Sunday, March 8, 2009

It takes one to know one

Here is a comment that was left on my previous post about all the bitch-ass lying motherfuckers that are on the down-low.

Red, I think you're a stone cold liar. I think you have a big problem with gay people, and I think you should be man enough to admit it.

Now that we're past that, we can have an honest discussion. Surely you know that there are men who would likely sacrifice everything if they were to admit to being gay. Their family would shun them, it would be impossible to stay where they work, their so-called 'friends' would abandon them. Sure they could start over, or they could keep one thing over here and the other thing over there, and nobody has to get hurt.
Furthermore, why do you care how another person chooses to live their life? You make a huge assumption when you say that such a man risks giving his female partner AIDS. You make the ridiculous assumption that the gay man doesn't care if HE gets AIDS.

I know you're capable of better insight than this: I caught your story at Zach's blog about your happy day in North Carolina, and I was moved by it.

But this post...inadequate.


One would think that me and this dude are pretty tight, for him to leave a comment calling me a liar.

But the truth is, I do not know this dude from Adam's house cat. That is what pissed me off.

Here is my response to his comment...


First I could care less if you think I am lying or not. This is my opinion and if you don't agree, then so be it. Where I come from there is no excuse for a man to lie to his family. None. I think you missed the whole point of this post. I could care less how a man chooses to live. It is not my business. But the thing is, too many of our women are being lied too by these punk ass motherfuckers who don't believe they are doing anything wrong. I have a sister and I do not want her to have to tell my family that she has AIDS behind some trifling ass Negro that likes to go both ways. So thanks for your comment, but as far as you coming here and judging MY OPINION, by calling me a liar, well Dude slow your role, because you don't know me like that. I respect your opinion, so if you can't respect mine, then keep your damn comments over at Zach's.

I was going to leave it at my rebuttal comment, but the more I thought about it the madder I got.

First, I like for people to leave comments that have different views from what I write about. I started this blog to get other people's opinions. That is how I learn and that is how I get a different perspective on the world I live in. I can only talk about the world I see, so it is refreshing to hear the way other people view the world they see. So in saying that I will be biased in my opinions here. I cannot talk about the world this Walt person lives in, because I do not see the world through Walts eyes. I did not start this blog to be 'politically correct.' I started this blog to express the way I feel about certain things. Not everyone is going to agree with me, but I am cool with that.

Now on to Walt Bennet's comment.

This motherfucker had the audacity to call me a liar because he did not agree with what I wrote about. I do not know this dude, this dude does not know me. I don't know what the hell he was talking about when he said that I wrote something about North Carolina over at Zach's blog. I do not remember that, but if I did, then I did.
I comment over at Zach's place a lot. Zach has one of my favorite sites to go to.


Let me repeat that I could care less if this dude agrees with me or not.

But I do demand a little bit of respect when a person steps into my house.

Where I am from and the way I was raised, this right here could only end up one way.

A fight.

Yep that's right Walt.

Dem dare is fighting words.

But since I do not know this dude and this dude does not know me, I have to bring it here, instead of doing it the way I am used to doing it, face to face.

I do not know if I touched a nerve with my post or not. The way you responded, I am taking it that you are one of those lying bitch-made motherfuckers that I was talking about.

There is no excuse you can possibly give me that justifies a man lying to the people that love him. The high AIDS rate among Black women proves that.

How would you feel if your daughter, or your niece or your sister, or your female cousin or worse, your MOTHER, came to you and told you she was going to die because some punk bitch made ass negro lied to her about how much he loved her.And his only excuse for condemning her to death is that he was afraid he would lose everything if he told the truth about who he really is?

How would you take that Walt?

Would I still be a liar?

Huh Walt?

See this is the problem with today's society.

Everybody wants to make excuses for behavior that they know in their hearts is wrong as hell.

Nobody wants to own up to their mistakes and bad decisions.

It is always someone elses fault on why they did what they did.

'I was afraid' is not an excuse, Walt.

My whole purpose of writing the previous post was to point out that hurting the people that love you and then lying to cover it up, is WRONG.

Dead ass wrong.

But Walt, if you don't agree with that, well my very good friend whom I have known for all of the last 5 minutes, you are part of the problem.

I gather from your comment that you are one of those people that the media always interviews after somebody gets caught doing something that is against the law, saying, 'He was a good man. He paid his child Support and everyone in the hood loved him.'

Yeah, that's what I gather, Walt.


ZACK said...

Well, Walt tried to pull rank with me at my own blog. You know "rank" about being blacker than us, and he's a white boy. He tried to do a guilt trip about black men doing crimes. And in that case, it wasn't about the guy's skin color, it was about his actions. But Walt tried to make me feel bad about having an opinion about my own race.

It's like reverse race baiting. He's one of those Dems that are WORST than Rush Limbaugh. Instead of telling us that we'll never be white enough (the Repubs), Walt tells us that we'll never be black enough, or gay friendly enough.

