the men that taught me how to be a man, I am a Husband, soon to be a father,and a home owner. I have a degree in Computer Technology and I am currently working on a degree in Project Management.

I am drug and disease free, I do not have to worry about the Police and I do not have a baby's mama.

My bills get paid when they are due ( most of the time), my car has never been reprocessed, I have never been evicted from anywhere.

But everything I am now, I would not be if it were not for Black people like this and this.

These Brave Americans put their life on the line for a country that did not give a damn about them.

They SACRIFICED everything just to be treated as HUMANS.

They FOUGHT beside the same men that they could not sit beside.

They BLED the same color of red as the men that treated them worse than their dogs.

They PROTECTED the same women that they were lynched for looking at.

They captured and killed America's enemies. The same enemy that they had to sit BEHIND during military functions .

They did all that just so I could do this.

I can go where I want. I can eat where I want. I can live where I want. I can say what I want.

My History is to broad to be put in one damn month.
Without Black History there would be no American History.
Why does my History have to have a label?
Why is my History not taught and celebrated?
Why do I have to wait until February to be reminded that I am an American?

Black History?!


My history IS American History!!


ZACK said...

THAT'S RIGHT! (Even though you swagger jacked my post)

Just kidding!

This is WONDERFUL, man. And congrats on the forthcoming baby. I didn't know. You need to e-mail me more.

That's just great!

RiPPa said...

Black History is very much American History. I would say that I wished there was more emphasis on African history so that more of us would know that we're a lot more than African-American.

"Er'body wanna be a nigger but don't nobody wanna be a migger"-Paul Mooney

Dwane T. said...

Bless you my brother, and thank you. Your story is as American as they come.

Much Respect!

remorji said...

I, too, sing America. The great poem by Langston Hughes runs in line with your sentiment. America is the greatest. But just like that uncle everybody seems to have in their family, we have some quirks. Great post.

truth said...

Great post,
As a fellow veteran, I couldn't agree with you more. Those brothers in the military that came before us had a lot of character and will.

Congratulations on the baby! This is something you have written about in the past and it was very important to you.

God bless you, your wife and the unborn child! I pray the best things happen for your family!

freemanpress said...

My greatgrandfather died in WWI, my grandfather worked with the military in WWII, my uncle died in Vietnam, my father served in the Army, my brothers have all been in the service. Now I say all that to say this none of them expected this country to honor them or include them in their history books. You didn't serve in vain as you did what you felt was needed for yourself and your family but I wouldn't expect this country to see we all bleed the same when it writes the books and colors the people to look like their own.

Dirty Red said...

Thanks to everyone that commented on this post.

All of your comments are very much appreciated. Personally I cannot stand Black History month, because to me it is a ploy by our government to appease the race baiters among us. It started off with good intentions, but like everything else it got to be politicized. Our history should not be limited to Martin Luther King. Our history should not be limited to 28 days. My people helped to build this country and it needs to be acknowledged more.

Thanks again for your comments and your well wishes (Zack and Truth) I appreciate it very much.