Sunday, February 8, 2009

The year of the Super Negro


If you were offered a job that you knew was only a ploy to make your potential employers look good in certain arenas, but the job was essentially a stepping stone to a much better job, would you take it?

Would you sell your integrity or would you tell the company to go to hell, even though it would mean that your career in your chosen field would be over??

I ask this for two reasons.

1.The new Senator from Illinois Roland Burris was only chosen to throw the race card on the political table. Senator Burris is more than qualified for the position, but if the ex-Governor were not caught up in scandals would he have been chosen?

I don't think so, but I could be wrong.

2. The new GOP chairman Michael Steele is the second reason for the above question.

The Rethugs have been getting beat up in the press for not trying to appeal to the darker persuasion in America. They are behind in every poll and they are losing their base supporters.
The Democrats have been rejuvenated by Obama, and the Rethugs have jumped on the bandwagon.

One side has their Super Negro, so the other side got one too.

But will it work?

It did not work when Republicans got that housed up Negro Alan Keyes to run against Obama when the Illinois Senate was up for grabs 4 years ago.

It did not work when the Republicans went against John McCain's judgement and got that crazy woman from Alaska to join the Presidential ticket in hopes that she would split the female vote after Hill-Billy got monkey Stomped in the primaries.

So will this work?

Chairman Steele is more than qualified for his newly gained position, but if the Rethugs were not getting beat up in every poll, would he have been considered?

I don't know. I do know that if you did a poll in any Black community you would find that most Black Americans have more conservative views that liberal views.


Most Black Americans are against Gay Marriage.
Most Black Americans are against abortion.
Most Black Americans are against big Government.
Most Black Americans do not want Government hand-outs.
Most Black Americans are God fearing, Bible thumping Christians.
Most Black Americans believe that a man provides for his own with no outside help.
Most Black Americans want their taxes lowered.
Most Black Americans believe that a Government should take it's national security seriously.

The problem with the Republican Party is that they do not reach out to the Black Community. They do not make an effort to hold rallies or fund raisers in Black communities. They don't make an effort to appeal to minorities. They assume that since American Blacks have voted Democratic religiously since the Kennedy years, that is the way it will always be.

They forget that American Blacks all voted Republican until Kennedy ran against Nixon in 1962. Nixon was the front runner to win the Presidency until he refused to help Martin Luther King when he was thrown in jail. Kennedy came to the Kings aid, and Blacks voted overwhelmingly for him, and they have not turned back since.

Now Republicans assume it will be a waste of their time and resources to even try to get back what they lost in the 60's. They are behind the times and they don't want to change.

They are stuck in the mustard and can't ketchup.

That is the problem.

But will electing a Black man to head up their party cause Blacks to flock to their rallies?

All I can say is that just like President Obama, Chairman Steele and Senator Burris have their work cut out for them.


ZACK said...

You hit this one right on the head.

Black folks ARE more conservative by ideals, not by practice. We say one thing and do another, which is why most of us foolishly align with the Democratic party.

Those of us with sense declare ourselves independent because we know what's going on.

And my new Senator is making a fool of himself trying to put reparations in a stimulus package. Negros don't do anything with their paychecks now. What makes him think we'll use this money wisely.

The same folks for reparations are those who don't know shit about their family tree. They want to honor ancestors that they don't even know about.

Black Diaspora said...

"The problem with the Republican Party is that they do not reach out to the Black Community."

And those blacks who have reached out to the Republican party have, more often that not, been repulsed.

Unless, of course, you're a high-profiled black like Michael Steele.

Republicans want our votes, they just don't want to live next door to us.

A Go Bytch said...

hmmm...just existing with no further research I would agree that Black Americans are more conservative then portrayed but I am a black repulican for alot of the reason listed of what "most" Black American's believe so I wonder why there are not more black republicans!

Go B.

daddio911 said...

AMEN AGB..... I can't believe that FINALLY there is another enlightened person of color who knows the true political course to follow. I have been trying my darndest to bring people to the correct side of the truth, but they keep fighting me.

I am a Repub who knows that I don't have to be coddled in order to know what major decisions in life are answered by my continual votes for the Republican Party. I believe that it is my right and duty to do my own research and not have that research handed to me in the form of a gimme like a lot of my democrat brothers seem to need. I do agree that the Republican Party does a horrible job of spoon feeding the masses. My boy Red has told me this the reason we Repubs have some of the problems we have. What I say is why should we be. We people of color are not stupid or lazy and know how to research where to put our votes and support. Every democrat that reads this should be ticked at the fact that their party feels that they are too lazy to do the footwork themselves. Jeez stand up and look beyond the crap the democrats give out and see the truth. We, people of color, should stand up and embrace the fact that the Republican ideas and beliefs are the right ones.