Tuesday, March 10, 2009

In God We Trust

I just finished watching Alexandra Pelosi's HBO special Right America Feeling Wronged.

It was a documentary by Nancy Pelosi's daughter about the people that wanted John Mccain to become the 44th King of America, instead of the Black Guy we all know won.

It followed The "straight talk express" around during the campaign to find out how people felt.

Well, I think that if they would have followed Obama's tour bus around they would have gotten pretty much the same kind of fanatics. Both sides wanted their guy to win, but we all know that there can be only one winner. If Obama would have lost, it would have been people crying in the streets and hollering conspiracy just like it was with Mccain's followers.

There was nothing surprising to me about hearing some White people say they would never vote for a Nigger.

What got me was all the people that was throwing religion around like God is actually interested in American politics.

'God wants Mccain to win.' 'Obama is a Muslim.' 'We are God fearing Christians.'
'This is a Christian Nation'. 'Jesus is on the side of right'.

Hearing those bible thumping freaks talk like they sit down at the dinner table with Jesus every night, scared the hell out of me.

These are the same people that see nothing wrong with condemning an entire religion (Islam), and it's followers, because of a certain group of crazy fanatics that represent only a small percentage of that religion.

This is why I do not like organized religion. These people sounded like brain washed zombies to me.

I would bet my next paycheck that if you were to ask any one of those people to quote one verse out of the Bible, they could not do it.

In my opinion organized religion has done more harm in the world than anything I can begin to think of.

Most wars are started behind religion.
Most of the hatred in the world is started because of religion.
There are women being killed and treated like second class citizens behind religion.
Some countries base their whole existence behind a religion.

And the funny thing is, all religions basically started from the same source.

So which religion is the true religion?
What makes one religion better than another religion?
Just because I call my God JEHOVA, and you call yours BUDDHA, ALAH, YA WEY or even Mr. Frosty, my religion is the true way to heaven?

Give me a fucking break!!

I believe God is in every one of us.

I do not need to belong to a Church to be favored in God's eyes.
I don't need to go and "confess" my sins to another man, who by the way is a sinner just like me.
I don't need to hear some preacher get on a stage in a &3000 suit and yell at me to give the Church 10% of my hard earned money so I can reap the benefits of God's kindness.

I can read the bible on my own.
I know the difference between what's right and what's wrong.

And I learned this by thinking and asking questions. I learned that I do not need religion to be be blessed by my God. I learned all this by reading about religion and finding out for myself what the word religion really means.

I do go to a Church occasionally, but I am not a member of any Church.
I do not belong to nan religion because I feel like I don't need to.

I know who my God is....

But the question is, what God do those people in the documentary that I talked about believe in?

And whoever they bow down to at night, why would he/she give a damn about American Politics?

Does it not say in the Bible that man made Kingdoms will not last?
So why would their God want his followers to pray for a man made kingdom?

Do ya think they could answer that?


RiPPa said...

The marriage of religion & politics has led to much chaos in this world.

I think this was actually the reason or the intent behind the separation of church and state. That Thomas Jefferson doesn't get much props, but he was dead on about his views on religion.

I'm with you when you say God is in all of us. Sadly, some people look to a higher supernatural power in the sky when it is indeed a spirit within our very being.

The thing that gets me is that people wanna regulate morality. They think that's best for the country at large.


Its all bullshit!!!

DJ Black Adam said...

I have to disagree with you on one point Red, "religion" is not the source of most wars, MONEY is, religion is often used as an excuse or a means to manipulat the masses, but MONEY always comes down to the real "reason".

Other than that, I see your point entirely.

Walt Bennett said...

What it comes down to is, religion is simply a power group. Men in robes tell us that they speak with God and have the authority to tell us how we must live our lives. And that we must give them money.

Some just want the power, tis true, and even fewer actually believe they are serving a cause greater than themselves.

I agree with you, Red: we can get all the spiritual teaching we need without ever setting foot inside a church, and some of us prefer it that way.

And when one religion tries to place itself above all others, and declares beliefs which do not concur with them to be blasphemous, then it's really time to make sure our weapons are cleaned and at the ready.

Excellent post.

Dirty Red said...


Yep I am a strong beleiver that religion and government should be seperated. Acountry will not survive if it is ruled by a bunch of relegious nuts.

Yo DJ,
You are absolutley right.
But Religion comes a close second.

