Monday, March 23, 2009

I only do this because I love you

I am so tired of hearing about how Chris Brown dropped those B's on his girl.

I hate the media.

I hate the media almost as much as I hate it when a man makes excuses about not supporting his kids.

The media makes it seem as if Rihanna is the only woman in the word that has been beat down by a man she loves. There are millions of Rihanna's. There are millions of Chris Browns.

Just because these two people are famous and rich and beautiful, this is all of a sudden a national crisis?

So much of a crisis that Oprah does a show (A SERIES OF SHOWS) about it?

What about the other women (and men) that are abused on the daily? Should their stories not be told? Are they not as important as Chris Brown and Rihanna?

Love don't hurt, huh Ms. Winfrey?

Who the hell have you been talking too?

Love can hurt like a bitch, and anyone that has ever been in love knows this to be true.

Love don't hurt huh...

Is that right....

That is about the dumbest statement I have ever heard.

How many of my loyal readers have ever been in love with someone and that someone did something that just ripped your heart out?

I have and that shit HURTS.

How many of you have loved someone and that love was not returned?

I have and that shit HURTS.

How many of you have had someone you love die?

I have and that shit HURTS.

Domestic Violence is a big problem in the world and it needs to be addressed.

(Men) and women are abused daily. Most of them are abused by people they LOVE.

I get so mad when the average person's problems are ignored by the masses, but one famous, rich, beautiful person problems can cause a national debate.

And then to top it all off I got to hear from one of the most adored people in the world say some bullshit like 'Love don't hurt'?

Tell that to all the people that are going through divorces.
Tell that to someone who has been betrayed by someone that they LOVE.
Tell that to all the people that loves and that LOVE is not returned to them.
Tell that to all the average people,(men)and women that get their heads beat in daily by someone they LOVE,that claims to LOVE them.

Love DOES hurt.

It can hurt like hell.

That is why women and (men)always end up going back to the people that hurt them.
They think LOVE will make the hurt stop.
Even though LOVE is the main reason for the hurt.
I think that in order to know that, a person has to have LOVED someone other than themselves.

How many of you have been hurt by someone you love?


Yall did catch how I kept saying Women and MEN are abused daily,right?
It goes both ways Ms. Winfrey...
Men ain't the only ones that are capable of knocking someone the fuck out.


Kim said...

IN MY OPINION. Love does not hurt.. I find that a lot of folks really don't know the definition of LOVE. Like in the book of Corinthians. The choice that we make because we think we are in love or not do cause us pain but that's not love that's a consequence of a stupid choice or someone making a choice because they actually don't love you... God is love, just think of it in those terms.. When people say they fall out of love.. Bullshit! Love does not dissipate, NOT REAL LOVE.. it will evolve, but REAL LOVE will never just cease to exist one day..If to youevolve equal "less passionate" or "mundane" then that's on you. oh and falling in love and being in love are TOTALLY DIFFERENT.

Dirty Red said...

I see your point. I agree. Falling in Love and being in Love is definitely two different animals. But I stick to my guns about how Love can hurt. Whether it is a perception of love or actually Love who knows? But in either case, it can hurt like hell if it is misused.

truth said...

Good post,
I agree with you Red, in the since that nothing is ever perfect. I love my wife too death, but from time to time we disagree. I still love her, but at these times when we disagree I don't feel particulary good. In fact, it hurts at times to be misunderstood or whatever the circumstance may be.

Oprah's choice of words were wrong, what she should have said is "Love doesn't kick your ass!"

Kim said...


Let me ask you a question, what does agreeing with your wife have to do with LOVE?

cy thompson said...

Your message would be more credible and powerful without the choice language. Overall I hear you but we must rise not fall culturally in our communications to the world.

truth said...

My point was that people in love have disagreements. It's not a totally blissful, no problems, no issues life. At those times, the misunderstandings can bring about hurt and pain.

Or to use your example, everybody goes through trials and tribulations in their life. But God is always watching over and loving us through our difficult times. With that said, we still experience pain and hurt in lives, even with God's love.

The point that Red and I were getting at is that relationships can be healthy, but human beings are going to disagree from time to time and that does not feel good, especially when it's someone you love.

I don't know if that answers your question, take it with a grain salt.

Dirty Red said...

@cy thompson,

I think you forgot something man.
This is MY blog, which means that I can use whatever language I choose to use. If my language offended your sensitive ears/eyes then don't let the door hit cha.
But thank's for the comment.

I agree with you. Thank's for the continued support man. I also like the dialog between you and Kim. That is why I write this blog, to get other people's opinions. Everyone has a right to say whatever they choose to say, how they choose to say it. (Ahhemmm Cy).

Paco said...

I have to agree that love certainly has the potential to hurt. Virtually nothing is cut and dry, but the likelihood of getting hurt, as a result of loving someone, is real.

When I say "hurt", I'm not talking about physical hurt, but the type of hurt that transcends the physical realm. So I've heard, the hurt that derives from being betrayed by a loved one or simply not having your genuine love returned (to your satisfaction), can be just as devastating as experiencing physical pain. I guess its all about the heart.

In any event, I believe that love can hurt both figuratively and literally.

Concerning the violence, I'll be straight up with you. If you are in a relationship and that person is beating on you, I don't discern much love via those actions. Most often, I believe that the perpetrator is so self-involved, that they most likely are unable or unwilling to actually love someone other than themselves.

No gender has a patent on abuse. So despite the prevailing sentiment, I believe that the "so-called" dishing-out of "hurtful" love cuts both ways. Of course, the media will do their thing, which is always self-serving.

In all, if we would take the time to respect ourselves and others, I think this type of physical abuse could be curbed.

Yeah, love certainly can hurt, both literally and figuratively. In this instance, I think Oprah got it wrong.