And that's some bullshit. (Sorry Lord for cursing)

Some, get "yo white ass off my blog" type of shit.

This mofo needs attention.

Too bad nobody's giving it to his boring, long winded, square, wanna be a soul brother, ugly white ass.

Walt Bennett said...

Zack, you and I don't have a problem. Sometimes ideas clash, that doesn't mean people have to.

Red, I still think you're a liar, sorry man, and we don't have to fight, we can just talk about it. The reason I think so is that you keep referring to gay men as dirty MFers and you use a tone which clearly indicates disrespect. I suppose you'll say you're only referring to those who keep it secret, but I just get a different sense, that's all.

And you seemed to glide right past my main point, which is that you assume that the gay man does not care if HE gets AIDS. In other words, if the man is being careful, using protection, has a single partner who he knows is clean, yes it is still dishonest but that does not mean he's risking his female partner's life.

I have four daughters, two who are old enough to have sex. Yes it would upset me if it turned out a man she loved was using her as a front, and it would be because of the dishonesty. You and I agree there. And if that man had AIDS and passed it on to my daughter, yes I'd want him to suffer at my hands.

In the end, we don't disagree all that much, but you made some generalizations that I had a problem with.

By the way, you got stopped in NC for DWB in your friend's new Jeep and you told that story over at Zack's blog. I was touched by it and so I came to your blog to check it out.

I see I made a great first impression lol

but trust me I am a thoughtful, sensitive individual and I meant no malice, as I said. Calling somebody a liar is a rhetorical choice, yes? The person writes a post and the responder says "not honest enough". That's their conclusion based on what they read, an honestly reached impression, not an excuse to taunt or bait or irritate.

So please take any future comments from me in the spirit intended, to challenge what you wrote and not to challenge you as a person.

And I think Zack's a great guy, but I have to say that his two comments about me these last two days are completely off base. He just doesn't know me that well yet.


Walt Bennett said...

Red, I'll go one step further and apologize straight up for using what you called "fighting words." Since you don't know me that well yet, I kind of jumped in your face.

I do apologize for that. Of course I stand by my comments, and I hope you take them as I intended them now that I've explained myself.

truth said...

Dirty Red,
Great post, I agree with you whole heartedly.

Mr. Bennett, I believe your still missing the point. This was your quote, "And you seemed to glide right past my main point, which is that you assume that the gay man does not care if HE gets AIDS. In other words, if the man is being careful, using protection, has a single partner who he knows is clean, yes it is still dishonest but that does not mean he's risking his female partner's life."

First of all, I'm willing to bet most women would not sign up for this type of marriage if they knew beforehand. Which is the point, you owe it to your female partner to be honest from the beginning, not midway through.

Furthermore, your still putting her at risk by engaging in sex outside of the marriage. Condoms are not 100% secure when used correctly, that's even if you use protection all the time. As far as your other partner being clean, that person could be sleeping with many other people. So they could test clean at one point and be HIV positive a week later. Just like you're lying to your wife about being faithful, he could by lying to you as well.

It would be much easier if you told the truth and dealt with the consequences. That's what real men do regardless of sexual orientation, they are accountable for their OWN ACTIONS and CHOICES they make.

Walt Bennett said...


I agree. There will always be some risk, and the deception alone is worthy of contempt.

Men who use women in such a way are cowards, and bring out some of our most hostile instincts.

There are a lot of cowards out there, those who will not admit the truth. It is also true that there is a cost to either choice.

Dirty Red said...

We are good man. But damn you should know better than to come at a brother like that.
As for you and Zack, well alls I can say is damn, my name ain't bennet, so I ain't in it!!

Zack, Thanks for the support man. I really appreciate ya.

Thanks for having my back man.

Walt Bennett said...


It was a boring day and I was looking for a little excitement lol

And how exactly did I drag Zack into anything by saying that's where I first found you? lol

I look forward to Zack and I getting to know each other better as time goes on, and the same for you Red.

Come see me:

Hawa Bond said...

Darnit. I take some time off. I go on a Vegas vacation. I come back home and see folk don't know how to act while I'm away. LOL

Just kidding. It's unfortunate how we lose the benefit of body language/non-verbal cues on the internet. At this point, it seems Mr. Bennett Who Dug Himself Innit didn't mean any harm. hehe

I agree with the premise of the original post - how lying puts a trusting mate at risk.

I guess your use of language and focus on one group suggested homophobia to some.

A whole-lotta folk are frontin and putting mates at risk. A heterosexual cheater somewhere is playing monogamous but sleeping around with the opposite sex. A secret criminal plays innocent while engaging in illegal activity that risks a mate's life/wellness.

I agree with Dirty Red how hiding baggage that puts a mate at risk makes represents cowardice.

Hawa, author of Fackin Truth Blog and Cleanse Master Remix

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