Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Man, why don't you just go away?

Just when I think that I have seen the last of the 'juice man', here his Black ass comes again.

It seems now that this fool has some supporters that has launched a website asking for donations to help out with the appeal he has filed to overturn his latest conviction.


According to his supporters, all two of them, Juice was railroaded. He was treated unfairly. The Jury was biased. Juice is innocent.

How many people do you think are actually going to donate to this stupid Negro's legal fund?

Not I.

Fuck OJ.

This man either killed or knows who killed two people. Either way he is guilty ass guilty of MURDER.

He got away with it once, and once is one time too many.

Now I will admit that I believe the Jury in his latest conviction WAS probably Biased.
I believe that the Judge was biased also.
Everyone in the world and probably the man on the moon knew that this idiot was not going to walk away a free man this time.
OJ was convicted of killing two people, not of breaking into a Hotel room with a bunch of goons and guns.
Let me clarify that... He was convicted of killing two WHITE people. One WHITE woman and a I guess you can say one WHITE dude, even though most people forget about him, God rest his soul.

All this trial was about was PAYBACK.

If OJ would have faded into the background after his first miracle, he might still be playing golf in Florida with another white woman on his arms.

But we all know he did not do that, did he?
Every other month his stupid ass was in the news for doing something niggerish.
He was constantly throwing shoes at White America.

And now that his Black Ass is where he should have been 15 years ago, the fools that support him want us to help pay to get him out?


OJ can kiss my ass and try to block these size 13 Chuck Taylors that are aimed with precision at his head.


DJ Black Adam said...


I feel you Red. Hey red are you in Chicago?

Kriss said...

First off, I can't believe this guy still has supporters. Aren't their better people to rally behind?

And secondly, I agree. Dude literally got away with murder. He just had to fall the fuck back and chill...but noooooooo...he had to go and try to steal back some trading cards. WTF.

David Sullivan said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day DR!!!

Go get yourself some Irish culture like a tall pint of Guiness or a short, thick, red head!!

FreeMan Press said...

No one will help a fool. I agree all he had to do was fall back and do nothing but instead he was taunting people. It's the Boy who cried wolf situation sooner or later the wolf catches up to you and no one will help.

RiPPa said...

O.J. ain't gettin off on appeal even if Black Jesus was his attorney. They will never let that Negro walk. Matter of fact, I'm willing to bet that the people soliciting donations don't even know, or give a fuck about O.J. Simpson. For all we know, them muthafuckas prolly work for AIG.


Dirty Red said...

Yo D.J.,

Naa man I am in Dallas.

Yep this Nukka is the definition of damn fool.

Happy St. Pats to you too man.
Quiness is a little too rich for me. I prefer my Island beer, Red Stripe. How was the annual parade up there in Boston? They had a small one down here but it was nothing like the one back home.

Yep. If he would have just disappeared no one would have thought about him twice.

Black Jesus?
Man where do you come up with this shit?