Saturday, February 21, 2009

So easy, A Black President can do it

I know this is old news now, but I am going to talk about it anyway.


When you saw the now famous cartoon of the Fuzz standing over a dead Monkey, what is the first thing that came to your mind?

Was it, 'That damn sure looks like Nancy Pelosi on the ground.'

Or was it, 'Congress is sure a bunch of Monkey's.'

Or maybe it was, 'That New York Post is sho nuff funny. Whoever drew that is a comedic genius.'

Did you think of any of this?

Let me tell you what I thought.

I thought that since President Obama is the face of this piece of legislation, that the dead monkey signified him.

I thought that since the cartoon showed two cops with smoking guns standing over a dead monkey, that it is somehow cool to threaten to kill the President of the United States.

I thought that since American Blacks have been called Chimps and monkeys by racist ignorant White people since the beginning of these here "United" States of America, that this image again referred to the biggest "monkey" in the world right now, The President of the United States.

Maybe I am wrong in my thinking. Maybe this is supposed to be "satire", like the cartoon of a Jihadist Senator Obama and his Angela Davis look alike wife, Michelle.

Maybe I am just too sensitive about how my people have been historically treated in the land of the free.

Maybe I should just let the past go and move forward. Hell, the American people have elected a Black Man to represent them.
The face of all things bad in this country, The Republican Party, has elected a Black man to lead their little fraternity.

Maybe I should just grin and bear it and look at the handful of Black Americans that White Americans have accepted into their fantasy world of 'look how far we have come. I love Black People.'

I swear I was not going to talk about this, because I am tired of hearing how surprised some Black people are that something like this happened.

But then I heard an Interview on CNN the other night with Roland Martin and some conservative new age brother,(whose name I cannot remember for the life of me). This dude said that we (American Blacks) are too sensitive. He said that there was nothing racist about the cartoon and that we (American Blacks)always take shit too far when it comes to blatant shit like this.

His comments made me mad. I wondered just how in the hell you can be Black in this country and not see this cartoon for what it was intended to mean. But then I got to thinking and I had to respect this man's opinion. He said what he meant and he was not afraid of what people (like me) might have thought about it.

By coming to that realization, it brought me to what our Attorney General said about America being a 'Nation of Cowards'.

I agree with him.

Americans are cowards. Everybody wants to be all politically correct in public, but when the doors of their houses, offices, or country clubs are closed, the real "American" comes out.

America is just as segregated now as it was 50 years ago.

And until we can have an honest discussion with our fellow Americans about what makes us think and behave so differently without judging one another, all the Rev. Sharptons, and Jesse Jackson's and Louis Farrakhan's are just talking just to hear themselves talk.

All the demonstrations and boycotts and Marches are a waste of time and money.

Our race problems will not be solved by any of this shit. They will be solved when we can be honest and real with one another.
They will be solved when we grow a pair of nuts and talk to one another.

That is the America I hope my kids grow up in.


Ruthdfw said...

When I saw it finally yesterday, my first thought was that Obama did not write the bill. So I still do not connect it to the President. Has the cartoonist addressed who he was intending to symbolize?

Maybe I am too desentized because I do not get that worked up about this image.

Tyrone said...

Well said Red.. seems that you have experienced first hand kind of resolve you can come to when you don't just react to everything without considering the source of the reaction. The people who started this whole thing and the "leaders" who are spear-heading this boycott are expecting you to do just that -react without analysis. I wish more people would choose that type of thinking - and choose their battles.

This whole protest is not only a complete waste of time, but confirmation for the establishment that the insignificant reactionary cycle they depend on, is still very well oiled...

Ruth, I dont think you are too desensitized at all because you are not jumping through the ceiling over something that essentially will make no difference to us, existentially. This thing that we called "racism" (which the majority of our population has yet to define for themselves) will neither come nor go based on reaction to this event.

DJ Black Adam said...

Well said as usual Red. As for me and mine? I'm looking at houses and hobs in Nova Scotia, I am more than fed up with the BS here in the US with race...

Anonymous said...


Im a Black french, and the Obama's electing surprised all of us here in France. It's one thing that couldn't be possible in France. Congratulation to american people for the dream they gave us. Now we know it's possible !!!
Thanks a lot !