Thanks for the coment man.
But question...
What can we do about the men in the damn robes?

Walt Bennett said...


I try to teach my kids that everybody has an angle in this world, and that goes for preachers too. I try to get them to keep an open mind and never to trust a single source of "knowledge". I'm a skeptic and I try to teach that to them.

But you and I both know that these cats have a lot of history on their side, and they like to get 'em while they're young, and it will be many generations before we can ever let go of their massive influence.

But as I have said many times, humans in the year 3000 will consider humans of today every bit as ignorant as we consider those who believed in the god of the sun and the goddess of love and so forth.

On the other hand, many actual people do consider their religious faith to be a method of guidance in their lives, a method of support. For them I have respect, because they're just trying to find their way through all the madness, and I can relate to that quest. I'm not here to insult people who rigorously follow a religious faith, only those who consider it their business to tell me my business, and especially those who want a piece of my kids.

blackwomenblowthetrumpet.blogspot.com said...

Hello there,

Keep in mind that ANY person who claims to follow Christ and thinks that Christianity is a RELIGION has been mistaught... Jesus did not come to start a "new religion"!!

America IS NOT a Christian nation....look at our television shows and what is popular...look at our music and what is popular...look at our clothing and what is popular.

It is a farce when I hear anyone embracing the notion that America is a Christian nation and I am saying that as a minister of the Gospel.

Peace, blessings and godliness,

Walt Bennett said...

Lisa, that term has always irritated me as well, and when we hear it uttered we know who is saying it: a member of the political right, which made a bold, decade-long attempt to re-make the U.S. as a "Christian nation".

If I recall my history correctly, this nation was founded on the principle that there can be no state church, nor religious control of the laws of this nation. In other words, this nation was founded on the concept of religious freedom, and it annoys me when somebody even implies that I must subject myself to any sort of religious interpretation of morality and citizenship.

The fact that I practice no religion at all is my choice, one that I hold dear. And what does "Christian nation" say to Jews, Muslims and others? "Move out"?

That's another term which is easily identified with the political right. Drives me crazy.

Paco said...

I recently came across your blog and I must admit that I'm glad I did.

I share your sentiments with regard to this topic. "Religion", as I see it, is man-made. It is a means through which control is exercised over the individual and, by extension, the masses.

Honestly, I pride myself as being a spiritual person. I don't feel compelled to go to a physical location every Sunday and hear someone preach to me. Truth be told, many of those preachers are doing a hell-of-alot worse things than me. Within certain respects, I believe that nowadays "religion" goes hand in hand with "hypocrisy" and "business".

I don't want to appear skeptical, but I'm just being realistic (from my perspective...of course). Those bible-toting people on that HBO special are a clear example of such hypocrisy. On one hand they espouse the virtues and teachings of "their God" and on the same token, they spew racist ideals. What makes it so bad is that they see no conflict whatsoever. Its indicative of the "Religious Right". When you really think about it, that term is appropriate. Afterall, they feel as though because of the "religious" beliefs, that makes them right.

Anyhow, this is my first view of your blog and if it continuously provides this type of discussion and analysis, you can count me in.

Thanks for sharing and fostering constructive dialogue.

In Due Time said...

I understand what many of you are saying about religion as a means of control because sometimes I see it that way too. But I also feel like organized religion is what you make of it. Just like some people can twist the meaning of many of the parables of the Bible in a negative way, those of us who think different can interpret them in what we would consider a more positive light.

Also, religion for me is a means of support, understanding and community. Everything in life makes much more sense when seen through the light of God's wisdom.When I go to church (almost every Sunday when I'm away from school) I go for the fellowhship. I like having a place to go to "lay my burden down", and I honestly do believe that there is a God watching over me.

Now having said that, I am not a devote Christian who praises the Lord for everything that happens on Earth. (God is still working on me)

What I do not believe is that there is a God who takes sides, especially when it comes to a man made institution like politics. (And, yes I know that religion is a man made instiution also, but with the right people involved religion can actually be a VERY good thing!!)

Dirty Red said...

Thank's for the comment and I agree with you.

Paco, Thanks for the love man and I will try not to disappoint.

In due time,
I think we basically have the same understanding. Sometimes going to Church is uplifting to me because it is an incredible experiance to be surrounded by so much positive energy. But I just do not trust organized religion.